Dayak tribe of borneo, indonesia


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The ppt provides information about the Dayak Tribe of Borneo, Indonesia.

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Dayak tribe of borneo, indonesia

  1. 1. Welcome tothe Dayak tribe
  2. 2. Dayak tribe of borneo, inDonesia INTRODUCTION Dayak is a name of tribes that identifies the various indigenous peoples on the island of Borneo by theIndonesian part known as Kalimantan. They are divided into about 450 ethno-linguistic groups. Despite some differences, these group share physical features, architecture, language, an oral tradition, customs, social structure, weapons, agricultural technology and a similar outlook on life. The original Dayak identity their cultural, economic,religious and political life has been preserved through their oral tradition. Experts agree that there are many basic affinitives in the legends of the various Dayak groups. Sadly, though, all the original elements of Dayak life as described in the legends have suffered significantly from external elements.
  3. 3. religion of Dayaks The Dayak indigenous religion is kaharingan, a form of animism which , for offical purposes , is categorized as a form of Hinduism In indonesia. The practice of kaharingan differs from group to group For example in some religious customary pratices, whenn a noble (kamang) dies , it is belived that the spirit ascends to a mountain were the spirits of past ancestors of the tribe resides Over the last two centuries ,some dayaks converted to islams, abandoning certain rights and practices. And christanity was introduced by european missionaries.
  4. 4. society of DayaksKinship in dayak society is traced in bothlines. Although, in dayak society, men andwomen possess equal rights in status andproperty ownership.The most important salient features ofdayak social organisation is the practice oflonghouse domicile.Headhunting is an important part of Dayakculture.
  5. 5. lifestyleBefore the 1950s, the Dayak peoples lived in communal longhouses. Today,longhouses are rare in Kalimantan. Their disappearance in turn affects theprocess of preserving the social, economic, cultural, and political values of theDayak. Before, children were taught the basics, including the legends. Beforegoing to bed, youngsters relaxed in the open area to listen to their parents tellstories. The change from living in longhouses to single-family houses makes itimpossible for the Dayak to continue the story telling tradition. There is simplynot enough space in a single-family house for it.The coming of radio and television has promoted a consumptive culture. Thisis the era of new colonialism by capitalism. Dayak youngsters migrate toIndonesian cities in great numbers, either to pursue their studies or make aliving. They are enthralled with the glamour and lifestyle of urbanIndonesians. Some drop out of school, lacking skills and knowledge, to pursuethis lifestyle. This is the short cut attitude. In Pontianak, for example, dozensof Dayak girls, end up working the bars, karaoke joints and hotels.
  6. 6. culture anD festivals The dayak were traditionally animist, although the majority are now Christian, some of them are Muslims and many continue to observe both Christian and traditional ceremonies, particularly during marriages or festival. Significant festivals include the rice harvesting festivals Gawai Dayak, the Gawai Dayak festival is celebrated every year on 1st of June, at the end of the harvest season. For the majority of the Dayak who are Christians, some christian festivals such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter and other Christian festivals are also celebrated. The Dayak perform a unique dance called the Ngajat. It is used to entertain the people who in the olden days enjoy graceful Ngajats as a form of entertainment. Dayak men and women have different style of Ngajat.
  7. 7. Dayak JeWellery
  8. 8. articraftsThis Bamboo Horn is 2 feetlong, and the horn you blowinto is 7in by 3 inches.There are7 individual bamboo chutes cutat different lengths for sound.This Poison Dart Holder,measures 10 inches long and 2inches wide, The Shooters, are8 inches long, and the poisondarts are between 7-8 incheslong, varying only 1/4 of aninch. Real Poison Darts, Handlewith gloves on. The carved topof the holder is 2 1/2 incheswide and 2 1/2 inches deep.
  9. 9. bolo knifeThis Bolo Knife, pictureis of the back side, isjust amazing, thehandle is hand carvedfrom a boars tusk, theknife is 21 inches longand 1 1/2 inches wide atthe largest part of theblade. comes withsheath tool, andbraided holder. nextpicture is the front side.
  10. 10. Dragon maskThis is the DragonMasks Worn by theDayak Peopleduring theirtraditional dance
  11. 11. conclusionThe Dayak Tribe sets an example for their equality to both the genders and for the diversity of culture, religion, etc.The Dayak Tribe is an example of one of the modern tribe.
  12. 12. PresenteD byleha PathruDu ---- 28chanDni DeWani ---- 07Jeel chheDa ---- 04arshia sayeD ---- 33
  13. 13. Thank You