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  • The audience intended for this power point lesson is 3 rd grade students studying the history of California. I intend to cover the following; where and when the gold rush took place, what types of transportation were used, how gold was retrieved, one key figure during the gold rush, and the positive and negative effects of the gold rush. The instructional goals of this presentation are for the students to describe and name the major events and factors of the California gold rush.
  • gold rush

    1. 1. The California Gold Rush
    2. 2. January 24, 1848• The California gold rush began when gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill• As the news of discovery spread, some 300,000 people came to California from the rest of the United States and abroad
    3. 3. Click here to view a treasure map and see the destinations of the 49ersThese early goldseekers called “49ers”traveled to California bysailing ships andcovered wagons acrossthe continent.
    4. 4. Journey by landPlease click on the link • What were the names of the major trails taken? above. When you get • How long did the overland trip to the website click on typically take? How far would Part 1, and then they travel in one day? • What were two landmarks “Journey by land.” passed by the travelers?Read the page and in • What was the cost for a family small groups answer of four? • What supplies might they have and discuss the taken? questions to the right.
    5. 5. Journey by seaPlease click on the link • What was the cost per person to travel by sea? above. When you get • What were some changes to the website click on made to cargo ships to Part 1, and then transport passengers? • What were some supplies they “Journey by sea.” might have taken?Read the page and in • What were some problems small groups answer with these supplies? • What were some diseases and discuss the common to the Panama route? questions to the right.
    6. 6. Gold Rush VideoNow take out a piece of • Who discovered the first gold nugget? paper and click on the • Why were the gold seekers called link above to watch a “49ers?” short video. When you • What were some reasons that get to the website search most prospectors did not strike it rich? for “The California Gold • How long did the California gold Rush” then click on “video rush last? segments” and play the • What was the total amount in 7th video down called dollars found in gold after the gold rush was over? “California Gold Rush.” During the video answer the questions to the right
    7. 7. Techniques for retrieving gold• At first a technique called • Hydraulic mining was panning was used to later invented in retrieve gold from California. This technique streams and riverbeds. was created for larger scale gold mining
    8. 8. Samuel Brannan • Samuel Brannan was the first millionaire because of the California gold rush • Brannan established the first newspaper in San Francisco called the California Star and also established the first school in San Francisco • Brannan was elected to the California State Senate in 1853. He was also credited with developing banks, railroads, and telegraph companies. • To learn more about Samuel Brannan cli
    9. 9. The negative effects of the gold rushNative Americans Many people thatbecame the victims of journeyed to Californiadisease, starvation, and from around the worldgenocidal attacks. never made it. - The Donner party- A total of 87- The Native American people from various families population in 1845 set out for California and was 150,000 became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada. Only 48 of the- The Native American original 87 pioneers survived. population in 1870 To read the Donner party journals and learn more was less than 30,000.
    10. 10. The positive effects of the gold rush• Towns and cities All of these were charted developments led to the• Roads, schools, and statehood of California churches were on September 9th, 1850 formed as the 31st state.• Improved transportation between California and the east coast