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Social Media Hacks To Fuel Your Content Marketing

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Social Media Hacks To Fuel Your Content Marketing

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From locally-owned businesses, to multinational brands, companies of all sizes are investing in content marketing to acquire new customers and increase business from existing ones. Creating content is only half the battle though. Getting the right audience to see it – and take action – is the harder part.

This session will explore free and cost-effective content distribution hacks employed by startups to get more web traffic, social media shares and customers.

* I gave this presentation at Social Media Week, Chicago - 2014.

From locally-owned businesses, to multinational brands, companies of all sizes are investing in content marketing to acquire new customers and increase business from existing ones. Creating content is only half the battle though. Getting the right audience to see it – and take action – is the harder part.

This session will explore free and cost-effective content distribution hacks employed by startups to get more web traffic, social media shares and customers.

* I gave this presentation at Social Media Week, Chicago - 2014.


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Social Media Hacks To Fuel Your Content Marketing

  1. @LaurenLicata
  2. This content is lazy.
  3. Some brands are lucky.
  4. Startups have to get creative.
  5. Base CRM case study ❖ 40% Increase in Qualified Leads ❖ 585% Growth in Unique Blog Visitors
  6. How?
  7. Create (a lot of) great content & make it move.
  8. How much content? ❖ 5 blog posts/week ❖ 2 - 3 ebooks/month ❖ 2 - 3 SlideShare presentations/month ❖ 1 - 2 webinars/month
  9. Tweet this slide! #SMWCMHACKS #SMWCHICAGO @LaurenLicata
  10. #1. Make sure people can find it.
  11. SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. ❖ Focus on evergreen topics. ❖ Make it true to your core product offering.
  12. IRL example
  13. Keyword/Topic Selection ❖ Keyword research should influence content topics. ❖ Google keyword planner ❖ ❖ Think about what people might search for at: ❖ Top of the funnel ❖ Middle of the funnel ❖ Bottom of the funnel
  14. Blog post template for SEO ❖ Use key phrase in blog post title. ❖ Use key phrase 4-6 times in body. ❖ Write at least 800 words. ❖ Include key phrase in page title & meta description.
  15. Influencer experiment ❖ 85% consumers seek out recommendations from Influencers. ❖ Hypothesis: If we build relationships with key influencers in our space, we can amplify the reach of our content.
  16. Choose the right influencers ❖ Number of followers ❖ Following: Follower Ratio ❖ Content Quality/Frequency ❖ Engagement on Twitter ❖ Manually validate what tools are saying ❖ Traacker, Buzzsumo, Keyhole (all have free trials)
  17. Create goals around influencer marketing ❖ Secure partnerships with 5-10 influencers. ❖ Pick up the phone. ❖ Get to know them. ❖ Ask for what you want. ❖ Negotiate.
  18. Figure out new ways to engage ❖ Interview them for a piece to feature on your blog. ❖ Create a “Best of List” - “Top 50 Sales Bloggers” ❖ Get quote for an article you’re working on.
  19. Engage on a regular basis ❖ Weekly Influencer Email: Hi <Name>, Here are the top posts this week, here are pre-crafted Tweets for you to use. Make it super easy for them. ❖ Mention them on Twitter when you share their content. ❖ Invite them to a group on Triberr. ❖ RT their content. ❖ Comment on their blog posts. ❖ Don’t forget IRL. Have coffee. Meet them at conferences. Pick up the phone.
  20. Once you have influencers on your side, you have ignition for your content.
  21. Twitter hacks ❖ Find the best time to post ❖ SocialBro - free trial ❖ Twitter recirculation ❖ 4x ❖ Tweet a quote, new title, etc. ❖ Build targeted lists ❖ Followerwonk ❖ Buzz Sumo
  22. LinkedIn hacks ❖ Share posts to 3-5 relevant LinkedIn Groups ❖ Use group statistics for better targeting & marketing. ❖ Experiment with LinkedIn publishing ❖ Alerts your connections every time you post. ❖ Can link in article back to your site. ❖ Can get picked up by Pulse.
  23. Facebook hacks ❖ Optimize for organic reach. ❖ Organic reach has gone down since October 2013. ❖ Optimize for text length. ❖ 100 - 125 characters get 60% more likes, comments, shares. ❖ Include an image with links. ❖ Links with larger images receive at least 69% more link clicks. ❖ Facebook recommends size of 1200×627 (appears as 400×209 in the news feed)
  24. Google + hacks ❖ Share posts to 3-5 Google+ groups. ❖ Have a great headline. ❖ The headline is what typically displays in Google results. ❖ Post on Fridays between 11 - 2. ❖ Images receive 94% more +1’s. ❖ Use hashtags. ❖ Google+ will choose them for you based on what’s trending, or you can customize.
  25. SlideShare hacks ❖ Have an amazing title & cover. ❖ Use Canva. ❖ Optimize your title & description with keywords. ❖ Use wide-format slides over long. ❖ Once posted - promote within 1 hour to drive views up. ❖ Better chance of making it to front page. ❖ Include “Click to Tweet” on Slide 4.
  26. SlideShare hacks
  27. Syndication can be powerful.
  28. Find the right syndication partners
  29. Use Your Coworkers ❖ Yammer, Chatter, Email ❖ If you work with 50 people, you should have at least 50 social shares.
  30. Experiment with paid channels ❖ Pay to promote your best content. ❖ Research, thought leadership, ebooks. ❖ Suggestion engines: Outbrain, Taboola, Nrelate.
  31. Experiment with paid social ❖ Facebook ❖ Sponsor newsfeed content. ❖ Start with $100. Scale up from there. ❖ Twitter ❖ Piggyback off hashtags or conferences. ❖ LinkedIn ❖ Target specific companies/people. ❖ Use for branding. ❖ StumbleUpon for paid discovery.
  32. 1.Make sure people can find it. 2.Repurpose for different channels. 3.Befriend social whales. 4.Use social media to your advantage. 5.Syndicate. 6.Spend a little dough.
  33. 1.Set up conversion funnels in Google Analytics. 2.Know what channels your traffic is coming from and optimize for that channel. 3.Don’t be afraid to experiment with different channels & mediums.
  34. Thank you! ❖ Email: ❖ Twitter: @LaurenLicata ❖ LinkedIn: ❖ Web:

