Gold rush


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Gold rush

  1. 1. Gold Rush Lejla Ukic
  2. 2. How it all began… On January 24th, 1848, the first gold was discovered by James Wilson Marshall, in Coloma, California. This time period was noted as one of the most exciting time periods in American history. As soon as people found out about the first discovery of gold people flocked to California. The first people were from Oregon, Hawaii, and Latin America.
  3. 3. ….. Over 300,000 people traveled to California for the gold Half arrived by sea and the other half by land from the East Most were Americans, but Europe, Latin America, China and Australia also engaged in the activity
  4. 4. Fishing for some gold… http://slices-of- bitcoins-wise-investment- or-fools-errand/
  5. 5. $$$$Miners made any where from twelve to thirty-fivedollars per ounce of gold. At this time that was a lotof money. But, soon it wasn’t acknowledged asmuch because demand and supply increased.
  6. 6. Native American tribes such Nativeas the Maidu, Miwok,Yalesumni and others who Americanslived and prospered inCalifornia, they were soonforced to adapt to the changein California. They soonbecame consumers andstarted digging for gold too.The gold they found theywould exchange for food,jewelry, and blankets.
  7. 7. Native Americans…
  8. 8. The bulk of Californians Indians were conquered, and died, in innumerable little episodes of leaders or a few squads of rough soldiers, but in effect, an entire people; for the conquest of the Native Californian was above all else a popular, mass enterprise.-Jack Forbes, contemporary Native Historian.
  9. 9. Promoting the Gold Rush..;;doc.view=print
  10. 10. Women in the Gold RushWomen were scarce, but were very useful. Manyof the first women worked in mining fields.
  11. 11. ….. A lot of women fled to California during the Gold Rush to be prostitutes. Most were called entertainers and worked in saloons, gambling halls, dance halls, peep shows or
  12. 12. Women’s workMost popular way to earn money was starting a boardinghouse; which is a place that people can rent for one ormore nights. California was one of the only places womencould earn wages higher or equal to men.
  13. 13. The California Gold Rush ended in 1852, lasting four years in total.
  14. 14. Mining turned into a major industry
  15. 15. California’s population soared from 14,000 to 265,000
  16. 16. Fire companies, mills, brickyards and foundries,railroads and stage routes developed.
  17. 17. Social structure and social status permanentlychanged due to all the ethnic people who cameto California for gold.
  18. 18. “Many Californians who lived through the gold rushexperienced a number of economic changes.Merchants charged higher prices for supplies aspeople began to stream into California. Money wasmore available than food. Price increases effectedeverything from eggs to hardware” (McGill).
  19. 19. The California Gold Rush presented manyopportunities to people. This was the start of “theland of the opportunities”. Many people traveledfrom all over the world to go to California andsettled there. There were positive and negativeoutcomes.
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