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Sp fest 2012 sp2010 on the cloud


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Sp fest 2012 sp2010 on the cloud

  1. 1. The Trusted Technology Partner in Business Innovation PASSION  DISCIPLINE  INNOVATION  TEAMING  INTEGRITY
  2. 2. Implementing SharePoint 2010 BPOS for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts A Case Study in the Cloud Pallavi Sharma Principal Consultant, Portals & Collaboration Practice
  3. 3. WHAT IS O365?SaaS - Software as a Service PaaS – Platform as a Service Saas + PaaS = Cloud Computing. Microsoft Microsoft Office Pro Exchange Plus Online Microsoft Microsoft Lync SharePoint Online Online
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES OF THE CLOUD Easy, fast Software that’s up- The cloud is tailor- deployment to users Cloud computingAnywhere/anytime Improved reliability requires less in- to-date with less made for monthly means quicker ROI access to data and security of data house staff. malware payment plans. for you.
  5. 5. HYATT - THE OPPORTUNITY Collaboration – Team Intranet + Corporate AppsGlobal Hotel Productivity Apps GOVERNANCE
  6. 6. SHAREPOINT ARCHITECTUREHyatt’s SharePoint The Portal and Team Data is stored acrossDedicated environment web apps have multiple multiple Site collectionshas three web apps site collections based on across Web Apps• Portal the site quota needed• Team for their data storage• MySite (2 GB per site collection)
  7. 7. TEAM / PROJECT SITES Build a collaboration environment for Hyatt employees to interact, document & track projects tasks and goals.• Document Management, File Sharing, Search• Use of  Blog  Discussion Boards  Note Board  Tasks  Calendar
  9. 9. CORPORATE APPLICATIONSBuild a series of corporate applications, some of which were ported from existing Lotusapplications – Revisit the design and tweak existing functionality e.g. Corporate Safe, HROnline, Project Tracking etc. Increase productivity with centrally located and always available resources, readily searchable records Deploy solutions tailored to the business processes Security trimmed views for different audience types
  10. 10. HOTEL PRODUCTIVITY APPLICATIONSBuild a series of hotel applications to be deployed at each hotel site e.g. Lost andFound, Guest Banquet Requests, Manager Logs, Gift Voucher Requests etc.
  11. 11. WORKFLOW APPLICATIONBuild a workflow application to manage the multi-tier approval system for feedback ofparticipants enrolled in a plan. Custom dashboard and email notifications for status changes Security trimmed views for different audience Reports
  12. 12. CHALLENGES: BPOS(D) ENVIRONMENT• Very limited customization options• No Access to central administration• Third-party components can be deployed after approved by Microsoft.• Farm solutions are time intensive (change requests to Microsoft)• No access to data across site collections using sandboxed solutions• No Access to file system• Cannot create a fully coded workflow or Create a full-trust workflow activity – For the workflow apps• The sandboxed environment does not permit you to deploy any files to the server file system – Branding Challenge
  14. 14. LOTUS APPLICATIONS AND DATA MIGRATION Existing Apps Migrate Lotus Data New Apps• Improved User • Load all data in Excel • Utilized the JQuery interface • Format the excel and Client Object• Improved based on the new Model to create Information Design of Lists better User Architecture • Attachments info as Interfaces• Address existing a part of the Excel • Leverage the issues users faced • Use Web Services to existing reusable earlier. Migrate the data solutions developed.
  15. 15. SHAREPOINT SOLUTIONS ON THE CLOUD Access the Lists services from a console application for Migrating Lotus data in Leveraged sandboxed architecture for an excel format and upload attachments from file system to online apps/lists. Use SharePoint Designer workflows for building apps in the scope of the Site sending emails for the Workflow collection, Farm solutions proposed Application developed.when absolutely needed, e.g. Timer jobs Use OOB SharePoint forms for data upload in custom list data entry form for attachments. Module element with a Type attribute Use JQuery & SPServices to populateCustom centralized solutions gallery to value of Ghostable or data at the portal home page, pullingmake solutions available to individual GhostableInLibrary to deploy your data from different site collections site collection administrators – templates to the content DB rather than across web applications. Use Data Tables Branding, Hotel Apps store. the file system. to create the user Interface
  16. 16. ADOPTION Involve the business users from the beginning Identify Focus Groups for Pilot applications Conducted biweekly sessions for Hyatt’s users to increase the adoption of SharePoint, promote best practices and help them with any issues/questions. Intuitive user interface and Information Architecture – easy to use design
  17. 17. GOVERNANCE A governance plan can be a guide to help plan the roles, responsibilities, and policies necessary to support your site collection.Specific SharePoint permission groups were provisioned to put the governance in place for : – Content Management & Approval Policies – Users Access Management – Site creation rules
  18. 18. BPOS-D FEATURE SETBPOS-DBusiness Productivity OnlineServices - DedicatedFor enterprise customers whoare willing to purchase aminimum of 5,000 seats ofSharePoint, Exchange, OCS,CRM, etc.
  19. 19. SANDBOX SOLUTIONS – HOW TO BUILDVisual studio .wsp file
  20. 20. SANDBOX SOLUTIONS DEPLOYMENTUpload to solutions gallery Activate
  21. 21. SAMPLE – LIST DEPLOYMENT VIA SANDBOX SOLUTIONS,Demo – Visual Studio Development – SP Designer Development Demo on o365 – o365 Site Deployment
  22. 22. THANK YOU!