Office And Share Point 2010 - Sneak Peak Event, Baltimore, MD


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Please join Microsoft and Portal Solutions for an interactive session on the newest versions of Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. They will dive into the rich capabilities of the integrated 2010 platform that enable efficient end user productivity, seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined communications.
Office System 2010 gives you powerful new tools to express your ideas, solve problems, and easily connect with people. The 2010 Office platform offers seamless integration that surfaces server applications like SharePoint and Office Communications Server natively at the document level.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers rich advancements in Enterprise Search, Portals and Application Development, Social Networking, Collaboration inside and outside of the organization, and Business Intelligence.
In addition to rich features and functions this event will give you the opportunity to learn more about how the Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure can help you:
• Empower a mobile and agile workforce
• Reduce communications overload
• Achieve and maintain compliance
• Connect people and information
• Work from virtually any place, device with Web Apps

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Office And Share Point 2010 - Sneak Peak Event, Baltimore, MD

  1. 1. Ruthanne Farrell Communications & Collaboration Solutions Specialist Microsoft Corporation ® Daniel Cohen-Dumani Giovanni Estrada
  2. 2. Meet changing Manage IT costs business needs and complexity • Drive insight from complexity • Integrate LOB systems • Work with customers and partners • Provide cost-effective scale • Embrace new work styles • Enable innovation and agility • Comply with regulations • Protect intellectual property
  3. 3. Unified Content Communications Management Word Business Processing Modelling Collaboration Business Business Data Intelligence Presentations Management Information Search Management Then Now Automated simple business processes Enables business productivity capabilities Microsoft vision: PC on every desktop Over 500 million Office users today Contained <50 commands (Word 1.0) Thousands of commands, made intuitive Used to produce final documents People may spend more time 1-1 with Office than their spouse!
  4. 4. Best Productivity Experience IT Choice and Value Across PC, Phone, and Browser Enterprise Unified Business Enterprise Content Collaboration Communications Intelligence Search Management Unified Business Platform
  5. 5. Promote fast adoption Surface LOB information Manage support costs
  6. 6. Fuel adoption with a contextual, Bring Ideas to Life seamless look and feel from the rich client applications to the browser Challenge: With reduced staff and budgets, people need to work more efficiently and produce more in-house. New capability: Ribbon toolbar now included in all Office 2010 applications Capability description: The same logic is used in all applications, Outlook® so it much easier for people to discover more commands to do http://contosoweb/business%20development/customer%20research/juniper/field%20reports/Forms/A SharePoint Field Reports more with Office – and deliver better results faster. Ribbon Toolbar Examples Contoso > Marketing > Business Development > Customer Research > Juniper > Field Reports > All Documents Juniper > Field Reports Welcome Morgan Skinner  | My Site | My Links  | Workspace Image) (Click SharePoint Actions Read Documents Insert Customer Research Upload  Check-in All Documents  • Lahuan View Properties Publish Major Version Paste Sort & Save as View Manage New Delete Workflow Export • Juniper  Edit Properties   Version History Filter  Access Potential savings/efficiency gains: New features – from sifting   Contribute Clipboard Manage Quick Views Track Permissions • Cypress Documents Project View All Site Content Type  Name Widget Compete Modified 1/22/2009 6:06 pm  Modified By  Junmin Hao through e-mail faster to creating polished graphics – are easier to • Focus Groups  Cog Thinking 2/9/2009 8:32 pm  Mike Phillips • Field Reports  Rough Take on New Materials 12/13/2008 6:49 pm  James Alvord • Presentations Project Info  Customers Complaints 12/13/2008 2:42 pm  Bjarne Riis discover to boost productivity and create more professional • Milestones • Announcements Visio My Workspaces   Rollup Meeting Materials Market Plan Specifications 2/2/2009 7:01 pm 1/15/2009 3:05 pm  Daniel Roman  Matt Berg • Coho Vineyards documents. • Fabrikam Proposal • City Power • Ontario Hydro All Workspaces Recycle Bin SharePoint® 1
  7. 7. Set Permissions Document Properties and Metadata Connect to Services
  8. 8. Office 2010 suites Office Web Apps Office Mobile
  9. 9. Host on premises with SharePoint Lightweight editing Hi-Fidelity Viewing Content & formatting maintained
  10. 10. Create & edit comments Maintain content & formatting Access SharePoint content Copy & paste Rich view of charts across programs & graphs
  11. 11. Deployment Choice ON-PREMISES CLOUD SERVICES • Control and Ownership • Rapid Scalability SEAMLESS USER • Customization EXPERIENCE • Advanced Manageability
  12. 12. Work Together Challenge: Document collaboration inefficiencies waste staff time. New capability: Co-authoring Co-authoring (Click Image) Capability description: Multiple authors can simultaneously edit different sections of the same server document in several Office 2010 applications. Potential savings/efficiency gains: We have designed the new capability to help people be faster in completing editing tasks as compared to the manual reconciliation of revisions.
