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Mission Hall - Lenswood & Forest Range history display
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Mission Hall - Lenswood & Forest Range history display


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Celebrating 100 years of the Mission Hall. Display from 13 October 2013.

Celebrating 100 years of the Mission Hall. Display from 13 October 2013.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 1. WE NEED A HALL March 21, 1909 – first Church of England service held at Forest School (now Lenswood Primary School) In 1910 a group of residents of Forest Range met to discuss the building of a Mission Hall and community gathering place. The group was led by Rev Everett who was the Anglican minister of the time. The intent was to build a building that could have multiple uses. The hall could be used for Anglican worship, social events and entertainment. Mr JB Fry gave the land for the building and the community cleared and levelled the site. The block sits immediately above The Ford on Stony Creek. A newspaper of the time states that the building would be: “a compact little village church in the Gothic style, with porch, vestries and other conveniences. The building will be erected of local stone, and will make a pleasing addition to the township” RELIGIOUS NOTES. (1913, September 27). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), p. 6., from The Ford – before building the Mission Hall (postcard, collection of J Shaw) The building was built by Mr A Brockhoff, who was responsible for many buildings in the district. On 1 October 1913 the foundation stone was laid by the Governor of the time (Sir Day Bosanquet). On 7 February, 1914 the building was opened by Mrs Bosanquet. Image = Mission Hall - from "The Ford" around 1960's
  • 2. THE LAND • Original grant 11 March 1859 to - EA & F Wright • Part 62. FP 7816, Lots 2 & 10, Original CT 3.21 (Current CT 1180-171) • GPS S 34 33.060 E 138 29.148 • Subsequent 27 December 1872 - Rev GH Farr & F Wright • 18 October 1881 – R Smith & A Hayward & K StB Miller & WF Smythe • 24 August 1899 – JB Fry • 16 February 1911 – Church of England, Diocese of Adelaide Forest Range Institute - Opening Day. State Library of South Australia. B 519
  • 3. NEW MISSION HALL CEREMONY AT FOREST RANGE. A very large number of people from Forest Range and neighboring districts gathered yesterday afternoon to witness the laying of the foundation stone of the new Mission Hall to be used for Church of England services and, when not required for services, for general purposes, and concerts. The hall will hold 200 people, and the plans were prepared and presented to, the church by Mr. Senior (architect). The matter has been in hand for the last year or so, and the Rev. F. Sewell, the Sector in charge of the district, has been gratified by the wonderful response that the church people in the neighborhood have made. Work to the valve of £130 has already been done by them in levelling the site and carting sand, lime, and stone to the spot. The stone was laid by his Excellency the Governor, who spoke highly of the character of the people of the district, many of whom were his friends. Wherever the English race went, he said it carried its religion with it. They believed that a nation which was based on righteousness was sure to succeed. That was why there had never been another Empire like the British Empire. He considered the sight [sic] of the hall excellently chosen, and was glad to know that the edifice was to be used for social as well as religious purposes. The Rev. F. Sewell read the service, and his Lordship Bishop Wilson blessed the stone before it was laid, and afterwards thanked the Governor for attending. Hymns were sung by an excellent choir. A bodyguard of cadets was present, and various friendly societies were represented. 1913 'NEW MISSION HALL.', Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), 30 September, p. 3, viewed 9 July, 2013, 1913 'FOREST RANGE HALL.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), 1 October, p. 9, viewed 7 July, 2013, Sir Day Hort Bosanquet, from State Library of SA /B18312.htm
  • 4. NEW HALL, FOREST RANGE. OPENED BY LADY BOSANQUET. About four years ago the Bev. A. W. B. Everett, who was then Anglican minister at Forest Range, began a movement which had for its object the erection of a building that for the pre sent could be used as a mission hall and also for entertainments and social gatherings, but which, later on, when the future additions as proposed in the plans were added, would be a model little village church. The residents took a lively interest in the matter, and a committee, with Mr. W. Tribe as secretary, was formed for the purpose of carrying out the proposal. Mr. J. Fry came forward and gave a block of land which, overlooks the roadway near the ford, a fine elevated site for a church. Honour guard of girls dressed in white for the opening of the Mission Hall – collection of J Bishop The townspeople cleared and levelled the land. Last week Lady Bosanquet, in opening the first portion of the church (Sir Day Bosanquet having laid the foundation-stone some months ago) said this was the last work of the kind she would perform in South Australia, and the new building was in the hills where the had spent many happy months in the beautiful surroundings of Forest Range. The building of such a pretty little church as she bad seen by the plans was a great work for such a small community to commence, and she congratulated them on their efforts so far in the completion of the hall. Many baskets of beautiful flowers and fruit were presented to Lady Bosanquet, after which the Rev. F. Sewell thanked her for declaring the hall open, and conveyed to Lady Bosanquet the best wishes of the residents. Mr. E. W. Senior, of A.M.P. Buildings, King William street, the architect, gave his services free. Mr. A. Brockhoff was the contractor. 1914 'NEW HALL, FOREST RANGE.', The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954), 7 February, p. 5 Section: SATURDAY'S NEWS SECTION., viewed 7 July, 2013,
  • 5. FOREST RANGE HALL. : OPENED BY LADY BOSANQUET. Saturday last was a beautiful day in the hills, and the residents of Forest Range and vicinity turned out in strong force to take part in the ceremony of opening the new hall. Lady Bosanquet and Miss Bosanquet., who were attended by Captain Fletcher, A.D.C., motored over from Marble Hill, and were met by a guard of Honor of young ladies, who formed a archway from the motor car to the hall door. After an inspection of the new building, the foundation-stone of which was laid by his Excellency the Governor on September 29 last, Lady Bosanquet formally declared it open for social purposes. The hall has been urgently required in the district for some years. About four years ago the Rev. A. W. B. Everett, who was then the Anglican minister there began a movement which had for its object the erection of a building that could be used as a mission hall, and also for entertainments and social gatherings. The residents took a lively interest in the matter, and a committee consisting of the following gentlemen was formed:— Messrs. H. Caldicott, A. Brockhoff, R. Collins. F. Hackett. J. and N. Norton, H. Trevenen, G. E. Smith, E. Dearman, W. and R. Hale, and H. Baum, with Mr. W. Tribe as secretary. Mr. J. Fry gave a block of land, which overlooks the road way near the