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App Store SEO tutorial


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A quick tutorial on how to position yourself in the Apple App Store Search, how to choose the right keywords + how to use

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App Store SEO tutorial

  1. 1. App Store SEOhow to make organic trafficsell your iPhone apps m p ho or a . C e ! f .k t e d a da v is 12 up re 0 ne 2 ngi ne h e J u rcby 4 th se asept. 2012 2
  2. 2. AppCod.esTwo ways to promote your appPR + Marketing App Store SEO- expensive + easier to do- very time consuming + immediate results+ the only way to get to Top#25 - won’t bring you to even the Top#1000, but + can bring in a decent income + good for indie devs & niche apps
  3. 3. AppCod.esExample - what we did - better reviews - iPad version (+50%) - better name, keywords
  4. 4. AppCod.esiTunesConnect - what matters for SEO app name keywords (max 100 chars)
  5. 5. AppCod.esKeyword appearance search position vs. Search results are ordered more or less by the popularity. app description doesn’t matter update dates seem to not matter reviews seem to not matter in-app purchase names matter very little
  6. 6. AppCod.esTrick #1 - plural forms After the recent update Apple handles plural forms very well. So, if you’re short on characters use singular forms, you’ll get just a slight disadvantage
  7. 7. Trick #2 - articles & prepositions These words are ignored in search, no need to put them into the keywords: “a”, “the”, “and” Trick #3 - publisher name You can mix publisher name and a title. You cannot mix publisher name and the keywords E.g. Publisher name: “Motivapps” search for: will work App name: “Love letters” “Motivapps Love Letters” Keywords: “Romantic Poems” “Motivapps Romantic Poems” won’t worki.e. it makes sense to add your publisher name to your keywords if you’ve got a strong brand.
  8. 8. AppCod.esBy the way. What’s important for sales1. nice icon2. descriptive name Motivapps Love Letter Writing...3. good reviews 29 Ratingsif your app is good on these threethings then people will check outother details, like description,screenshots etc.
  9. 9. AppCod.esOne of our apps 1. before Motivapps Tête à Tête No Rankings 2. after Motivapps Love Letter Writing... 9 Ratings exercise: compare the differences.
  10. 10. AppCod.esHow to build a good SEO position 1. figure out the phrases people might be using in search for example in one of our apps: - goal setting - goal tracking - goals setting - goals tracking - habits - habit breaking - career ... Use thesaurus & Google adword keyword tool for inspiration. Also - check your competitors’ names for hints. Also, try out - a free tool for finding your competitors’ keywords
  11. 11. AppCod.esHow to build a good SEO position 2. check out the competition for each phrase les s th an 25 re su lts you will make it less than 100 results you may make it you probably won’t make it, over 180 results but perhaps you can use the word in a phrase? use tool to get this chart done automatically3. Decide the app name & app keywords based on this
  12. 12. AppCod.esHow to build a good SEO position 4. Choose a name for your app in you can use a special marker to find out how much of the app name the user will actually see5. Choose the keywords (up to 100 chars) (in the app automatically counts your char count)
  13. 13. AppCod.esHow to build a good SEO position 6. If some keywords didn’t fit, note them down for future reference 7. Remember that Apple will review your name/keywords. - use only relevant ones (no spamming!) - watch out for trademarked phrases - you are allowed to repeat the words from the title. it’s not a bad idea 8. Upload to the App Store! 9. Wait for a review
  14. 14. AppCod.esIn the store? 10. Check your position for chosen phrases find queries that didn’t work, replace them with a new ones. 11. Adjust the app name, and the app keywords with the next update (but don’t update just for keywords - Apple might not like that) 12. Keep the users happy and watch the sales grow! :)
  15. 15. AppCod.esKeep reviewers happy - Don’t spam the store - Don’t use somebody’s else trademarks - Have a relevant name - Don’t update just to change keywords
  16. 16. AppCod.esFinal Tips - Use AppiRater Plus to ask users to write reviews. - Occasional free sale is a good way to get more users into the app & get more reviews - Work on your screenshots. Most people don’t read the app description. - Games are hard to promote via SEO. - Sign up in to track your position
  17. 17. About AppCod.esThe toolbox for App Store Optimization.It allows you to easily:- find good phrases- fix your keywords & search position- track your competitors, their press releases etc.- dispense app promo codes You may register at 14-day money back guarantee