  13. 13. Work Together Challenge: Travel and 3rd party conferencing tools are expensive, and meetings are less effective without a shared canvas. New capability: Application Sharing Application Sharing (Click Image) Capability description: Start an immediate application sharing session with a couple of clicks from the Backstage view of popular Office 2010 applications or Office Communicator 2010. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Reduce travel costs and 3rd party conferencing and phone charges by replacing meetings and Attendee view training with integrated IM, Voice, Web, Audio and Video is clear and Start sharing from conferencing. consistent right within Office applications App Sharing Scenario (Click Image) Application Sharing Scenario
  14. 14. Insert many OneNote Scenario Bring Ideas to Life types of content Search results pane for Challenge: People are using more types of digital better visibility, navigation content and larger volumes of data, which can lead to information overload and time wasted searching.project Ad-hoc Create side notes while New capability: Improved search pane & new in other apps working side notes OneNote (Click Image) Capability description: The results pane provides more context around search matches to help you find information more quickly. Creating “side notes” from other applications will link back to OneNote. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Using OneNote 2007, Pfizer has reduced time to market by 2 months by using OneNote as the primary knowledge sharing vehicle in their drug development labs Single location for worldwide. quick access OneNote Scenario (Click Image) Multiple sources Shareable with co-workers
  15. 15. Compress file size Bring Ideas to Life Challenge: Photo and video content is becoming an ever-popular way to create and consume information, but multi-media tools can be expensive and difficult to learn. New capability: Powerful features to edit photos and videos from within PowerPoint 2010 Photo Editing Sharpen or (Click Image) recolor images Capability description: Sharpen, brighten and recolor photos usingvideoPreview to easily try out different artistic effects. Trim Live Trim videos to get to just the right clip and format the visual clips effects around it. Compress the size of the video. Control UI Potential savings/efficiency gains: Reduce costs and the need for video for training by reducing the need for 3rd party rich media tools with rich capabilities integrated into the Fluent UI. Video Editing (Click Image)
  16. 16. Work Together Challenge: The average worker receives large volumes of e-mail every day, making it time consuming to stay organized and up-do- date and find information when it’s needed. New capability: E-mail and calendar management tools Custom Actions Tips Mail Greg Smith is outside your organization. Capability description: Mail Tips provide notification before (Click Image) sending an e-mail to a group or individual who is outside the Luciana Ramos; Greg Smith organization, a large distribution list, someone who is out of office, etc. Calendar Preview gives a quick view of conflicts and adjacent Custom meetings when you receive a new meeting request. Actions Potential savings/efficiency gains: Spend less time wading through e-mail and more time on value-add activities. Mail Tips Scenario (Click Image)
  17. 17. Analyze millions of rows of data with PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Zero in on the right data points with Slicers Publish one version of the truth to SharePoint Make the numbers speak for themselves with formatting options Crunch faster with optional 64 bit Chart trends in a single cell with Sparklines in Excel 2010
  18. 18. Ribbon for consistent look and Rich charts and feel with client Editable formulas in layout controls browser Extensible Web Parts and data access Formatting, including cell colors in browser
  19. 19. Maximize Platform Value Challenge: Bring business processes to everyone’s desktop. New capability: Connect to line-of-business systems more Write Back to LOBi easily. Capability description: By leveraging familiar user experiences within Office (eg: Word task panes, Excel LOB Example - Duet lists, Outlook forms), you can build custom solutions that (Click Image) look, act and feel like a part of the core Office suite applications. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Gain more value from server investments and reduce training costs by enabling people to do more from familiar applications.