ford, and a start was at once made to clear and level the ground. This was done by the townspeople. Contracts were then let to Messrs. A. Brockhoff and J. Templer for the construction of the building, the former doing the mason work and the latter the carpentering, and the expenditure amounted to about £650. The first service was conducted in the hall by the Rev. F. Sewell on Sunday. Lady Bosanquet was presented with basket of flowers and fruit by Misses Madge Caldicott and C. Lindstrum respectively. The Rev. F. Sewell, in asking Lady Bosanquet to declare the building open, said they were all pleased that she had consented to do so. Lady Bosanquet said she was delighted to be present that afternoon to open the new hall, especially as the stone had been laid by her husband. That was the last work of the kind she would have to perform in South Australia, and she was pleased that it was in the hills where she had spent many happy months. It might be lonely to live in the hills, particularly for the young people, who might feel that they were cut off from the pleasures of the city, but she was sure life in the country, especially in such beautiful surroundings as at Forest Range, was the healthiest and best. By erecting that hall, in which there was ample space for a library and a readingroom, for lectures or dances, and also in which a moving picture show could be held, they had done a great deal to bring the pleasures of the city to their country homes. It was a great work for a small com munity to have done, and she congratulated them because their efforts had been crowned with success. (Applause.)The hall was gaily decorated, and a number of pretty stalls were arranged round the walls. The stallholders were:— Refreshments, Mesdames Caldicott, W. Hale, Patterson, and Misses Caldicott (3) ; cakes, Mrs. Dearman; sweets, Mrs. Tribe and Miss Jennings; work, Mesdames Trevenen, Baum, and Brockhoff, and Misses Lyons (2) ; strawberries and cream, Misses Brockhoff and Dearman; ice cream, Misses G. Tribe and M. Caldicott; cool drinks, Messrs. Trevenen and O. Caldicott; fruit, Misses Hackett and Brown; shooting gallery, Messrs. F. Hackett, R. Hale, and E Dearman; Aunt Sally, Mr. W. Hale, Mr. E. W. Senior was architect for the building, and gave his services gratis. 1914 'FOREST RANGE HALL.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 7 February, p. 43, viewed 7 July, 2013, At the opening George Smith had a dark suit died to try to get it white. But it didn’t go white, it went “old gold’. He still had to wear it and stood out for miles. P & J Trevenen Mission Hall with footbridge, 1918 Taken By Glen Caldicott, collection of John Bishop
  • 6. The ladies toilet was to the side across a little bridge over the gutter. You went out a door in one of the little side rooms. The Toilet was covered in blackberries and behind it was a forest of broom. The men's was at the back but wasn’t really used much! Later they were combined in the one spot – in a red brick building at the back. P & J Trevenen & M Fry Collection of P von Creytz, circa 1960 Oz Caldicott was caretaker. He used to manage the gas lighting (no electricity until 1951). There was a box near the side door . Gas was a fuel (shellite) and Oz used to pump it up and light the 4 or 5 lights. They were Gloria lights (pressure gas lights) and put out a wonderful light. P & J Trevenen & M Fry Heating didn’t exist in the hall, but there was an open fireplace in the supper room. P & J Trevenen & M Fry 1950 - State Library of South Australia. B 61020 59
  • 7. Attendance and office bearers Collection of J Gardiner, circa 1980 From year book of the Church of England in Australia in the Diocese of Adelaide Year ends March
  • 8. 23 1911 Rev F Sewell 70 27 124 1912 Rev F Sewell 70 27 156 1913 Rev F Sewell 70 27 122 1914 Rev J J Emery 90 26 75 1915 Rev J J Emery 90 28 110 1916 Rev J J Emery O Caldicott ACF Brockhoff EW Dearman Miss Jennings 90 20 157 1917 Rev J J Emery O Caldicott ACF Brockhoff EW Dearman W Hale 90 21 109 3 1918 Rev J J Emery GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff EW Dearman E Dearman 90 26 112 2 1919 Rev J J Emery GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff EW Dearman E Dearman 90 20 130 1920 Rev JSW Coles O Caldicott ACF Brockhoff J Trevenen 90 35 136 1921 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff Miss Burchell 90 27 136 1922 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff 90 29 155 5 1923 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff 90 23 115 5 1924 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott ACF Brockhoff 90 31 161 5 1925 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott HO Caldicott 90 34 180 1926 Rev JSW Coles GS Caldicott HO Caldicott 90 32 133 1 HO Caldicott 90 23 138 2 90 23 96 2 90 20 270 2 90 20 30 1 Walter Tribe Walter Tribe H Moss 1927 1928 Rev ST Longman O Caldicott 1929 Rev ST Longman O Caldicott 1930 Rev TP Wood O Caldicott 1931 Rev TP Wood GW Schultz O Caldicott 90 25 Rev TP Wood GW Schultz O Caldicott 90 30 248 1933 Rev TP Wood GW Schultz O Caldicott J Nicholl 90 30 Rev TP Wood J Trevenen HO Caldicott J Nicholl 90 32 162 8 1 2 1 29 3 Bef Mission hall building Bef Mission hall building 19 1 2 3 Mission hall building 5 Comments Mission hall building Mission hall erected Debt £200 1 Debt £170 3 Debt £130 1 23 4 Debt £100 2 15 3 Debt £71 18 3 Debt £41 24 3 Debt £26 12 8 3 1 7 25 20 218 1934 19 187 1932 Mrs Longman 20 19 Sunday school teacher av 15 Sunday School Supervisor Sunday school average 70 Lay Reader Funerals Communions Rev AWB Everitt Warden Marriages Communicants 1910 Warden Baptisms Minister Confirmations Year Sittings Year book of the Church of England in Australia in the Diocese of Adelaide : year ends March 3 1 2 Debt £16 9 2 Debt £11 10 1 20 2 18 2 5 1 3 1 1 1 2 8 1 1 1 1
  • 9. CHURCH Baptism certificate : July 4, 1960. Hirell Mason (now Schapel) was baptised at the Mission Hall, along with many others including Baptism – 1963 1. Susette Fry (God Parents Mavis & Basil Townsend) 2. Allyson Fry (God Parents – Dean & Ruth Patterson) I remember taking confirmation classes in the back seat of the minister’s car with a group of others. John Vickers
  • 10. CHURCH We all piled into the old Fiat to go to church. Never missed a service. There’d be Grandpad, Gran, Mum, Dad, Aunt Mary, Phil & me. I remember sometimes the wheel came off! Some families came up from Basket Range for church. M Fry The Governor came to church here sometimes. M Fry M Fry In the 40’s I remember that as people got up to go to communion Uncle Hein would go in the opposite direction. I don’t remember him taking communion. He had to go home and put the kettle on ready for morning tea after church. Baum’s was the place for morning tea. Ladies had a cleaning and flower arranging roster. A key was kept on Trevenen’s verandah. M Fry P Trevenen & M Fry Old family diaries note the numbers at church, sometimes just 2 people, occasionally just, rector + 1 (herself) E A Baum, 1955-59 As kids we would sneak out of church and play in the mountains of sawdust at the sawmill next door. P Trevenen There were services 3 mornings a month and one afternoon. Communion was only in the morning services. M Fry The maintenance and upkeep of the Mission Hall was always a struggle in this small community. A note from Hein Baum’s diary records a meeting discussing selling the Mission Hall. Hein Baum 3 July 1946
  • 11. Courier, nd 1973.
