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Aao shift karayen (1)

  1. 1. By Rishi Gupta Rakesh Pandey Navjot Saini Prachi Bansal
  2. 2.  Relocation industry is going to undergo a dynamic transition. Our product “Aao shift karayen” specializes in providing help to people who get transferred. We are planning to open our offices across 4 Commercial Hubs (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore and Pune) of India.  Shifting from one place to another has become very popular in recent years. People shift due to health reasons, office transfers, business etc. Relocation is very arduous task which exhaust person’s time and money. We are going to make their life easy
  3. 3.  We are a quality relocation service company. We will build a website “Aao shift karayen” which will have every information required for shifting and finding a new house in your new location. A person can raise a shifting request in our website and we will send our men to help them. A shifting request should comprise of the applicants Name, Moving from, Moving to, Phone No., Present address and any specific requirement. We would give them information regarding the localities . List of major real estate players will also be available to choose houses in the new locality. Our website also contains information regarding the schools, near by hospitals, Restaurants etc. The service is a complete package which involves not only door to door shifting but also helps in setting up a new home away from home. Our facilities involves the services of professionally trained plumber, electrician, carpenter and maids.
  4. 4.  Segment Caters : In the last decade Relocation industry has seen a sea change of reforms. Earlier it was mainly utilized by top management, For the masses it wasn’t a known commodity. Laborers in the locality would simply tuck all household materials in hired tempos and that was relocation all about but in the global market the purchasing power of people has increased and they need the relocation process to happen smoothly and under professional guidance ,that is where we come into the picture. The relocation industry is around 1000 crores market in India.(T.O.I)  Target Customers:  Corporate customers  General diaspora
  5. 5.  The USP of our product is the complete range of our services such as household shifting, industrial shifting, offices shifting.  The extensive network of real estate agents and brokers which will help in finding the new house in applicant’s preferred locality.  Professionally trained staff like plumbers, electricians and maids which will be helpful in setting up the new house.  Insurance facilities also provided for safe transit of goods.  Comprehensive information of near by hospitals, schools and restaurants.  Relocation industry has untapped potential.  We also provide corporate deals like contract pricing for mass relocation.
  6. 6.  Presenting our offers to the corporate and once the deal gets through, we get listed in their company.  Posting Ads on major social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.  By publishing Ads in newspapers and magazines.  By setting up stalls in the Malls.  Mass relocation offers.  Hoardings
  7. 7. THANK YOU