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Glue (Great Lakes Urban Exchange) Channelise Presentation
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Glue (Great Lakes Urban Exchange) Channelise Presentation



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  • 1. Design & Branding: Vitalize Organizational Development
  • 2. OBJECTIVES UNDERSTAND the power of design & branding in organizational development IGNITE excitement about the possibilities of design & branding LEARN how to create brand strategy brief
  • 4. DESIGN REVOLUTION THEN. Design for design sake. NOW. Catalyst for positive social change.
  • 5. Design & Branding for Social Impact Problem solving that involves... design thinking: creativity, experimentation, empathy, and systematic thinking
  • 6. Project H Design New York Chapter We believe design can change the world
  • 7. Project H Design, Learning Landscape Universal, Educational Playground
  • 8. Cameron Sinclair Architecture for Humanity “In troubled areas the role of designers are critical in part because they give form to possible solutions, and the reality is, people don’t fund problems, they fund solutions.”
  • 9. Architecture for Humanity, Biloxi Home Projects Sustainable, one-to-one designer family ratio
  • 10. Charleston Park Conservatory Park Angels “I’ve earned my Charleston Park Angel Wings!” Park Angel, Dominic Taverniti
  • 11. Charleston Park Angels Connecting people with their parks Design: Brains on Fire
  • 12. Bruce Mau Massive Change “It’s not about the world of design, but design of the world.”
  • 13. Bruce Mau ¡GuateAmala! Envisioning a new future for Guatemala
  • 14. Majora Carter Group Sustainable South Bronx “I believe that you shouldn’t have to leave your neighborhood to live in a better one.”
  • 15. SSBx, Green the Ghetto, BEST Academy, SmartRoofs Environmental Justice Solutions
  • 16. Get-Together City of Westminster & Participle “She’s very happy. She seems like a different person!” Margaret, Social Services
  • 17. Get-Together Combat Elderly Social Isolation
  • 18. GrowTown Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award “We are turning Motown into Growtown.” Mr. Wieske, Detroit Beekeeper
  • 19. GrowTown Harness Community Energy of Post-Industrial Cities GrowTown: Beth Hagenbuch, Kenneth Weikal, Stephen Deak, David Peterhans, Danny Bulemore
  • 20. Feed Projects UN World Food Program ...because of the food insecurity in our country, cases of mass abandonment have been registered in some schools." Nigerian Government Official
  • 21. Feed Projects, Feed Foundation Fight hunger with eco-friendly bags
  • 22. Marks & Spencer Plan A “We’re not perfect but our intentions are sincere.” Sir Stuart Rose, M&S CEO
  • 23. Plan A, Look Behind the Label Committed to 100 sustainable changes in 5 years Our Plan A Commitments 2010 - 2015
  • 24. 3 Brand Tenets Creates Distinction Adds Value Connects with People
  • 25. Creates Distinction
  • 26. Adds Value
  • 27. Connects People
  • 28. Key Stakeholders board of directors Stakeholder research industry general experts, public academia financial informs the business people community, investors, donors government planning process from you serve positioning & messaging Your Brand to the launch strategy. media, suppliers bloggers partners, alliances community employees, organizations, internal volunteers competitors customers
  • 29. Brand Touchpoints Billboards Advertising A unified, holistic Signage Public Relations Proposals Business Forms Events Website system of opportunities Business Cards Letterhead Blogs Twitter LinkedIn FaceBook to increase awareness Products Your Brand and build brand equity Services Word of Mouth You CEO Voicemails Employees Ephemera Telephone Emails Board of Directors Speeches Experiences Conferences Vehicles
  • 30. 4 Brand Cornerstones The Big Idea Mission & Vision Values Personality
  • 31. The big idea the heart of your company
  • 32. Mission your reason for being Vision where you are going
  • 33. Values what you believe in
  • 34. Personality how you come across
  • 35. Group Exercise Brand Brief who are you? who needs to know? why should they care? how will they find out?
  • 36. thank you! Design & Branding: Vitalize Organizational Development Lorri Meyers | lorri@channelisenyc.com | www.channelisenyc.com