  • 12. Sunday December 6, 1970 Dedication of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Lenswood
  • 13. St Mary Magdalene’s only functioned as a church for ten years before it closed and the building was sold. Easter service schedule 1973 Some of the foundation members, at the close of the church - Mrs Dorothy Frost, Mrs E.S. McLaren, Mr H.K.(Ken) Caldicott, Mrs Audrey Croft and Mrs. Mavis Caldicott. Courier, 20 February 1980.
  • 14. WEDDINGS First Wedding at Mission Hall 17th June 1916 Private Henry Oswald Caldicott to Glenwynd Maude Tribe 1916 'Family Notices.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 1929), 14 July, p. 4, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1916 'MARRIAGES.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 1954), 5 August, p. 51, viewed 29 August, 2013, Caldicott-Tribe. A quiet .wedding— the first celebrated at the Church of England Mission Hall, Forest Range — took place on June 17, when Glenwynd Maude, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tribe. Salisbury, was married to Private Henry Oswald, A.I.F., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Caldicott, '‘The Lodge” Forest Range. The ceremony was. performed by the Rev. A. M. B. Everett, M.A. The bride entered the hall on her father’s arm, to the strains of –”The voice that breathed over Eden:'' She looked a dainty figure gowned in white silk poplin and lace;. The prettily-worked tulle veil was arranged, mob cap style, with tiny . bunches of orange sprays on either side, which fell to the end of the train, where it was caught by a horseshoe of orange blossom. She also carried a white shower bouquet, tied with white, silk ribbons. The bridesmaids - Miss Dorothy Burton (cousin of the bride) and Miss Maude Caldicott (sister of the groom) - looked charming in smart white silk coats and skirts, and white silk hats. They carried white shower bouquets, tied with red, white, and blue streamers, also carved the bridegroom's gifts' of dainty silver purses, with their initials engraved. The bride groom was supported by his brother (Mr. Leonard Caldicott) and Mr. Charles Bishop. The ball was beautifully decorated by the friends of the bride, the altar itself being a mass of white bloom. As the bride and bridegroom came down the aisle the “Wedding March” was played by Mr. Moss, and a pretty silver horseshow was presented to the bride. After the ceremony a reception was held by the parents of the bride and bridegroom at the Forest Range Hotel. Only near relatives and immediate friends were present Later the bridal couple left by motor, we bride travelling in a saxe blue coat and skirt, a picture hat of black silk velvet, and a handsome set of black fox furs, the gift of the bridegroom. A number of useful presents And several cheques were received, .also many telegrams of congratulations from different parts of the State. 1916 'MARRIAGES.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 5 August, p. 51, viewed 30 July, 2013,
  • 15. PRE-WEDDING PARTIES 1926 'Family Notices.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 2 January, p. 39, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1933 'OUR COUNTRY SECTION.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 11 May, p. 13, viewed 29 August, 2013, 1926 'Family Notices.', Chronicle (Adelaid e, SA : 1895 - 1954), 2 January, p. 39, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1933 'News From Country Centres.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 30 November, p. 14, viewed 29 August, 2013, 1917 'Family Notices.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 1929), 20 December, p. 4, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1951 – Beryl & Trevor Schultz (no photos) Mavis Caldicott (nee Blight) sent invitations Alma Blight’s (later Trevenen) pre-wedding tea. 1929. Above is the invitation Alma saved.
  • 16. WEDDING RECEPTIONS 20 September 1952 Phillip Harry Trevenen married Joan Burke Their wedding reception was in the Mission Hall, as were many others at the time. Eileen Stafford arranged the flowers. 1952 'Family Notices.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 13 September, p. 22, viewed 29 August, 2013, 20 September 1954 :: Murray Costin, Phil Trevenen, Joan Burke, Margaret Trevenen
  • 17. 10 September 1955 Bob Leslie married Joyce Rowley Their wedding reception was in the Mission Hall.
  • 18. 31 May 1958 Dene Rowley married Topsy Bonython Their wedding reception was in the Mission Hall.
