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Flyer from AMI Brand Finance 2011

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AMI Brand Finance Forum 2011

  1. 1. AUSTRALIAN MARKETING INSTITUTEBRAND FINANCE FORUMDIGITAL MEDIA:BUILDING OR ERODINGBRAND VALUE10 AUGUST 2011 . SYDNEY HARBOUR MARRIOTTExploring brand management implications, and gauging the value of success and failure.
  2. 2. AUSTRALIAN MARKETING INSTITUTE BRAND FINANCE FORUM DIGITAL MEDIA: BUILDING OR ERODING BRAND VALUE 10 AUGUST 2011 . SYDNEY HARBOUR MARRIOTT Digital Media: Building or Eroding Brand Value Forum Program Digital media has exploded the 8.00 am Arrival and Registration connection points that influence brand 8.20 am Opening Remarks: A Brand Value Framework equity, and fundamentally altered the 8.30 am Helen Souness, Marketing Director, SEEK balance of communications power. Digital’s Role in Building a Powerful Brand Brand communications are now a two way street – and brand value 9.10 am Eddie Chau, Founder and Chief Executive, Brandtology Tracking Sentiment and Extracting Insights can travel up or down with alarming speed. The opinion sharing that 9.50 am Ken Cato, Chairman, Cato Purnell can boost brand equity, can just as New Media, New World - How Design can easily damage brands and corporate Connect Brands to Communities reputation. Because of its magnifying 10.30 am Morning Tea effect, digital technology forces 10.50 am Matthew Melhuish, Chairman, BMF; marketers to act with greater speed, Head of Australian Agencies, Photon greater insight, greater creativity and Everything Changes and Nothing Changes greater honesty. 11.30 am Mark Textor, Managing Director, Crosby Textor The Brand Finance Forum will explore Reading and Responding to Changes in Public Opinion each of these imperatives, together 12.10 pm Short Break with the value implications of success and failure. 12.30 pm Panel Discussion Mark Gilmour, Brand Director, Virgin Management, Asia-Pacific The Forum will be held on Wednesday Fi Bendall, Managing Director, Bendalls Group 10 August 2011, 8.30 am - 2.00 pm Prashant Hari, Technical Services Innovation Specialist, at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, Colmar Brunton 30 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 1.15 pm Closing Remarks: Brand Value Implications 1.20 pm Lunch (optional) Fi Bendall Ken Cato Eddie Chau Mark Gilmour Prashant Hari Matthew Melhuish Helen Souness Mark TextorBendalls Group Cato Purnell Brandtology Virgin Management Colmar Brunton BMF; Photon SEEK Crosby Textor FOR MORE INFORMATION Tel: 1300 737 445 | Email: | Website:
  3. 3. Fi Bendall, Managing Director, Bendalls Group Prashant Hari, Technical Services Innovation Specialist, Colmar BruntonIn brief: Fi is a leading interactive and digital specialist, and Managing In brief: Prashant plays an active role as an innovator in the development,Director of Bendalls Group. implementation and execution of new products and is recognised as aCareer path: Director of Digital Intelligence and social media collaborator thought-leader in the Social Media, Fi has over 20 years experience in Career path: Prashant is a member, speaker and contributor to thethe digital sector, commencing in the consumer electronics industry. She Australian Market and Social Research Society. He describes himselfhas worked in London and New York, developed key digital strategies as a Social media evangelist, Brand geek, obsessed with massfor the BBC, Virgin, and led the international gaming portal, ATE Online. Fi communication, popular taste, psychology, history and the art ofhas built a reputation as a highly regarded digital specialist and for being global collaboration in Social Media. He is also the Editor of Social Wizz.hyper-connected using this ability to bring business and social media com where he puts his thoughts and ideas about Social Media and isinfluencers together. currently working on his first E-book.Company snapshot: Bendalls Group are specialists in developing the Company snapshot: Colmar Brunton is the largest independent Australiancommercial aspects of digital strategy for enterprises. They are pioneers owned market research agency. Their specialty is Australia, FMCG,in digital business strategy and one of Australia’s most respected Services, Social and Government.thought