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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

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  • 1. CONTENTCREATIONPRESENTED BYTIM BOSCH, DIRECTOR, STRATEGY ANDPLANNINGJAN 14, 2012http://likeable.comhttp://FB.com/likeablemedia@likeablemedia
  • 2. WHATS INSIDEContent StrategyTimingConsistencyEngagementQuestions?#likeable
  • 4. QUALITY CONTENTEngaging content can serve your businessin a variety of ways. It can: •Set you apart from your competition •Help establish you as a thought leader •Stay top of mind with consumers •Provide the leverage needed to keep your audience coming back time after time#likeable
  • 5. TIMING
  • 6. TIMING BESTPRACTICESWHEN you post is just as important wasWHAT you postYour audience is not active all hours of thedayYou want your content to be seen by themaximum amount of people SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 7. TIMING BESTPRACTICESDo not overwhelm your audience withcontentPost once per day on Facebook, so youdon’t take Newsfeed real estate away fromusers’ friendsTest morning posts vs. afternoon posts vs. TIP: The best times to engageevening posts since every community is users on Facebook are usuallydifferent between 11 am – 5 pm SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 8. TWITTER TIMINGTweet no more than once an hourIt is safe to tweet throughout the daywithout the risk of overwhelming youraudience SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 10. CONSISTENCYPlan your content in advance (weekly,bi-weekly, or monthly)However, be flexible and adaptable toquickly add in time-sensitive ornewsworthy content#likeable
  • 12. ENGAGEMENTContent drives fan engagement, pagegrowth, and traffic•Every comment or like are broadcastto users’ friends of friends•The same occurs with Twitter contentthat is enthusiastically retweeted SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 13. ENGAGEMENTExcellent content is:•Relevant to your brand andcommunity’s interests•Fresh and proactive•Expressed in different forms (butmostly visual)•Available consistently for yourcommunity SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 14. FACEBOOK CONTENTFacebook content has 4 majorcategories of content: •Photos •Videos •Statuses •Links •Polls* *Note: Poll questions are going away sometime in 2013 SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 15. CONTENT BESTPRACTICESPractice Brevity •Studies show that lengthy Facebook content goes unread and discourages action on the part of the user •Brief, easily digestible posts make it easier for users to consume and interact SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 16. CONTENT BESTPRACTICESBe topical•Timely posts increase fan excitement,generate spikes in engagement andallow for further reach•Keep an eye out for relevant currentevents and don’t forget to post aboutholidays if they’re consistent with yourbrand voice SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 17. CONTENT BESTPRACTICESDon’t play hard to get•Don’t be coy with your call to action•Be clear and blatantly tell your fans to“like,” comment, or share your post•These actions generate reach, sincethey’ll end up in their friends’ newsfeeds SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 18. ENGAGEMENT BESTPRACTICESEngage the engagement•Fans love to know their favorite brands arelistening, and many social media managersoften overlook this•Answer questions asked in the commentssection or simply say “Thanks!” Be sure totag the fan in your response so the fan isnotified of the special attention•The fan will often “like” your comment, thiscontinuing and further boosting your visibility SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 19. IMAGE BESTPRACTICESFacebook Photos •Non-Stock Photos •High-Contrast/High Saturation •Optimized for Facebook Dimensions (403 x 403; 841 x 403) SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 20. VIDEO BESTPRACTICESFacebook Videos•Use Facebook’s “Highlight” feature toenhance viewing experience•Only post videos that are short(optimally under 90 seconds) SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 21. TWITTER BESTPRACTICESZero in on trending topics relevant to Don’t batch your tweets– a steadyyour market cadence is bestCreate attention grabbing headlines Sweet spot is around 4 tweets per dayDon’t over-use hashtags and keep Periodically revise and repost goodthem at the end of your tweet tweets. 99% of your followers will miss your tweet the first time aroundRetweet positive brand mentionsposted by your followers Tweets with under 100 characters had 17% higher engagementAsk for the Retweet!#likeable
  • 22. BEFORE YOU PUBLISHANY CONTENT…Double check for typos, errors or anychanges since initial approval ofcontentBe 100% sure you are logged into thecorrect accountTest any that links in your post areworking SOME#likeableSAMPLE FACT HASHTAG
  • 23. THANK YOU!Questions? Feedback?TIM BOSCH, DIRECTOR, STRATEGY ANDPLANNINGhttp://likeable.comhttp://FB.com/likeablemedia@likeablemedia