  • 19. PARTIES WWI 1918 – Forest Range & Lenswood Berry Badge – tin back. 32mm diameter. The final of the Queen competition in aid of Red Cross was held in the Lenswood Mission Hall. Dr Jungfer announced the winner, Miss Shirley Harvey (£128 19/4). Miss Nancy Vickers second with £107 12/7 and Miss Minyon Green third with £103. Mrs Jungfer crowned the winner. £339 11/11 was raised altogether. Approximately £680 has been raised for patriotic purposes by the district with 380 population in five months. COUNTRY NEWS. (1945, September 13). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved September 23, 2013, from FOREST RANGE. August 30.- Australia Day was celebrated by Forest Range and Lenswood at the mission hall, Lenswood, on Friday evening, August 23. An excellent concert provided by the Misses Fisher, F. Merchant, Percival, Ross and E. Thompson, and Messrs. A. Ross, and H. Thomson, Misses Fisher and E. Bungay, and Mr. L. Edwards were accompanists. The hall was crowded to the doors. Mrs. Eglinton (Queen of Forest Range) won the Queen competition from Mrs. J. Vickers, of Lenswood. The crowning ceremony was performed by the President and Secretary. The crown was made, after the pat tern of the Royal Crown, by Mr. Edwards. The competitions conducted by Mr. A. Vickers (pair of ducks presented by Mr. Ley); Mr. Clark Filsell (box of chocolates, presented by Mr. Filsell) Mrs. K. Green (cake, presented by Mrs. G Ley and Mr. Kleinschmidt). Miss D. McLaren (set of lace corners, presented, by Mrs. L. Edwards) were won. by Mr. Leslie Collins, Mr. Roy Green, Miss Elsie Kumnick, and Mr. S Norton respectively. The local 'Berry Button,' which was designed by the secretary, was a distinct success Mr. G. Jeffrey, an old resident of Tweedvale, presented, a number of kangaroo souvenirs, which sold readily. Altogether the funds should benefit to the extent of about £100. The various committees were:— Managing Committee, President (Mr. G. Ley), Secretary (Mr. L. Edwards), and Mrs. H. Caldicott; “Home for a Bob,”. Messrs. D. Brockhoff, R. Green, O. C. Norton, E. Dearman; Concert, Messrs. A. Vickers, W. Bishop, E. Dearman; Queen Competition, Messrs. A. Waters, C. Filsell, O. C. Norton, J. Dalton, F. Peterson, J. Marshall, N; Green, G. Caldicott, J. Schultz, J. Trevenen, and Bert McLaren; Refreshments, Mesdames Ley, - J. Vickers, Trevenen, H. Caldicottt, Baum, J. Green, P. Green, jun., W. Marshall, Peterson, McLaren; Jumble Stall, Misses W. Vickers, D. McLaren, N. Townsend, Myra Green, May Green, L. Caldicott, G. E. Birchall, Delia Biggs, Ivy' Fry, Ina Green, and Mrs. L. Edwards (convener); Doorkeepers, Mr. T. Eglinton and Mr. Peterson. 1918 'THE COUNTRY.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), 3 September, p. 7, viewed 29 August, 2013,
  • 20. 3 October 1961 Kay Langmead surprise 21st party at Mission Hall Yes I remember the hall well not only for school concerts where I was once an elephant but also serving the tables at the wedding reception of one of your committee members, Campbell Stafford and his wife Kaye Lynette Alexander (now Lockwood) Alec Morris compered a Football Follies in the mid 50’s in aid of Eric Philips. Peter Caldicott did magic tricks, Don Morris play the banjo and Jack Muller was a ventriloquist. His dummy, sitting on his knee, was Garth Schultz! P Stafford There was a big football dinner there once, with hundreds attending. It was the year of the first big premiership. The hall was full and the ladies catered. P Trevenen 21st Birthday – 9 July 1957 Ben Wye’s 21st birthday party 21st Birthday – 27 August 1957 Topsy Bonython’s 21st birthday party Lyn I am sorry but that wasn’t our wedding reception but I did have a surprise 21st there put on by the Lenswood Primary School over 150 people came it was wonderful. I remember Rural youth concerts there especially sawing a man in half!!! which was my future husband. I also remember walking around to the Hall for school concert practises. I also attended the Hall/Church as a Church of England member with Mrs Giles who I boarded with at the time. Kay Langmead (now Stafford) “there was a surprise 21st birthday held there for Kay Langmead (latter Stafford) I took a key shaped sponge cake baked by my mother Lucy to school as a decoy because Kay was my class teacher Kay boarded with Bryant & Doreen Giles and they took her out drove her around the back roads so when she arrived at the Mission hall she had no idea where she was She entered the mission hall to a great surprise with parents, teachers and student there to greet her My mother had baked and decorated a second “formal’ 21 st cake, which was fruit cake and then decorated it with the thick plastic icing etc as this was one of Mum’s self taught hobbies” Memories from Sandra Green (now Adams)
  • 21. MEMORIES The Basketball Club held a dance in the Mission Hall in aid of club funds. Music was supplied by Mr and Mrs Aufderheide of Basket Range. The proceeds amounted to £4 7/6. The Oakbank basketball team defeated the local team at the Lenswood court. Scores were Oakbank 27 goals Lenswood 10. Mr McIvar is in charge of the cold stores. A children’s entertainment under the direction of head teacher and staff of the Forest School was held in the Mission Hall. Helen Dankel contributed two solo dances. Dancing for adults began at 9.30 with Mr Berand as M.C. Supper was served by members of the Welfare Club under the direction of Mrs Arthur Green. The proceeds amounted to £10 4/6. During a period of the war the Education Department decided to rebuild the Lenswood School so some of the pupils were housed in the Church of Christ next door which was quite new as it had just been built by Mr Lawrence of Lenswood. Some of the older grades were sent around to the Mission Hall near the ford. We were some of the grades of 4 or 5 and we were allowed to play in the creek under the bridge and catch yabbies. At the back of the hall there was a huge heap of saw dust we used to climb over. This was the remnants of large sawmills of earlier days. Colin Schultz Cam also remembered on the weekend a hypnotist coming to the Hall and how he got Joyce Leslie to play a "piano" which she was so realistic, as well as other things. Kay Stafford The Welfare Club presented a globe and banner to the school. At the annual meeting of the Forest School Welfare Club the following officers were elected; President Mrs Arthur L Green, vice-president Mrs Clarke Filsell, secretary Miss L Lee, treasurer Mrs A Filsell, committee Mesdames M Vickers, M Frost, A Waters, Jenkinson, and F Green. The dance class is proving a great success. "REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES." The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) 7 Aug 1937: 19. Web. 23 Sep 2013 . Herbert Roberts was the caretaker in the late 40s early 50s. Ben Wye Harvey Schultz sang at all of the concerts to raise money for the war. P Trevenen I remember a ‘best legs’ competition for some event once. Mum (Alma Trevenen) won and Jean Fry came second. P Trevenen & M Fry
