Taking Risk, Not Being Risky


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Are you ready for some personal development? Is your business or organization ready to take some risks? These top 10 tips will guide you on the path towards smart risk taking.

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  • Taking Risk, Not Being Risky

    1. 1. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TAKING RISKS Living the Life You Want & Growing Your Organization
    2. 2. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE BACK STORY Oh! Story Time! Nice!
    3. 3. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com ALWAYS LANDING ON MY FEET Just like Lucky Cat!
    4. 4. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com HOW DO I REALLY DO IT? My Top 10 Strategies To Always Landing on My Feet, Crafting Life on My Terms & Moving my Organization Forward (Safely)
    5. 5. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #10: RISK NOT RISKY Risks are based on plans, ideas or dreams. Risky behavior is just stupid.
    6. 6. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TWEET THIS It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left? – Jim Carrey via @jackiewolven
    7. 7. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #9: REFRAME Resiliency is about being able to reframe situations. Bad things happen, it is how you deal with it that will lead to ultimate success and happiness.
    8. 8. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #8: HAVE SECRET DREAMS You may work in a job you hate, your business may be the pits, and you might not be living your ultimate life, but that is ok as long as you have, in your mind and heart, secret dreams.
    9. 9. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TWEET THIS Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe via @jackiewolven @wcfay
    10. 10. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #7: CROSS STUFF OFF YOUR LIST Get things done. Nothing is more powerful then making a list and actually crossing things off of it. Every single day.
    11. 11. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #6: FIND YOUR PEEPS You MIGHT be a little introverted. You might be afraid that people won’t like you or understand what your organization really does. So what. Go out and find your peeps. Bonus Tip: DO NOT BURN BRIDGES!
    12. 12. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #5: DON’T COMPARE Comparing yourself to others sucks the joy out of life.
    13. 13. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TWEET THIS Don’t compare your beginning with someone else's middle. - Jon Acuff via @jackiewolven
    14. 14. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #4: CELEBRATE THE GOOD STUFF The Big and the Little. Gratitude changes everything about your life and your organization.
    15. 15. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #3: DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO Integrity. It can’t be faked. Sure, we all make mistakes, but try your hardest to either do what you say you are going to do or talk about why you can’t right away.
    16. 16. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #2: BE HAPPY WITH LESS Loving what you have is often the secret to happiness.
    17. 17. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TWEET THIS It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials. – Bruce Lee via @jackiewolven
    18. 18. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com #1: DO GOOD WORK Love what you do every single day.
    19. 19. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com JACQUELINEWOLVEN.COM Twitter: @jackiewolven Facebook: Jacqueline Wolven Email: jacquelinewolven.com Ask Jacqueline!