From Man to Father


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  • The Big Idea: A man finding the impact on not being a Father.
  • A Father in the World
  • The audience get to see where their actions have a negative impact and how that can be changed.
  • They should find it worth discussing because another person is deeply impacted on the lack of parenting.
  • As a new Father I have come to a certain degree of understanding of why a child needs a father.
  • My daughter feels safe around me and a degree of confidence in knowing that I will lead the way.
  • Men of all ages, if you’re a parent then be a father and be impactful in your children lives.
  • Being a father has devastating impacts whether positive or negative. Fatherhood is more than decision but in fact a chosen life style.
  • A child that has a father doesn’t mean they have a better chance in life necessarily, but it does save that child some pain and hard ache in life.
  • By being there for your child a father can bring an alternative point-of-view to the child enabling to see different results due to actions.
  • A child may can afford things they need a father over a child with a single mother.
  • A father needs to know that his actions are a lifelong impact.
  • They should see where there actions help or not help in a child’s life.
  • Do more than watching your child grow up, but strive to help them do better than you,starting now.
  • Fathers are needed more now than ever, their many great things a father can bring to a child(s) life when present and active.
  • A man finding the impact on not being a Father.
  • Think about how your child can potentially go father in life just by having a fathers love and support.
  • Think about how much negativity can be decreased by being present and guiding the child.
  • Think about what you can do for your child and then go do it.
  • From Man to Father

    1. 1. Man to Father
    2. 2. beinga Father intheWorld.....
    3. 3. beinga Father intheWorld..... ISHard
    4. 4. Discover whathappens whenyour not being aFather
    5. 5. AttentionNoaction, impacts your kids.
    6. 6.’m NEW TOFatherhoodI have newunderstanding
    7. 7. baby feels safe and has confident in their father
    8. 8. doesn’t matterNever to late to be a Father
    9. 9. Being a Father has an impactThat is why being a father is a lifestyle
    10. 10. may not be the best in life
    11. 11. youcan makelife a littleeasier
    12. 12. offering alternate point-of-view to your childCan lead to potential different paths in life
    13. 13. life with asingle Mother be more fulfillingwith a Father around
    14. 14. actions as a FatherHas a lifelong impact on your child
    15. 15. your actions both positive and/or negative
    16. 16.’t just watch them grow up
    17. 17. We need more Fathers to be there fortheir kidsMany great things happenwhen present in their life
    18. 18. YourFatherly Impact
    19. 19. children cango FurtherIn LifeWith youbehind them
    20. 20. about your impacton the world by being afather
    21. 21. find out what you can do for your child.And then go do it!