  • 22. 1917 'THE COUNTRY.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 1929), 11 May, p. 9, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1945 'Rural Reports.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 1954), 7 September, p. 3, viewed 3 September, 2013, 1930 'PILES DISAPPEAR.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 22 February, p. 9, viewed 7 July, 2013, 1945 'Rural Reports.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 3 August, p. 2, viewed 7 July, 2013,
  • 23. 1949-61 MOTHERS UNION Formed 28 July 1949 at the Lenswood Mission Hall (Minutes held with the Prince of Peace Church, Lobethal collection held at the State Library of South Australia : SRG 94/M2 :: Treasurers book held in private collection – J Shaw.) Meetings consisted of a short service and then discussion, sometimes a speaker. There was a Ladies Methodist Guild active at the same time. August 1951 – raising money to install electricity at the hall. Fund raising ideas: • Provide supper to as many functions as possible • Grow peas / swedes on the church’s vacant block • Stalls (tea and scones) on recreation ground • Card games • Provide rooster for competition at the Plum Pudding Ball • Square Dancing August 1957 – new rector was keen to have a church name - St Ann’s suggested 1960 – a social club was also active 9 May 1961 – the group disbanded and attended Norton Summit meetings
  • 24. 1916 'HONORING SOLDIERS.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 26 October, p. 9, viewed 7 July, 2013, Soon after the close of the Great War. An Australian flag, with the names of those who enlisted from the neighborhood and those who fell inscribed upon it was hung on the wall of the Church of England Mission Hall at Forest Range. After nearly, twenty years this flag was in tatters. In the presence of a large congregation, a substantial wooden honor roll, bearing the fifty names in gold leaf, was unveiled by Miss Mary Lyons, who had been instrumental in collecting the funds for its purchase, and dedicated in an impressive service by the Rev. T. P. Wood, chaplain to the forces. An address was given by Mr. Playford, M.P. himself a returned soldier. Mary Ellen Catherine Lyons 1937 'Home News For Country Readers.', The Advertiser(Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 14 September, p. 15, viewed 23 July, 2013,
  • 25. DANCES There might be a dance on Saturday night and then we would have to setup for church in the morning, bringing out the pews, organ and alter and setting up the flowers. 1937 'Country Section.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 18 September, p. 20, viewed 6 July, 2013, Margaret Fry (nee Trevenen) A parish ball (the first of a monthly series) was held in the Lenswood Mission Hall. Misses Hakendorf's jazz band supplied the music, and Mr. R. Macalister acted as M.C. There were visitors from Adelaide, Norton's Summit, Summertown, Woodside and Tweedvale. 1933 'From The Country.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 25 May, p. 12, viewed 6 July, 2013, 1939 'REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 24 August, p. 19, viewed 29 August, 2013,
  • 26. DANCE AT LENSWOOD. An old time dance was held in the Lenswood Hall on Friday night. There was a good attendance. Visitors came from Summertown, Uraidla, and Tanunda. The proceeds were donated to the Back to Forest Range and Lenswood celebration. Among those present were Mesdames H. Schultz, F. Peterson, Misses George (2), E. Norton, V. Green, R. and ? Rowley, Shultz (3), M. Peterson. Probert (2), Messrs. H. Schultz, H. Rowley, F. Rowley, K. Probert, W. Sholz, J. Fry, G Schultz S Norton H. Prosser, W. Castle. O. Caldicott, A Green, W. Joyce, C. Green, L. Bonython. The music was supplied by Mrs. Ginsberg, and Mr. G. Schultz was M.C. 1930 'From The Country.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 18 December, p. 13, viewed 29 August, 2013, 1928 'DANCE AT LENSWOOD.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 29 August, p. 8, viewed 29 August, 2013, BACHELORS BALL LENSWOOD A bachelors’ ball, in aid or Forest school funds, was held at the Lenswood Mission Hall Mr. George Schultz was M.C. and the music for the dancing was supplied by the Excelsior Jazz Band, of Adelaide. Prizes for novelties were won by Miss Tena Edwards and Mr. Jack Schultz (Monte Carlo) and Mr. Frank Ganoni and partner (lucky spot). The home-made supper was provided by the bachelors, and served by four or them, namely, Messrs. Bert Robinson, George Schultz. Cliff Joyce, and Norman Hughes who donned while aprons and caps for the occasion. The hall was decorated in red and white streamers, with gum leaves adorning the stage. 1934 'REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 27 July, p. 26, viewed 29 August, 2013, BALL AT LENSWOOD. A leap year ball was held in the Lenswood Mission Hall on February 26 in aid of the MorIalta Children's Home. Members of the committee were Misses Madge Caldicott and Mavis Blight, and Messrs. Ken Caldicott and Jock McAllister. Mr. Hosking, representing the board of the home, thanked those present. The lucky spot was won by Miss E. Holyoak and Mr W. Scholz. Miss W. Bishop and Mr B. Robinson won the Monte Carlo dance, and Miss A. Stafford and Mr. F. Rowley secured the prize for the lucky number. 1932 'BALL AT LENSWOOD.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 3 March, p. 12, viewed 2 September, 2013,
  • 27. Did you ‘Trip the light Fantastic’ to the following musicians? Kevin Curtis and Faith Spargo 1932 - OLD SCHOLARS' DANCE Don Scrase and Jack Makings Mr and Mrs Aufderheide from Basket Range The Forest School old scholars continued their fortnightly dance in the Lenswood Mission Hall on Wednesday. The proceeds were in aid Vaughan Cranwell of the school libraries. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Probert. Mr. and Mrs. W. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. L. Caldicott. Mr. Peter Cranwell, Don Stentiford and Glyne Cranwell and Mrs. F. Townsend. Mr. and Mrs. C. Mason. Mr. and Mrs. Black Cat Band A. Stafford, Mr. and Mrs. J. Green, Mr. and Mrs. W. Scholz. Mr. and Mrs. S. Norton. Mesdames L. Caldicott. A. Vickers. A. Conlon, H. Helen Thomas (piano) and R. Plummer, Misses E. Steer, M. Caldicott. P. Joyce. B. A. and John Mangelsdorf (Drums) J. Probert, P. Blight. M. Schultz. W. Bishop. L. and J. O'Malley, W. Graetz. and P. Gurr. D. Merchant, E. Chigwidden, N. Roley, M. Len Mangelsdorf (Saxonophist) Madigan, J. Bale. M. Raymond, H. Caldicott. and H. Hale. Messrs. MCBill Scholz J.Macallster. H. Green, L. Redin, C. Joyce, B. Schultz, L. Green. S. Norton. L. Norton.A. Dawson, H. Rowley. P. Rowley. B. Robinson. W. Mrs Stella Walters and Welland Aufderheide Fry. L. Copeland, M. Graetz. C. Fox. L. Collins. Saunders, W. - MC Don Kumnick Scholz. R. May, T. Trenorden, C. Merchant, B.Townsend, R. Jenkinson. W. Probert. J. Young, H. Bennets, G. Ingerson, H. LENSWOOD The annual social of the Wesley Guild was held in the Slape,S. Bongard, and V. Adams. Methodist Church. Greetings were received from Oakbank. Charleston. 1932 'OLD SCHOLARS' DANCE.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 9 July, p. Woodside. and Balhannah. Miss Sophie Schultz read the secretary's 18, viewed 5 April, 2013, report. Mr. W. Alexander was chairman. Those who took part in the programme were Mrs. Jack Schultz and Mr. Leslie Green (duet). Mrs. Teakle (solo), and Misses Eileen Pearson, Hilda Stafford, and Mr. There was a dance somewhere every week. This Hutchens (recitations). The Woodside choir also rendered items. was a big hall. I remember being at a dance when Winners of competitions were —Misses Clarice Teakle and Eileen word came that King George had died. They Pearson (Oakbank) and Mr. Ralph Norsworthy (Balhannah). — A ball cancelled the dance midway through and we all went was held in Lens wood Mission Hall in aid of Forest school woodwork home. class. Mr. George Schultz was M.C. M Fry 1933 'REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 3 October, p. 7, viewed 2 September, 2013,
