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In-Game Advertising - Massive Microsoft- Brad Mann - LA2M
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In-Game Advertising - Massive Microsoft- Brad Mann - LA2M


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Brad Mann is a Michigan State University Alum and current Specialist Sales Executive for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. He has over twelve years of successful new business development and …

Brad Mann is a Michigan State University Alum and current Specialist Sales Executive for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. He has over twelve years of successful new business development and management experience in a variety of disciplines including: Dynamic In-Game Advertising, Video Game Advertising and Brand Integration, Interactive Marketing, Advertising Sales, CRM and Data Integration Services. Brad has been with Massive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, for a little over two and a half years and will be sharing his knowledge and expertise of video game advertising.

Looking for a way to cut through the clutter to communicate your brand's message? Are you struggling to capture the attention of (insert target market from slide here)? In-game advertising may be your solution. This innovative platform succeeds at sharing your brand's message with engaged users in a realistic fashion.

Drawing on research study data as well as performance results from previous campaigns, Brad will share insight into the world of in-game advertisements.

Massive Inc. is the leading network for video game advertising and a powerful force in helping brands engage with the gaming audience. It has created an outlet in which advertisers are able to engage their gaming audience in real time. The Massive Network has become an innovator in new media, and a true game-changer for marketers.

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  • 1. PC TV Mobile
  • 2. Microsoft Gaming: XBox and Massive Part of the Microsoft Media Network 2
  • 3. THE STEREOTYPICAL GAMER The "gamer" label tends to conjure images of adolescent boys who live in their parent’s basement, surviving on pizza and energy drinks, while playing “Super Mario Brothers” on their Nintendos for hours on end. •100% Male •100% 13-18 •HHI – N/A, Live With Parents 3
  • 4. THE TRUE GAMER The average is a 35 year old male, with a household incomes over $60K. They are early adopters and have disposable income to feed their technology needs. • 68% Male • 58/42 M/F Music Games • 53% 18-34 • 77% 18+ • Average Age: 35 • 68% HHI of $60K+ • 42% HHI of $100K+ Source: Simmons National Consumer Study, Spring 2008 4
  • 5. Why are Video Games Important? Gaming is growing significantly • 68% of American households play computer or video games - and climbing* • NA online gaming will grow significantly in the next 5 years to over 175 million** Gaming Households Number of Online Gamers North America North America, Console & PC (in MM) 175 130 65% 68% 2008 2009 70 2003 2010 2014 *Entertainment and Software Association, 2008 & 2009 5 **DFC Intelligence. Online Game Market Forecasts, 2009
  • 6. Why are Video Games Important? Time spent gaming is at an all-time high, and rising • The recession has accelerated the trend of increasing gameplay, as gamers look to get more value out of the games they own • The number of hours that US gamers are playing video games is at an all time high – total video game usage minutes in Feb ‘10 increased 26% from Feb ‘09* • Gaming hours will increase significantly as a % of total media hours from 2010-2013** Average Hours Played Gaming as a % of Total Media Hrs. Projected CAGR** 20 5% 19 18 17 16 15 14 3% 2% CAGR 2008-2013: • Gaming: 8% • Total media hours: 0% 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 2008 2013 *Nielsen 2010 6 **Veronis Suhler Stevenson Communications Industry Forecast 2009-2013
  • 7. Why are Video Games Important? Video games offer unparalleled engagement • While playing videogames, engagement is extremely high and multitasking is almost non-existent unlike watching TV or using the internet. Engagement Level High Low Low Watching TV Using the Playing Internet Video Games Question: “In the last 24 hours, when you did the following activity what else where you doing? 7 Source: Simmons 2009 NCS Full Year New Media Study
  • 8. Why is Video Games Advertising Important? Games advertising reaches consumers at their most receptive • Video games advertising reaches consumers when they are most receptive to advertising – while they are having fun! • Consequently, the games ad segment is projected to grow faster than the majority of the digital ad market Growth by Ad Segment Projected CAGR, FY09-13* Mobile 36% Gaming 32% Video display 29% Contextual display 27% Search 15% Banner display 9% Classified 5% Email 2% *OSD Finance – other sources note gaming growth as high as 70% (Screen Digest, May 2009) and 38% (Veronis Suhler, 2009) 8
  • 9. What is Xbox LIVE: Connected Entertainment • A Lean Forward Experience • 25M+ Xbox LIVE members rivals most cable companies • One of the World’s largest HD on-demand libraries • 500M+ total downloads including over 10,000 hours of TV shows and movies • Netflix - an additional 10,000 movie and TV shows offered through the Netflix partnership. • Xbox LIVE: The Largest Social Network • Facebook & Twitter – More than 300M friendship connections made on Xbox LIVE – More than 10M UU’s have logged into Facebook on Xbox LIVE *MS Internal Feb 2010 **Nielsen Media Industry Data 2010
  • 10. Who's Advertising Premier Advertisers
  • 11. How Does Massive Work Dynamic in-game advertising is custom ads served into video games in real time Your Ad Campaign Extensive Your Ad Campaign Game Network in/around the Game …over 70 Xbox & PC game titles with 14 publishers reaching over 58m unique gamers 11
  • 12. MLB2K10 12
  • 13. Massive In-Game Advertising Creative Geo/Time/Day Content Measurability Flexibility Targeting Targeting • Update and • Flexible ad • Target ads • Advertising change delivery by content effectivenes creative • Target ads by • Eg. Racing s metrics • Customize by geography Genre comparable title/language • Target ads by to other time/date digital media
  • 14. Why Advertise with Massive Cross-Medium Ad Recall • Average aided ad recall across Massive in-game advertising campaigns outperforms comparable advertising campaigns across other media. On average, 63%* of gamers exposed to Massive ads recalled the ads during game play AVERAGE AD RECALL FOR ALL CAMPAIGNS Hall & Partners Research, 1997-2009 Massive 63% Television 32% Print 18% Outdoor 13% Online 12% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Source: Hall & Partners Research, 1997-2007; Nielsen Research, 2006-2008; Interpret Research, 2006-2010 14 * Average for +100 Massive campaigns
  • 15. WHY MASSIVE? WHAT RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT? • In-game ads elicit an overwhelmingly positive effect on key brand metrics • 63% of gamers recall seeing ads for the brand in-game KEY BRAND METRICS 63% +32% +24% +23% Brand Purchase Brand Ad Rating Consideration Recommendation Recall Lift Lift Lift
  • 16. WHY MASSIVE WHAT RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT? • Gamers agree the in-game ads improve their game experience by adding realism and looking cool in the game • Gamers agree in-game ads stand out compared to other types of advertising IN-GAME IMPACT GAMERS WHO SAW THE ADS SAID THE ADS: Agree Disagree 69% 64% 60% 13% 10% 14% Made the game Looked cool Stood out compared more realistic in the game to other types of advertising