Elevator Speech - How To Craft One For Your Organization & Small Business


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Developing a 30 second pitch about why your organization, product, or company matters - people are busy and you have to wow them fast.

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Elevator Speech - How To Craft One For Your Organization & Small Business

  1. 1. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com GOING UP! Crafting an Elevator Speech that Motivates with Jacqueline Wolven
  2. 2. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com TELLING YOUR STORY To make people care… quickly.
  3. 3. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com CROWDED SPACE We are inundated with information. We are busy. We are distracted. Our listening skills are a bit broken. You aren’t asking in a way we can hear.
  4. 4. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com WHY DOES IT MATTER? Every organization has needs and someone can fill them, but you have to be able to articulate them.
  5. 5. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com WHY ISN’T IT WORKING? • Too broad – don’t try to say everything! • Too bland • Too long • Not targeted • Focused on you, not your audience
  6. 6. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com LET’S SEE WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW
  7. 7. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com WHAT SHOULD IT SOUND LIKE? Going all the way to the top with the right words!
  8. 8. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com WHY IS YOUR ORGANIZATION SPECIAL? • What is your mission and what makes it unique?
  9. 9. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com USE THE WORD “YOU” • Why would your organization matter to the person you are talking about?
  10. 10. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com CREATE A MEMORY • Analogies, stories, connections that will make a bolder statement
  11. 11. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com DON’T BE A ROBOT • Be a real person sharing what you love – your passion will shine through
  12. 12. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com HAVE A CALL TO ACTION • Give them a reason to connect to the organization – an invite, offer, tool, or experience they can have with you
  13. 13. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com REHEARSE BUT DON’T MEMORIZE • Remember? You are not a robot!
  14. 14. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com LET’S PRACTICE
  15. 15. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com WRITE DOWN SOME NOTES • What is your mission? • Why did you get involved? • How has the organization made a difference in your life or community? • How can someone else get involved?
  16. 16. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com EVERYBODY UP! You’ll find a partner. Introduce yourself in case they may not know you well. Then share your story. Each person should take about 30 seconds. I’ll keep time and call out “Change partners!” when it’s time to find another partner.
  17. 17. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS - FAST You care about the work you are doing – share that passion and it will ignite!
  18. 18. @JackieWolvenJacquelineWolven.com JACQUELINEWOLVEN.COM Twitter: @jackiewolven Facebook: Jacqueline Wolven Email: jacquelinewolven.com Ask Jacqueline!