  • 28. Oz used to have to clean up after the dances ready for church in the morning. He would walk over the hill from his home and clean up and put out the pews. He was a paid caretaker for many years. Pin-Up girl competition winner Lilly Berry. M Fry The liquor license was no liquor within 300 yards the hall. You could count the steps (yards) to the white post on the way to Baum’s. There was always a stash of bottles hidden there. (D Rowley) XX always had a bootful of grog. He used to have everything. When we went to the dance we would drop the girl at the dance and then stay outside. There was no smoking in the hall and if it was raining the little porch would be crammed. The girls would sit around the edge of the hall. (P and J Trevenen) Oz Caldicott used to put speed on the floor before a dance. He would spread it around and then pull a bloke around on a bag to make the floor “fast” for dancing. They used to have dance competitions. Once Mark Frost said “now we’ll have a waltzing competition strictly for ‘hamatuers’”. Stan Barrand quickly replied “Well I haven’t bought my hammer so I’ll have to sit out!”. P & J Trevenen & M Fry 1945 'Rural Reports.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 9 June, p. 3, viewed 25 July, 2013,
  • 29. Deb. Ball At Lenswood. (1954, September 16). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), p. 16. Retrieved September 23, 2013, from L-R Pam Rowley & Bob Leslie, Judith Caldicott & unknown, Marlene Packer & unknown, Mary Plummer & unknown, Beth Joyce & John Schapel, Judith Bridges & unknown, Glenda Green & Forest Driver.
  • 30. Pam Rowley enters on stage to make her debut. Mrs Giles, dance conveynor, presented the seven debutants to Mrs T Playford. Debutants were Pam Rowley & Bob Leslie, Judith Caldicott & unknown, Marlene Packer & unknown, Mary Plummer & unknown, Beth Joyce & John Schapel, Judith Bridges & unknown, Glenda Green & Forest Driver. Merilyn Rowley collected the debutant’s posies. Seated are Bob Leslie and Pam Rowley, Forest Driver and Glenda Green, and others.
  • 31. Junior Deb Ball – 18 June 1960 Email from Sandra Adams (nee Green) “My frock was made by Raelene Brock nee Stanley whose husband was Ron Brock of Forest Range. Raelene was a relative on my mother’s side and had met Ron Brock when staying with my parents and was a professional dressmaker. I remember Bruce Gadkear’s mother, Audrey, putting lipstick on for me as I was the only deb not wearing it. My shoes were white plastic sandals because mum would not buy white leather shoes for me – not practical - and they probably broke the budget. I also noticed in the photos my circlet of flowers was not straight on my head! I can see Aunty Mavis Townsend peeking around the side of the piano on the stage” Sandra Green and Bruce Gadkear
  • 32. Janice Plummer and Peter Green Sandra and Philip Green
  • 33. Junior debs were presented to Mr & Mrs Mugford, Mrs Morriss and Mrs Shirley Mason. Above: Janice Plummer and Peter Green Below: Lynette Fry and Mitchell Gadkear Jenny Fry and Sally Plummer present flowers to the adults, pictured Mavis Townsend who played the piano.
  • 34. MOVIES The Back of Beyond (1954) The Back of Beyond (1954), directed by John Heyer, was made by the Shell Film Unit. 3 The Shell Unit was set up in 1948 with Heyer in charge. Heyer was given a brief by Shell to make a "prestige" documentary that would capture the essence of Australia. He chose as his subject a weekly Birdsville Track mail run. The film follows the mail man Tom Kruse and his mail truck along the Track. He visits isolated stations and outposts and encounters natural obstacles - like flood waters and sand dunes - which he deals with as a matter of course. The film also takes up stories of the Track - stories of its past, anecdotes about it. There are re-enactments: two young girls set off for the track to find help after their mother has died but are never found; and an Aboriginal whilst inspecting the remains of a mission station recalls it as a going concern when he was a child. The film was shown in theatrettes, town halls and from travelling vans throughout Australia. It is estimated that some 750,000 Australians saw it in the first two years of its release this way. The Australian Journal of Media & Culture vol. 1 no 1 (1987) Australian Film in the 1950s Edited by Tom O'Regan
  • 35. Harold Raymond Lenswood Mission Hall CONCERTS Was the violin called Maureen? Harold Raymond performed with his talking violin and his Merrymakers. The show included comedy, bell ringing, dancing, magic, juggling, ventriloquism and hillbilly yodelling. Harold Raymond was a resident and campaigner for Townsend House – SA Institution for the Deaf and Blind, for most of his life. In 1979 a building at the Townsend House complex was, thanks to a grant of more than $30,000.00 from the institution, converted into a craft centre for blind and deaf people. In 1983, it was named the Harold Raymond Building in honour of the then recently deceased Harold Raymond, MBE. Raymond became a pupil at Townsend House in 1909 as a 13 year old boy. By the age of 16 he was totally blind. He later became a collector for the institution, seeking donations from the public. In 1918, at Berri, he adopted a fresh and highly successful approach to seeking donations. He hired a hall and called a meeting chaired by a prominent citizen. At the meeting he demonstrated braille and other skills and then played his violin with support from local musicians. For nearly 50 years he gave concerts throughout the state, raising considerable funds for the institution. In 1932, he became the institutions travelling concert manager and remained with the institution finally as appeals officer, until his death on September 8, 1983 (Adelaide Advertiser1/5/2002 “What’s your problem”)
