Causes of the War of 1812
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Causes of the War of 1812






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    Causes of the War of 1812 Causes of the War of 1812 Presentation Transcript

    • The War of 1812 ~ Causes of the war
    • Causes of the War • In the early 1800’s as Americans expanded west they met fought with Native Americans, such as the Shawnee, as they moved onto their lands. • The British, who were settling in Canada, made things worse by encouraging Native Americans to attack American settlements.
    • Causes of the War • The Shawnee, led by Tecumseh and The Prophet united Tribes in conflict against American settlers. • In 1811, Indiana Governor, William Henry Harrison was convinced that if Tecumseh united all of the tribes, the US might lose all the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains.
    • Causes of the War • The British and French were at war with each other and US merchant ships got caught in the middle of the fighting and were attacked. • To stop Americans from trading with the French and other Europeans, they stopped American merchant ships at sea.
    • Causes of War • British then kidnapped US sailors and put them to work on British ships against their will. This was called impressment. • The US Army and Navy were not strong enough for war, so Thomas Jefferson asked lawmakers to stop all foreign trade with the Embargo Act of 1807.
    • Causes of War • Jefferson hoped that Britain and France, in order to get American goods, would stop attacking American ships. • This plan didn’t work. The American economy depended on trade. • Congress ended the Embargo Act. • British and French continued to raid US ships, but Americans most mad at British.
    • A Nation Goes to War • In 1810 James Madison, a supporter of going to War was elected president. • In June of 1812, the House of Representatives declared war with Britain. • By a narrow vote the Senate also declared war.
    • A Nation Goes to War • The British were already at war with France and did not want another war, they agreed to stop attacking American ships. • Word did not reach the US in time and the Americans went to war with England.