Microsoft Office 2010 by Mr. EJ Lopez


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Hear from Microsoft how Office 2010 can help NGOs work more effectively.

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Microsoft Office 2010 by Mr. EJ Lopez

  1. 1. By the end of this session, you will: •Be aware of some key productivity and collaboration features to help work work efficiently with Office 2010 •Understand your options for upgrading if you are ready to adopt Office 2010 •Have resources for further learning and to help train your staff on Office 2010 •Know what Office products are available for donation to eligible nonprofitsThis is an intro to a small segment of the many features in Office 2010. For more training materials, visit
  2. 2. Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life Use Office AnywhereConnect. Share. Accomplish. Envision. Mash Up. Inform. PC. Phone. Browser.Work together in real Tell your story with Use Office in your time video browserGain control over Express ideas with Do more on your email photos phoneInstantly brainstorm Confidently save & share changesConnect to social networksGo offline hassle-free
  3. 3. Professional Plus Version Standard Version•Access 2010 • Excel 2010•Office Communicator 2007 R2 • OneNote 2010•Excel 2010 • Outlook 2010•InfoPath 2010 • PowerPoint 2010•OneNote 2010 • Publisher 2010•Outlook 2010 • Word 2010•PowerPoint 2010•Publisher 2010•SharePoint Workspace 2010•Word 2010 Both Standard & Pro versions are available as donations to eligible nonprofits and libraries through Microsoft’s software donation program
  4. 4. And Everyone Finds Them with the Ribbon Toolbar and Backstage view Fuel adoption with a contextual, seamless look and feel from the rich client applications to the browser Challenge: With reduced staff and budgets, people Improved need to work more efficiently and produce more in- Printing house. Experience Updated User Interface: Ribbon toolbar is now in all Office 2010 applications and the new Microsoft Office Backstage™ Ribbon Toolbar Examples view is introduced, providing quick access to important Outlook® Image) (Click operations such as& Customizable viewing document information, saving, SharePoint http://contosoweb/business%20development/customer%20research/juniper/field%20reports/Forms/A Field Reports printing, Extensible Contoso > Marketing > Business Development > Customer Research > Juniper > Field Reports > All Documents Welcome Morgan Skinner  | My Site | My Links  | and sharing. Juniper > Field Reports Workspace SharePoint Actions Read Documents Insert Customer Research Upload  Check-in All Documents  • Lahuan View Properties Publish Major Version Paste Sort & Save as View Manage New Delete Workflow Export • Juniper  Edit Properties   Version History Filter  Access   Contribute Clipboard Manage Quick Views Track Permissions • Cypress Project View All Site Content Potential savings/efficiency gains: Helps people uncover Documents • Focus Groups Type   Name Widget Compete Cog Thinking Modified 1/22/2009 6:06 pm 2/9/2009 8:32 pm  Modified By  Junmin Hao  Mike Phillips • Field Reports the right commands to produce better results faster. • Presentations Project Info • Milestones    Rough Take on New Materials Customers Complaints Rollup Meeting Materials 12/13/2008 6:49 pm 12/13/2008 2:42 pm 2/2/2009 7:01 pm  James Alvord  Bjarne Riis  Daniel Roman • Announcements IT can customize the Backstage view to surface commands Visio My Workspaces • Coho Vineyards  Market Plan Specifications 1/15/2009 3:05 pm  Matt Berg Connect to • Fabrikam Proposal • City Power or workflow operations that are most important to people in Services • Ontario Hydro All Workspaces Recycle Bin your organization since it is extensible. Backstage Examples SharePoint® (Click Image) 1
  5. 5. Are you thinking about how much email you have to get through today? The average IW gets over 90 emails per day, according to Basex.
  6. 6. With New Shortcuts and Views in Outlook 2010Work Better Ignore and Clean Together UpChallenge: The average worker receives large volumes ofe-mail every day, making it time consuming to stay organizedand up-do-date and find information when it’s needed.New Conversation Management Tools: Conversation View,Clean Up, and Ignore remove duplicate information and act like Conversation Viewa mute button Smiththe inbox. Mail Tips provide notification before for is outside your organization. (Click Image) Greg Mail Tipssending to a group or individual outside the organization, alarge distribution list, someone who is out of office, etc. Luciana Ramos; Greg SmithPotential savings/efficiency gains: Spend less time wading Shrink your inboxthrough e-mail and more time on value-add activities.IT can worry less about information leakages since Mail Tips helpto prevent them. Mail Tips Scenario (Click Image)
  7. 7. Wish you knew how to use photos and video more effectively?Gartner thinks that by 2013, over 25% of what information workers see in a day will have video, photos or audio in it.
  8. 8. In Office 2010, without Using Additional Editing Programs Compress file size Bring Ideas to Life Challenge: Photo and video content is becoming an ever-popular way to create and consume information, but multi-media tools can be expensive and difficult to learn. Video & Photo Editing: Trim a video clip, turn a color film Photo Editing Sharpen or into black & white, add artistic effects to photos and more (Click Image) in PowerPoint 2010. recolor images Trim video clips Potential savings/efficiency gains: Create more effective presentations with the use of video, without the need to learn a new application. Reduce costs by eliminating the Control UI for need for 3rd party rich media tools with rich capabilities video integrated right in Office. Video Editing (Click Image)
