Lp6 character


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English unit on short film

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Lp6 character

  1. 1. IGCSEShort Film - Character
  2. 2. Starter Think of your favourite story. It could be a book, film, play or narrative poem.From the story, choose one character you think has good qualitiesand one you think has bad qualities. Describe them in your books
  3. 3. ObjectivesExplore how characterisation is presented in filmSee how ideas, values and emotions are portrayedReflect on the motivation and behaviour of characters
  4. 4. MotivationThink about: Where do the good and bad qualities comefrom?
  5. 5. What about motivation…It is difficult to talk about characters in stories without talkingabout what does and doesn’t motivate them. Why are theymotivated to do certain things and not others?We have all sat in a cinema and thought, “Why didn’t he just…”or, “Yes, I think I’d have done that as well.” But that is seeing thecharacters in relation to our own world. To understandcharacters and characterisation properly we have to understandthem in their own worlds.We have to start thinking about two things:Where and what characters are coming from.Where they are going to, in terms of what they want, what theyneed and what they are trying to achieve in the story. Theirmotivations.
  6. 6. Viewing Two Cars One NightThere are two male characters and one female character.What impression do we get of the two boys? How differentare their characters?Is the young girl confident? Or is she just pretending tobe? What clues are there for either interpretation?What is the significance of the ring?Is there any way in which the characters reflectstereotypes of particular kinds of children?
  7. 7. ViewingWatch the extract from The Most Beautiful Man in the World.Copy this accompanying grid into your books and give detailedresponses to the questions posed.
  8. 8. Text Detective Read through the poem “The Man With the Beautiful Eyes” As you watch The Man with the Beautiful Eyes again, notice that thingsappear in the film which don’t appear in the poem. As the detective, unravel the film-maker’s interpretation and discover:• What is in the original poem and what has been added• Why the film-maker has added this element.
  9. 9. Extended writingExplore the characterisation of the Man in The Man withthe Beautiful Eyes. Focus on the differences between thecharacter in the poem and the interpretation of him by thefilm-maker.Extension: remember to include as many sound andtechnical elements from the film as you can.