leaders in this space.Ken Cato, Chairman, Cato Purnell Matthew Melhuish, Chairman, BMF; Head of Australian Agencies, PhotonIn brief: Ken is an Australian designer with an international reputation In brief: As Head of Australian Agencies, Photon, Matthew’s responsibilitiesencompassing all facets of design, corporate and brand management. include some 16 companies with around 4000 employees.Career path: A celebrated and distinguished creative leader, Ken has Career path: Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of BMF, Matthewbeen awarded numerous international and Australian design and has over 25 years’ experience at high profile creative advertising agenciesprofessional awards; established the world’s largest student design in the UK and Australia. He is recognised as an industry leader and isconference; had significant involvement in various prestigious design, a National Board member of The Communications Council. Currentlygraphic and art director organisations, institutes and academies. Chairman of Advertising Effectiveness Awards (“Effie’s’) and boardHis work is featured in galleries worldwide and he is an acclaimed member for The Sydney Festival; Former Chairman of the Advertisingauthor of numerous design books. Federation of Australia (AFA).Company snapshot: Cato Purnell Partners, established 1970 in Melbourne Company snapshot: BMF is a leading Australian advertising agency,with representatives in 16 cities worldwide, offers strategic experience recognised for its creativity and effectiveness. BMF has a staff of 220and indepth understanding of brands. The Cato creative hub of and was named ‘Agency of the Decade’ by B&T Magazine. The agencystrategists, designers and account managers consists of the region’s is currently ranked 3rd worldwide for Direct Marketing according to themost experienced specialists in branding, identity, print, multimedia Won Report. Photon Group is a publicly listed company operating a rangeand environmental. of leading businesses across the marketing services sector.Eddie Chau, Founder and Chief Executive Office, Brandtology Helen Souness, Marketing Director, SeekIn brief: Eddie heads a business and brand online intelligence service In brief: Helen is a marketing strategy specialist who has held a rangeprovider which enables global brands to manage and extract invaluable of challenging marketing and strategy roles in ambitious companies ininsights from consumers’ conversations in social media. London and Australasia.Career path: Eddie was the Founder and CEO of e-Cop, which grew Career path: Originally a barrister and solicitor in one of New Zealand’sto become a market leader in the Information Security Industry. largest commercial legal practices, Helen is a member of the SEEKHe pioneered the first 24/7 managed Security Services in the world. Executive and is responsible for all SEEK’s marketing activities includingPreviously he held senior management positions in IBM (NYSE:IBM) advertising, digital marketing and alliances, public relations, events andand Computer Associates (Nasdaq:CA). below the line consumer and trade marketing. Helen also heads up theCompany snapshot: Through an effective combination of technology, ‘SEEK Village’, SEEK’s Corporate Responsibility Program.processes and trained professionals including social media analysts, Company snapshot: SEEK is the leader in online employment classifiedsBrandtology enables companies to stay aware of social media trends and training in Australia and New Zealand, one of Australia’s best knownand conversations about their brands, competitors and industry, thus internet brands, and a rapidly growing publicly listed company.allowing for strategic decision-making in a timely manner.Mark Gilmour, Brand Director, Virgin Management, Asia-Pacific Mark Textor, Managing Director, Crosby TextorIn brief: Mark ensures the Virgin brand is heading in the right direction and In brief: Mark has been the key pollster and strategist for winningits businesses are getting the support they need. corporate and political campaigns over a 20 year period in AustraliaCareer path: A twenty year marketing career working with leading and has led numerous victorious strategic campaigns brands, Mark earned his wings at British Airways, where Career path: Beyond politics, Mark’s insight into change is sought byamongst other things he was brand manager for the business class business and community leaders around the world. Mark has earnedbrands, headed up marketing for the Nordic region and was part of the the recognition of some of Australia’s most respected commentatorscore launch team for the oneworld alliance; He also helped launch the and academics for his work. He has provided counsel to some of theT-Mobile brand in the UK and harmonise their European acquisitions. most important investor and consumer communications campaigns inCompany snapshot: Virgin is a leading branded venture capital Australian history.organisation and is one of the world’s most recognised and respected Company snapshot: Crosby Textor specialises in market research,brands. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has strategic communications and campaign execution. Crosby Textorgone on to grow very successful businesses in sectors ranging from delivers powerful, targeted solutions built on the foundation ofmobile telephony to transportation, travel, financial services, media, research and insights into the highest levels of business, government,music and fitness. bureaucracy, capital markets and the media.FOR MORE INFORMATION Tel: 1300 737 445 | Email: | Website:
  4. 4. AUSTRALIAN MARKETING INSTITUTE BRAND FINANCE FORUM DIGITAL MEDIA: BUILDING OR ERODING BRAND VALUE 10 AUGUST 2011 . SYDNEY HARBOUR MARRIOTTYour DetailsPlease use a separate form for each delegate. This form may be photocopied. How to RegisterTITLE FIRST NAME Tel: 1300 737 445LAST NAME Email: Online: or complete the registration formPOSITION Fax: 1300 131 468ADDRESS Mail: 2011 Brand Finance Forum Australian Marketing Institute GPO Box 5295 Sydney NSW 2001CITY STATE POSTCODE Australian Marketing Institute ABN 30 000 026 586 All prices inclusive of GST. This form constitutes a Tax Invoice uponTEL receipt of payment. Confirmation of your registration and receipt will be sent via email. Please ensure you have provided yourMOBILE email address details. Registrations without payment will not be processed. Delegates must sign the form to validate the registration. Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is alwaysEMAIL welcome at no extra charge. Alternatively, a full refund, less a $164 (including GST) service charge, will be made for cancellations in writing (email or fax) up to two (2) weeks prior to the event.Choose Your Registration ONSITE REGISTRATIONS Name badges and conference proceedings can be collected from the registration desk from 8.00 am on the day of the Forum.2011 BRAND FINANCE FORUM AMI MEMBER NON MEMBER INSURANCEDELEGATE FEE [ ] $299 [ ] $399 Registration fees do not include personal, travel or medical insurance of any kind. Attendees are advised when registering for the conference and booking travel that a travel insurance policyBUSINESS ATTIRE DRESS CODE APPLIES be taken out to cover loss, cancellation, medical cover, etc for any reason. The Event Managers do not take any responsibility for any attendees failing to insure.Payment Details PRIVACY CLAUSE Please note that details of conference delegates may be madePAYMENT AMOUNT [ $ ] available to sponsors and exhibitors at this event for marketing purposes. If you do not wish this to happen, please indicate: [ ] I do not wish to have my details made available to sponsors/[ ] PLEASE INVOICE MY COMPANY exhibitors at this event. This event may be photographed and filmed for the promotional[ ] CHEQUE PAYABLE TO AUSTRALIAN MARKETING INSTITUTE purposes of the Australian Marketing Institute. The images may be used in publications and websites that are accessible by the general[ ] CREDIT CARD [ ] AMEX [ ] VISA [ ] DINERS [ ] MASTERCARD public. If you have any questions please contact the events team at the Australian Marketing Institute via email CARD NUMBER DISCLAIMER The information contained in this publication is correct at the timeEXPIRY DATE of printing. The Australian Marketing Institute reserves the right to alter or delete items from the program as circumstances dictate and takes no responsibility for any errors, omissions and changes.NAME ON CARD AUSTRALIAN MARKETING INSTITUTE CERTIFIED PRACTISING MARKETER PROGRAMSIGNATURE FORUM: 6 hours Professional DevelopmentFOR MORE INFORMATION Tel: 1300 737 445 | Email: | Website: