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The Blurring of Online and Offline Worlds - Dave Linabury


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A blurring of worlds is occurring. Online data is appearing in offline objects. From nightstands that tweet, evening dresses that react to the weather, to billboards that use Foursquare check-ins to feed dogs, data is appearing in unexpected places in some pretty funky ways. Social Media expert Dave Linabury will highlight some of the more unusual examples and provide some clarity as to why this is going on.

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The Blurring of Online and Offline Worlds - Dave Linabury

  1. 1. The Blurring of Online and Offline Worlds LA2M May 4, 2011
  2. 2. The Biggest Trend of the Century.
  3. 3. (This Year)
  4. 4. Online DataIs Appearing in Offline Objects
  5. 5. QR Codes and QR codes are everywhere, changing ourScannable Walls perception of how we access the Web.
  6. 6. Microsoft Surface is now standard inMicrosoft Surface many hotels, restaurants and casinos
  7. 7. Sixth Sense Technology
  8. 8. Microsoft Skinput Skinput™ treats the body as an interface
  9. 9. LED T-Shirts
  10. 10. Digital Fashion Fashion meets technology. Practical uses may arise from this. What if yourclothes warned others you have the flu?
  11. 11. DigitalFashion 2If we can put video into fabric, will fashion become a video content channel?
  12. 12. RFID wristbands are standard inRFID Wearables hospitals, becoming common for events at theme parks
  13. 13. If every object in the world becomesIPv6 findable, will theft decrease or adapt and become more clever?
  14. 14. Our wallets can shrink or grow relative toSmart Wallets our actual investments
  15. 15. Remote Your fingerprints can be retrieved fromFingerprinting the AOS AIRPrint Biometric Sensor™ up to 16 feet away.
  16. 16. Twitter Meets Twitter in rental cars allows us to changeTalking Zip Cars or adjust our plans.
  17. 17. Using nature as a paint source, eliminatesPhysical Graffiti vandalism, and enhances the environment
  18. 18. Using nature as a paint source, eliminatesPhysical Graffiti vandalism, and enhances the environment
  19. 19. Use long exposure techniques with iPadsLight Painting to create a holiday card for Campbell Ewald
  20. 20. Use long exposure techniques withLight Painting 2 holographic light to indicate WiFi signal strength
  21. 21. Social Tableau A true blurring of the worlds. An antique tableau sends and receives data from Twitter almost magically.
  22. 22. The display surface is instead broken upCurious Displays into hundreds of ½ inch display blocks. Each block operates independently and has full mobility
  23. 23. Stop thinking aboutsocial media or mobileas emerging mediums.
  24. 24. Start thinking aboutthe world around you as a communications canvas.
  25. 25. That anything andeverything can be used to display data or communicate.
  26. 26. kthxbai! @Davezilla