  • 36. SCHOOL CONCERTS [December 20, 1926] On Friday evening the mission hall was crowded with parents and friends for the break-up concert given by the children of the Forest School, Lenswood. Songs, recitations, dances, and vocal items were rendered by children, and their ability reflected great credit upon the head teacher (Mr. George) and his assistant (Miss B. George). Mr. Rowley, chairman of school committee, presented prizes to best all-round scholar in each grade for the year's work, and many other children received chocolates for good work. Mr. George, also received congratulations for number of children who successfully passed the recent qualifying examinations; seven students sat for the test, all of whom passed. 1927 'MOUNT GAMBIER.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 1 January, p. 13, viewed 6 July, 2013, Yes I remember being on this stage several times. In 1943 in the play put on at the end of the year. A play about Father Christmas starring Darryl Green and myself. Claire Alexander We used to walk around from the school for concert practice, and rush straight into the creek to play. 1916 'THE COUNTRY.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 5 October, p. 9, viewed 6 July, 2013, P Trevenen Kath Joyce sang “Christopher Robin” & Gordon Schultz was Christoper Robin, kneeling and saying his prayers. G Schultz I remember being in “Little Miss Muffet” for one school concert. Nancy Vickers was Miss Muffet and I was the spider! P Trevenen
  • 37. FOREST SCHOOL WELFARE CLUB The Forest school welfare club held its first birthday party at the Lenswood Mission hall. 1936 'W.C.T.U. Activities.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 15 August, p. 25, viewed 5 April, 2013, The Welfare club held a social in the Mission Hall. A waltzing competition was won by Mr. and Miss Aufderheide of Basket Range, and a lucky spot by Colin Green and Sylvia Schultz. Supper was served by the members of the Welfare Club, under the direction of Mrs. Arthur Green. 1937 'Country Section.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 18 September, p. 20, viewed 6 July, 2013, Members of the welfare club at the 40th anniversary Dora Frost, Alma Trevenen, Emily Mason, Elsie Green, Mavis Caldicott 1938 'REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 22 August, p. 17, viewed 2 September, 2013,
  • 38. Lenswood Amateur Dramatic Society LENSW00D.; September 11. — On the invitation of the 'Lenswood Amateur Dramatic Society,' about 60 persons gathered at the Mission Hall on Friday night. Mr. S. Green, in welcoming the guests, explained that the social was to commemorate the first anniversary of the society. The hall was decorated with streamers and asparagus fern. The arrangements were in the hands of the secretary (Mr.0. Green), and the items were: — Overture, Mr. Len Stafford; opening chorus, Lenswood Dramatic Society; song ,'My Rosary,' Miss Verna Green; ' song, 'At Dawn,' Mr. C. Green; song, 'In the Garden of my Heart,' Mrs. S. Green; guitar solo, Mr.Ray Green; harp duet, Mr. G. Schultz and Mr.S. Barrand. Competitions were won by Mr. Bert Green, Miss Daisy Green, Mr. Steve Norton, and Mr. S. Barrand. Dancing followed till midnight to music supplied by the Lenswood Orchestra, assisted by Mr. Ray Green. The members of the society presented Mr. and Mrs. S. Green with a wicker-chair, in appreciation of the way they had worked to make the society a success. 1927 'ARDROSSAN.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 17 September, p. 15, viewed 1 August, 2013, The Lenswood Amateur Dramatic Society toured with the comedy drama, “Escaped from the Law,” produced by Stan Barrand. It was staged at Gumeracha and Tweedvale in 1927. In 1929 the society staged a play entitled, “Run to Earth.”
  • 39. Celebrations on Thursday. Back to Forest Range and Lenswood celebrations have been arranged by strong committee in the district, of which Mr. S. Barrand is President and Mr. S. Green secretary, with the idea of commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the discovery of gold in the district. Forest Range is one of the oldest settled areas in the hills, the first people to go there being sawyers, and splitters, who crashed to the ground the huge timber of the district to be carried to Adelaide by bullock teams. As the land was gradually cleared it was utilized for fruit growing and raspberry and strawberry culture. Church services were held in a slab hall, the preacher sometimes driving from Mount Pleasant. Mr. Jack Fry .conducted the mail service for many years, and the first hotel was called the Stoney Creek Hotel, the ruins of which are, now standing, on the property of Mr. H. Baum. Gold was discovered, in 1888, and while a large portion of the alluvial field was staked out, the main lode was never discovered, and the field soon petered out. The 'rush, however, proved beneficial to the district, because many of the diggers, realizing the fertility of the soil, eventually made their homes there. Many of the old settlers, are still hale and hearty, and one of these is Mr. John Green, who will be one of the first to extend a welcome to all visitors. The celebrations will be opened on Thursday, evening when an old-time concert will be held. This has been arranged by Mr. John Dempster, and the proceedings will be officially opened by Mrs. H. Homburg, in the absence of the Attorney-General (Hon. H.' Homburg). Mr. John Green will give the address of welcome. On Friday morning, visitors and old-timers, will 'go back to school, and in the afternoon the children will be catered for by a sports gathering on the recreation ground near the ford. An old time dance will from [sic] the main feature of' the evening's -celebrations on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon, the locals will play the visitors cricket on the Forest Range Oval. Forest Range and Lenswood boast of a talented amateur dramatic society, which has raised over £300 for charities, and this body of workers will entertain with a presentation of that famous play, 'The Private Secretary’. On Sunday, there will, be 'back to church' services, conducted by Mr. Longman (Church of England), at 2.30 p.m., and by Mr. Bailey (Methodist) in the evening. About 200 people are expected to visit; the district during the celebrations. Excellent charabanc services have been arranged to leave Adelaide G.P.O. at noon and 5 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday. Return services provide for departure from Forest Range on Friday at 8.30 a.m. on Saturday ant 8.00 a.m. and 1 p.m. and on Sunday at 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m In addition to- Messrs Barrand and Green, (president, and secretary respectively), the .committee includes Messre; B. McLaren, (treasurer).- O. Caldicott, K. Caldicott, G: SchuItz, W. Scholz, A. S. Stafford, A. George, S. Norton, J. Fry, E. Hefford, and E. Mason. 1928 'BACK TO FOREST RANGE.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), 21 November, p. 10, viewed 13 July, 2013,
  • 40. 1928 'BACK TO FOREST RANGE.', The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 1929), 24 November, p. 11, viewed 13 July, 2013, Handwritten script Stan Barrand, was the producer and the group presented the play, “The Private Secretary” in the Mission Hall at the Back to Forest Range and Lenswood celebrations, 23-26 November 1929.
  • 41. Rural Youth was defined as “a society of young people who meet together to enjoy themselves and at the same time, learn something of their country and the joys that come from helping others.” The movement started in the early 1950’s and stopped operating in 1993. It was supervised by the Department of Agriculture of SA. In the mid 1960’s there were 81 senior clubs in the state with a membership of 4000. The Lenswood & Forest Range Rural Youth Club was formed when it had its first meeting on 11 November 1957 at the Lenswood Mission Hall. Revue 63 Meetings moved to a number of local venues, including the Memorial Park Hall and the Forest Range oval clubrooms. However the club met at the Mission Hall on occasions when a large venue was required. A variety show in 1963 was headlined by • a man being sawn in halves - Cam Stafford and • a snake charmer – Barry Schultz. In its latter years, the club decorated the kitchen area of the Mission Hall for use as a club room. The Mission Hall was the venue for the last meeting of the club in the 1980’s. The Mission Hall was the venue for two memorable theatrical performances by the club. £24.10.0 raised for E.F.S.
  • 42. Ye Olde Time Music Hall A gay 90’s variety show performed in the Lenswood Mission Hall in 1967. Peanuts (in shells) were sold for consumption and for throwing at the performers. Halls ginger beer was on tap. Proceeds went to Restvale in Lobethal.
  • 43. FOREST YOUTH CLUB Formed 1944 …
  • 44. AG. BUREAU The local branch of the Agricultural Bureau began in 1897 and has held meetings in a variety of venues including the Mission Hall. Apart from branch meetings, members from branches in Adelaide Hills communities would attend the annual social and an annual conference. The Lenswood and Forest Range Agricultural Bureau hosted many of these event at the Lenswood Mission Hall. Junior Agricultural Bureau also met at the Mission Hall and continued until the formation of Rural Youth. ANNUAL SOCIAL The Premier (Mr. Playford) received congratulations yesterday on attaining the third anniversary of his assumption of office. Mr Playford will attend the social of the Lenswood and Forest Range Agricultural Bureau tomorrow night. AGRICULTURAL BUREAU. (1929, September 5). Chronicle(Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 37. Retrieved August 6, 2013, from PERSONAL. (1941, November 6). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved August 6, 2013, from
  • 45. ANNUAL CONFERENCE EXPERIMENTAL ORCHARD Site Sought By Government Progress towards the establishment of an experimental orchard in a high rainfall district of the hills was revealed yesterday at Lenswood where, on the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Lenswood branch of the Agricultural Bureau, a conference of the hills branches was presided over by Mr C. Filsell. The Premier (Mr. Playford) said that great advantages had been gained from the work at the Black wood experimental orchard, but the time had come to review the whole position. He believed that much could be done by research to improve the economics or fruit growing. The Chief Horticulturist -Mr A. G. Strickland) said that four possible sites had been submitted by bureaus and examined in response to a request by the department, but a search for a more suitable site was continuing, and he would welcome any further submissions through the bureau. The conference was opened by the chairman of the Advisory Board of Agriculture (Mr. P. J. Baily), who congratulated the branch on a junior membership of 43. Other members of the board present were Messrs. F. Coleman and Norman Wicks the conference secretary (Mr. C. G. Mason) traced the history of the Lenswood branch from its foundation in 1897 with 12 members under the chairmanship of Mr. John Vickers to the present day when membership was lust over 100. Pasture Development The conversion of virgin soil to pasture land was the subject of a paper by Mr. A. J. Copeland and after lunch, provided by the women of the district, delegates visited Mr. Copeland's pasture*, and saw their remarkable development. The District Agricultural Adviser (Mr. L. R. Griffiths) said that Mr. Copeland had shown that large areas of the Adelaide Hills now undeveloped could be brought into profitable production. What is being done to educate the coming generation of fruit growers? That question was asked by a spokesman for the Lens wood and Forest Range branch. Mr. Strickland said that there was no place where a boy could be trained for a diploma course in horticulture, but he believed that there was room for such a specialized course at Roseworthy. Meanwhile he advised extension of the Junior branches of the bureau to help fill the need for this education. A resolution that facilities be made available to train boys up to diploma standard in horticultural pursuits was passed unanimously. An account of his recent visit to the fruit growing areas of New Zealand was given By Mr. Max Vickers. EXPERIMENTAL ORCHARD. (1947, August 28). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved August 6, 2013, from 1946 'BUREAU SOCIAL AT LENSWOOD.', The Advertiser(Adelaide, SA : 1931 1954), 23 October, p. 8, viewed 23 July, 2013,
  • 46. MEMBERS OF HILLS BRANCHES MEET AT LENSWOOD The thirty-third annual conference of the Hills branches of the Agricultural Bureau was held at Lenswood on August 29. Mr. W. J. Bishop (chairman of the Forest Range and Lenswood branch) presided. Mr. H. N. Wicks (vice-chairman of the Advisory Board of Agriculture) delivered the opening address. Visiting officials and members of the Hills branches of the Agricultural Bureau are shown outside the Lenswood Hall, in which the conference was held. Among: those in the foreground are Messrs. A. M. Dawkins, P. H. Jones, and H. N. Wicks (members of the Advisory Board), Mr. George Quinn (Chief Horticultural Instructor), Mr. H. C. Pritchard (secretary of the Agricultural Bureau), and Mr. D. F. Laurie (Chief Poultry Expert). — ? Krischock Photo AGRICULTURAL BUREAU CONFERENCE. (1929, September 5). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 18. Retrieved August 6, 2013, from
  • 48. The Advertiser, August 30, 1997. Mission Hall We celebrate! The Advertiser, April 24, 1999.