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The basics of App Store PR, and an overview of App Mention Alerts.

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App Store PR

  1. 1. App Mention Alerts tracking blog and press mentions of iOS apps across the web October 2013,
  2. 2. provide your app ID or your app name if app’s not yet in the store App Mention Alerts
  3. 3. mentions of your app App Mention Alerts
  4. 4. search for your competitors App Mention Alerts
  5. 5. mark the interesting ones App Mention Alerts
  6. 6. all your competitor mentions on one page App Mention Alerts
  7. 7. article preview star and cross out the (un) interesting ones App Mention Alerts
  8. 8. starred articles - reference them later - use the articles as an inspiration - e-mail the same journalist with your story App Mention Alerts
  9. 9. new articles as they happen + notifications via e-mail App Mention Alerts
  10. 10. It’s better to send one good notification per month, than ten lousy a day. Our priority App Mention Alerts
  11. 11. • understand your niche better • find journalists you’d like to approach • learn the way your competitors sell • stay on top of what’s happening (due to notifications) The next steps App Mention Alerts
  12. 12. uninteresting interesting features possibilities name of the publisher story behind authors keep in mind App Mention Alerts
  13. 13. • be brief • be relevant why should the readers care about your product? • approach the most popular ones first and offer them something unique if possible • don’t sweat your premiere for smaller players it usually doesn’t work anyway, the relationships will take you months to build • keep things personal in A. M.Alerts you can see what the blogger writes about, use that! Approaching bloggers App Mention Alerts
  14. 14. • a new app premiered on the App Store! • an unknown company launches yet another tool with minor improvements over the competitor! • a new app merges Facebook, Yelp and Google Maps together • an app has it’s price lowered by 50% for a week! * • a new app for kids has very lovely graphics and a compelling story! • a version 4.0 of a dictionary app was released and now contains twenty thousand extra words! • any kind of utility app with over 100 competitors Nobody writes about this * - with the exception of deal sites and large promotions by huge publishers. Information based on analysis of unsuccessful app press releases. App Mention Alerts
  15. 15. • a neat idea “Word Lens translates words from the camera on the fly!” • exceptional quality and user experience “Life has changed and Flipboard is now the most used app on my tablet” • big event, big celebrity SXSW, New Year, Royal Wedding, Justin Bieber • specific niche “I love golfing, and here is a good game for this” • large trends “Retailers using iBeacons” • new feature of a famous brand “Twitter app now supports animated gifs” • unusual backstory “Color raised $20M”, “Security Guru Launches iPhone App To Hack Colorblindness” What gets written about Data obtained by analysis of 50 random press articles in App Mention Alerts database
  16. 16. Some random facts approx. 16% of all apps are covered by at least one press article 8% have at least 2 mentions top 1% of apps generated 20% press articles Source:App Mention Alerts, internal, Oct 2013. Sites reprinting the App Store descriptions, duplicates and home sites mostly excluded.
  17. 17. Signing up for the alerts go to try our demo sign up $24.95/month 14-day money-back guarantee contact: