Year 9 – Short FilmCharacterisation is the art of creating characters for a narrative,including the process ofconveying in...
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Year 9 – short film chracterisation & symbolism essay


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Year 9 – short film chracterisation & symbolism essay

  1. 1. Year 9 – Short FilmCharacterisation is the art of creating characters for a narrative,including the process ofconveying information about them. Characters may be presented by means of description,through their actions, speech, or thoughts.Symbolismis a representation that carries a particular meaning. It is a device in literaturewhere an object represents an idea, thought or feeling. Symbolism can be used as part ofcharacterisation.ESSAY QUESTION: Consider how symbolism and characterisation are used in bothTwo Cars One Night and The Most Beautiful Man in the World. Write an essay usingPEE paragraphs exploring the ways that characters and symbols have beenconstructed in these two films.Remember to structure your essay; use the plan below as a guide. If you are aiming for A*-Bgrades then ditch this plan and create your own wonderful plan instead!Introduction – remember to include the names of the films and tell me what the question is.Giving an overview of what characterization and symbolism actually are would be a good thinghere along with telling me the characters’ names.Paragraph 1 – think about how characters have been constructed through description, whatsymbols are used to build up our impression of the characters (remember in a film thedescription is visual)Paragraph 2 – now focus on what you learn about characters through their actions. Do theiractions act as symbols for aspects of their personality?Paragraph 3 – think about sound, what do characters say or not say that helps us to learnabout them. Do they use metaphor/simile in their speech? (these are forms of symbolism.)Paragraph 4 – a tricky one; do we learn anything about the characters’ thoughts? How canyou tell what a person is thinking? Think body language here. Also, are there any aspects ofsymbolism in the film that show us what the character is thinking.Conclusion – summary time! Remind me how we have learnt about the characters in each ofthese films.Summarise the aspects of symbolism you have discussed, and their overall effect.Make a judgment; has one film been more successful at characterisation and symbolism thanthe other? Why/ why not? Of all of the techniques for creating character, which is the mostsuccessful? What are the most effective aspects of symbolism?So you want to get an A*? Make sure that you use the following terms correctly in your essay: Diegetic / Non diegetic (sound) Camera angle (HCA, LCA, EL) Camera shot (CU, MS, LS, establishing shot) Shot composition (POV, perspective, OTS, two shot) Connotation Mise-en-scene Props Lighting CostumeYou have 2 lessons to write this essay! Plan your ideas first – think about your Psbefore the EEs. Remember to PEEEEEEEEE if you can.I want it hand written NEATLY on lined paper. It must be spell checked and proof read forCOPS (especially CAPITAL letters and apostrophes)!