  20. 20. Customer Management – Fabrikam – Customer Documents - Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace Use Office Anywhere Challenge: Trends toward working remotely have lead to high demand for a seamless online/offline experience. Auto-sync Offline New capability: Offline access to SharePoint lists and libraries Efficient sync of SharePoint Workspace Capability description: Take SharePoint libraries and lists (Click Image) changes only Groove SharePoint offline by simply pointing at a site or from the SharePoint site Workspace Server itself. Changes made while offline will automatically sync back to the server once a connection is detected. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Make more of existing Internet SharePoint investments by enabling people to stay Select content to productive and in sync when away from the office. take offline Delta SharePoint Offline Scenario (Click Image) Taking SharePoint Offline
  21. 21. 17K+ Customers, 100M Licenses Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrants, Forrester WaveTM Continued Platform and Application Innovation 4,000+ Partners Today across Collaboration, Content Management and Search “SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft’s history... And this is just the beginning: SharePoint continues to grow as customers are just beginning to apply it to a wide array of business issues and processes.” - AMR RESEARCH, APRIL 22, 2008
  22. 22. Work more effectively. Respond more quickly. Hiring Processes Sales Reporting Pricing Analysis Citizen Portals Project Tracking Personal Profile Sites Executive Dashboards Conference Planning IT Service Portals Divisional Portals Compliance Review Sites Expertise Finders Payroll Management Partner Extranet Integrated Developer Tools Enhanced Broad Support Extensibility for Standards
  23. 23. • Connect and empower people • Cut costs with a Unified Infrastructure • Rapidly Respond to Business Needs
  24. 24. Sites Composites Communities Insights Content Search
  25. 25. Consolidate Collaboration Solutions A cross-capability platform for higher productivity and ROI Dashboard BPEL Process accelerator Manager Business Collaboration Forms Server Suite Social Portal Search Computing SharePoint OmniFind Business Ultra Search Intelligence Lotus WebCenter Internet Connections Suite Sites Lotus Beehive Quickr WebSphere WebLogic Portal AS Enterprise Enterprise Search Content Management Integrated Capabilities Cost-Effective Training Reduced Cross-Farm Maintenance Management
  26. 26. SharePoint Online features on-premise and hosted solutions. On Premise Hosted Service Control and ownership Rapid scalability Customers Employees Partners
  27. 27. Introduce a predictable migration process with visual upgrade. Upgrade servers Preview new Switch on new UI without changing the UI across site collections user interface in a controlled manner Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  28. 28. Use health monitoring to prevent problems and minimize downtime. Service-level Problem data identification Links to guidance and resources Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. • Missing dependencies • 64 bit only • UI changes • Operating System • Lack of space • SQL server • Forms Authentication Providers • Read-only content • In-Place databases • Database Attach • Parallel upgrades: • Content • Multiple temporary • Profile farms • Project • Parallel database attach • WID to SQL Migration • AAM redirection
  31. 31. Microsoft Office system standards support includes: DoD 5015 DOM 1.0 HTML, HTTP, HTTPS MathML ODBC ODF (IS26300) Open XML (IS29500) OpenSearch OpenType PDF 1.7 PDF/A RTF RSS, ATOM SOAP SVG UDDI • Unicode URI/URN • W3C XML Schema WCAG WebDAV WSDL WSRP XHTML XML XML Web Services • XMLDsig • XPATH XPS XSLT
  32. 32. Complimentary Offerings:
  33. 33. 43
  34. 34. Enabling Technologies
  35. 35. With SharePoint Workspace, OneNote and Office Web Apps Experience Business Productivity Servers Through Office Professional Plus 2010 Initiate workflow from within Office for better process management Make presence and instant messaging easy with Communicator Protect IP with Rights Management Take SharePoint content offline with SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove) Work with line of business information directly in familiar Office applications Key Updates to Office Professional Plus 2010 SharePoint Workspace OneNote Office Enterprise              = New Deeper server integration Office Pro Plus             Office Web Apps Office Small Biz       Office Standard        
  36. 36. Client Server Communicator Share an Office application with others in one click 2010 OCS”14” * Unified See presence and contact others from within your shared Word 2010 Communicator OCS 2007 RC2 Communications document with IM or voice 2010 See voice mail transcripts and faxes right in your inbox Outlook 2010 Exchange 2010 Business Consolidate & quickly analyze and vast amounts of data. Excel 2010 with PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 Share & Refresh powerful BI models in SharePoint Intelligence Excel add-in Word 2010 Edit the same document at the same time PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Use & update SharePoint documents and lists when you’re Workspace 2010 SharePoint 2010 not connected Collaboration (formerly Groove) Quickly broadcast a slideshow right from within PowerPoint PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 Avoid sending sensitive mail to the wrong people with help from Mail Tips and keep security a priority with Retention Outlook 2010 Exchange 2010 Policy and Automated Policy Application Enterprise Content Enhance content management with smart templates that populate document metadata Word 2010 SharePoint 2010 Management Easily access rich client/server capabilities with the Backstage Office 2010 SharePoint 2010 view in Office 2010 * Microsoft Office Communicator "14" and Microsoft Office Communications server “14,” scheduled to release in the second half of 2010, will be required for this functionality. Any future functionality and timing is subject to change.
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Magic Quadrant Date MS Unified Communications (Public) Sep-09 Leader Corporate Telephony (Public) Aug-09 Visionary Enterprise Wireless E-Mail Software (Public) May-09 Leader Web Conferencing (Public) Jul-09 Leader Horizontal Portal Products (Public) Sep-09 Leader BPIO Enterprise Content Management (Public) Sep-09 Leader Information Access (Enterprise Search) (Public) Sep-09 Leader Business Intelligence Platforms (Public) Jan-09 Leader Social Software (Public) Oct-09 Leader IT Project and Portfolio Management (Public) Jun-09 Leader Business Process Analysis Tools Sep-08 Leader
  39. 39.