  9. 9. Using Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010Work Better Together Host on SharePoint or free internet service Appearance toChallenge: It is cumbersome to set up a virtual presenter on the PCpresentation for people outside your own organization.Broadcast Slide Show: Present a slideshow directly fromPowerPoint to anyone who can access a Web browser.Send an e-mail invitation with a web link and the recipientcan follow along in their browser while you control thepresentation from your PC. PowerPoint Broadcast (Click Image)Potential savings/efficiency gains: Hold spontaneousmeetings without the added expense or effort of third-partybroadcasting tools.IT can keep security in mind by managing through GroupPolicy and choose between a locally-hosted broadcastservice, a free service provided over the Internet, or both. Appearance to viewers through the browser
  10. 10. Office Web Apps and CollaborationWindows Live SkyDrive• 25 GB of free storage for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents. If you need more than 25 GB, you might want to consider SharePoint Server 2010.
  11. 11. By Enabling Multiple Team Members to Work Together in Real-time Work Better Together Challenge: Document collaboration Engineering Host on-premise with SharePoint inefficiencies waste staff time. Co-authoring:Accounting Multiple authors can simultaneously edit different sections of the Co-authoring same server document in several Office 2010 (Click Image) applications. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Individuals complete editing tasks faster as compared to the manual reconciliation of revisions. IT can Happy Customer maintain control since documents can be Project Manager hosted on premises with SharePoint 2010. Co-authoring Scenario Co-authoring Scenario (Click Image)
  12. 12. With Office Web Apps Host on premisesUse Office Anywhere with SharePointChallenge: People are using a broader array of devicesand working more remotely. Lightweight editingOffice Web Apps: Online companions to Office for Excel,Word, PowerPoint and OneNote provide high quality viewingand lightweight editing in the browser (IE, Firefox and Safari). Office Web Applications (Click Image) Hi-Fidelity ViewingPotential savings/efficiency gains: Access more of theinformation you need to respond faster on the go.IT can host Web Apps on premises, running on SharePoint, tomaintain control. And since document formatting and content No loss of formatting oris maintained when edits are done in the browser support calls content from PC to browserfrom data loss will not increase. Web App Scenario (Click Image) SSL*Mobile functionality requires an appropriate device and Internet connection. Some functionality also requires Office Mobile 2010, which isOffice inWeb Applicationsnot included Office 2010 applications or suites.Scenario
  13. 13. Office Web Apps and Collaboration
  14. 14. Simultaneous co-authoring works in these configurations: Desktop-Desktop Browser-Browser Browser-DesktopWord •Excel •PowerPoint •OneNote • • •
  15. 15. • Tracked changes available only in full Office 2010 applications (not in Office Web Apps)
  16. 16. Obtaining Office 2010 & compatibility with existing versions
  17. 17. Versions:• Office Professional Plus 2010 (includes Software Assurance)• Office 2010 Standard (includes Software Assurance) Fees: $24 – $31 If you received a donation of Microsoft Office from TechSoup within the past two years, your Software Assurance may entitle you to upgrade to 2010 through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center for no cost.
  18. 18. Office 2003 Office 2007 Office 2010Computer & processor 233 MHz 500 MHz 500 MHzMemory (RAM) 128 MB 256 MB 256 MBHard disk 400 MB 2 GB 3 GBDisplay 800 × 600 1024 × 768 1024 × 576
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Submit questions by using the Q&Abutton at the top of your screen
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  22. 22.• You’ll find: • You’ll find: • Links to articles about Office • Recorded version of 2010 webinar • Information about donations • Office 2010 fact sheet • Active discussions about • A copy of these slides Office 2010 • More! • More!
  23. 23. Links aren’t live here, but will be shared in follow up email & resources!From• Office 2010 Resource Page• What Your Org Should Know About Office 2010• Do I Need the 32-Bit or 64-Bit Version?• Comparing Online vs. Traditional Office Software• Microsoft Office vs.• Office 2010 Forum Discussion Microsoft:• Getting started guides:• Free online training courses:• User readiness & training materials:• Find toolbar & menu items are in new version: Articles of Interest:• Microsoft Office Simplified for the Web• CNET Review of Office 2010• Collaborative Authoring in Word 2010
  24. 24. What’s Next?• Look for a follow up email with all of these resources and more• Share the recorded version of webinar with others• Join us for future webinars! • To hear about webinars as they are announced, follow @msftcitizenship on Twitter or subscribe to TechSoup’s, e-newsletter, By the Cup.• Tell us what you thought! Email additional feedback to
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