Editor's Notes

  • Welcome, thank you for coming.
    This session is about how we can get more people to see our content & take action.
    Use the hashtag #SMWCMHACKS if you have questions, or if I say something awesome.
    Keep it informal. If you have questions throughout, just raise your hand and we can get it answered.
    There will be time at the end for questions too.
    Let’s dive in.
  • The moral of the story is: What used to be about # of Facebook fans, is now about # of new customers and the # of happy customers.
  • Just so that we’re all on the same page here about what we’re talking about today, lets be clear about what content marketing is…
    Lead generation.
    Scaling account management.
    Shortening sales cycle.
    Making more sales.
    Getting more page views.

    All of these things are content marketing
  • Whenever I work with a new company, I typically use this framework to develop a content marketing strategy that will match that business’s needs.

    Whole conferences around this stuff - just got back from Content Marketing World in Cleveland.
    We don’t have time today to cover the entire end-to-end content marketing process, so today we’re going to focus on distribution.
  • I want to be clear though, that content distribution comes later in this frame work.
    Without a content marketing strategy in place, you’re basically throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.

    You need measurable goals. More leads? More page views? Happier customers? What are your goals?
    What makes your company or brand different? What problems can you solve? All of this is upfront research & planning that goes into this.

    Next, production. How often will you publish content? Where will you publish it? Who will create it? Edit it? Optimize it? Need to have teams and tools in place that we don’t have time to cover today.
  • As marketers, we need to make our content move.
  • Does anyone work for UPS or Staples here?

    7 tweets! 7!
    Staples - email marketing - popular topic from a big brand - 4 Facebook shares, 4!
  • If you’re starbucks and you have people lining up for your products, you’re lucky. I’m a girl in my 20’s, who will refresh twitter every 15 seconds to find out when the PSL comes out. Not every brand is so lucky.
  • Buffer
    Create really great content & experiment with different distribution channels.
  • Background of content when I took over. Blog with product posts a couple times/month.
    Took about 2 months or strategy, planning & building before we were 100% up and running.
    3. A lot of what we did can be replicated.
    4. How do we know this was successful?
    5. Exceeded traffic, lead & customer goals each quarter.
    6. And as a humblebrag, the CEO called me to come back 2 months after I left.
  • One of the hardest parts for me, was distribution.
    Most marketers site content creation as the hard part. To me, that was easy. It’s process, and planning.
    Content distribution though, takes trial & error & experimentation - and a little luck too.
  • I just want to make sure everyone in this room knows what SEO is.
    I was at a content conference last week and I sat next to a girl at an SEO presentation who asked me what SEO was.

    Evergreen topics > true to core product offering > Belly, loyalty app > blog about loyalty marketing, email marketing, marketing data & analytics, customer acquisition. Write about things your company can help with.
  • In 4 months, it had over 6,000 page views.
    Day 1, 100 views, big deal, but paid dividends over the long term.
    Long-tail SEO.
  • brainstorm keywords & variations - plug them into these tools to see which phrase gets the most traffic. go with that keyword.

    Example: TOF: Why you need a CRM for your sales team.
    MOF: How to evaluate CRM systems
    BOF: ROI of Base

    Lead prospects down the funnel. Create content based on their buying cycle.
  • Title “Sales forecasting techniques” > 5 Essential Sales Forecasting Techniques
    If you use wordpress or other CMS, there will be a section for you to add the title and description. Use the keywords here.
    Andy Crestodina, over at Orbit Media in Chicago has a great template for this - email me and I’ll shoot it over to you.
  • Ebook, Slideshare, Blog Post, Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, and whatever tomorrow’s channel is!

    In person events > video record, transcribe, Fivver.
  • At Base, we wanted influencers to write blog content for us > we aligned on topics, & then they had to share it on their social networks & participate in our community.
  • donated a hat to a woman to shaved her head for cancer research - real people with real lives. Be a friend.
  • Tom Tunguz, Venture Capitalist at redpoint.
    On average, each subsequent attempt gains about 75% of the previous number of retweets - a very encouraging metric.

    Recirculate the same post at least 4 times throughout a month. > gives you more fodder for social media.
  • Group > info > statistics > shows you metrics for the group. Decide where you want to spend your time.
    Higher frequency is rewarded.
  • 30 billion posts uploaded to Facebook each month.
  • Hubspot wrote a great how to article on this - email me if you can’t find it and i’ll send it to you.
    Slideshare doesn’t allow links until page 4
  • <link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

    Every time we write a blog post (that fits a category), we’d share it to B2C - can also get picked up by Yahoo Small Business.
  • Look at where your competitors are syndicating.
    See which channels get the most shares.
    See which channels pop up in Google.
    Stumble upon paid discovery.
  • USP has more than 4 people who work there > where are they??
  • If Twitter traffic isn’t converting, don’t focus as much on it.