Cortartec - Arminox Aço Inox Nervurado


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Armaduras para betão 100% livres de corrosão e varão nervurado de aço inoxidável.

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Cortartec - Arminox Aço Inox Nervurado

  2. 2. The Intelligent Choice ARMINOX® stainless steel rein- forcement - the most maintenance free and economic solution for the construction industry in the world. Steel is the backbone of many constructions. Therefore quality and durability are essential. ARMINOX® secures the best and the most dura- ble solutions. We also know where and when it is worth selecting the individual steel qualities. In short: We offer our ex- perience and expertise to select the right stainless steel for the project and help save our customers money! ARMINOX® stainless steel reinforce- ment does not rust. Used for concrete structures it is therefore the certain way of avoiding corrosion related damage to the concrete – and sub- sequently comprehensive and expen- sive renovation. Using ARMINOX® stainless steel rein- forcement you are choosing the luxury solution. Our engineers know exactly, where it pays to use it. By intelligent use of stainless steel we assure a positive outcome to the bottom line.2
  3. 3. The Pier that Disappeared Carbon steelA discovery in Mexico put ARMINOX® on the track of a successful product development Arminox® stainless steel reinforcement During a journey to Mexico in 1998 The older pier remained upright and an engineer from ARMINOX® noted maintenance free. a remarkable fact. In Progreso were The secret of the pier is invisible. two maritime structures. It is hidden in the columns of the A pier, constructed and built by the pier, reinforced by stainless steel, a international contractor company, comprehensive independent report Christiani & Nielsen completed revealed. 1941. Close to this pier, in about 1970 This report became one of the main another pier for larger ships was pillars in ARMINOX®’ innovative built. By 1998 the latter pier had development of stainless steel rein- collapsed due to corrosion. forcement products. 3
  4. 4. Forever Strong Corrosion free concrete structures are an advantage to the bottom line. ARMINOX® reinforcing steel guarantees this 100%. We know how it should be used: For the critical parts of all structures which are at risk from corrosion. For example where the piers of a bridge come into contact with sea water; where the columns abut bridge decks; where it is impossible to maintain or repair a structure. If renovation is carried out with stainless reinforcement future corrosion damage is prevented.4
  5. 5. Intelligent Use of ARMINOX ® Price and quality go together, and ARMINOX® reinforcing steel is desig- it is no secret that stainless steel ned for the critical points in concrete reinforcement is more expensive structures, where corrosion risk is than ordinary steel. But in the long- commonly recognised. term choosing ARMINOX® reinforcing Fortunately ARMINOX® stainless steel is a much more cost effective reinforcing steel can be connected solution. to black reinforcing steel without Structures last longer – with direct any problems, and without any economic benefit to the bottom line. risk at all of galvanic corrosion. We know how to use the individual Besides ARMINOX® stainless rein- qualities intelligently. The philosophy forcement renders the addition is clear: of expensive corrosion protection ARMINOX® reinforcing steel should be chemicals superfluous. Equally in used intelligently, in that way the most most cases the sealing coat can be cost-effective solution is achieved. reduced with 30 to 50%. Concrete sealing coat ARMINOX® Black reinforcement stainless reinforcement 5
  6. 6. Sound Economy Economy by intelligent use of Arminox® stainless reinforcement Stainless reinforcement combined with traditional carbon steel reinforcement. Intelligent reinforcement Medium- and high aggressive environment Extra cost: +3% of traditional structure Intelligent reinforcement Low aggressive environment Extra cost: +0.5% of traditional structure Traditional carbon steel reinforcement Year 120 105 90 +30.000 75 +5.000 60 +1.000.000 45 30 15 Total cost of structure Maintenance free period Viewed in isolation, ARMINOX® stain- intelligent application of stainless less reinforcing steel will appear reinforcing steel is a highly cost- to be an efficient but relatively effective solution. expensive solution to the problem L.C.C. analysis show that the very of corrosion. However, calculations low additional construction invest- made by leading international engi- ment (0.5 – max. 3%) will be re- neering companies show that the covered within a few years.6
  7. 7. More than Just SteelRoads and Maritime Renovation High Risk and High TechTraffic Systems Environments - historic buildings - military installations- bridges - offshore industry - laboratories (with particu-- tunnels - harbour installations Industry larly sensitive measuring- parking stations - piers - petrochemical enterprises equipment)- airport runways - dams - large industrial complexes - buildings with special/ - ferry berths - waste water treatment extreme design plants - refineries - nuclear power plants ARMINOX® is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stainless steel reinforcement for use in the construc- tion industry all over the world. Our strength lies not only in the steel, but particularly in our great experience and know-how. This relates to both the development as well as intelligent use of stainless steel reinforcement. Internationally ARMINOX® was among the first to develop greater awareness and understanding of stainless steel reinforcement. Our products and know-how develop constantly, for instance through cooperation with national and international research institutions, consulting engineers, and steel manufacturers. Therefore we know all about the im- portance of good and long lasting partnerships with our customers, as well as the need for choosing first class materials. ARMINOX® is certified in accordance with recognized international product standards, and ARMINOX® stainless reinforcing steel can be used for new buildings and renovation purposes in an aggressive environment, where damage to concrete structures occur. 7
  8. 8. Quality and Control In order to secure our high quality, Danish Standard DS 13080. our production and quality assu- Deutsche Zulassung Z-1.4-80. rance are continuously monitored British Standard BS 6744, BS 8666. by several international supervisory Kontrollrådet in Norge. bodies, such as UK Cares, MPA Ger- many, Kontrollrådet in Norway, and Certificates indicating chemical com- Force Technology in Denmark. Also position and mechanical properties continuous internal checks are made accompany all supplies of ARMINOX® in our own laboratory. All data and stainless reinforcing steel. results are saved in our own data ARMINOX® products can be identi- bank. fied several years after embedding by the special stamp applied during ARMINOX® is ISO 9001:2000 certi- production. fied. ARMINOX® stainless reinforcing steel is certified according to: 1101 113 130808
  9. 9. TrafficIn connection with extension of themotorway system in Copenhagen,Denmark, the bridges around Motor-ring 3 were built with ARMINOX®stainless reinforcing steel.ARMINOX® guarantees that withstainless steel reinforcement used inthe concrete structures of bridges,they are maintenance free for thenext 75 years – a long term invest-ment, saving the Danish state severalmillions Danish kroner in maintenancecosts 9
  10. 10. Bridge Building Shenzen Western Corridor in Hong Kong Shenzen Western Corridor in Hong Using ARMINOX® stainless reinfor- Kong is an international bridge pro- cing steel for all critical structures of ject, connecting two nations and the bridge, the customer avoided all cultures – Hong Kong and China. the inconveniences of repairs for the next 120 years – and so, of course saving money. Maritime Environment Pier at Blackpool in England In Blackpool, on the west coast cing steel was considered from the of England, the tide caused big very start. In the intelligent way. problems on the sea front wall. The The steel was used, where the water concrete structures corroded due to normally hits the seawall in connec- the changing wind conditions and tion with the alternating tides. the salty water. A wise solution, which is maintenance For a new seawall in the seaside free for the next 75 years. town, ARMINOX® stainless reinfor-10
  11. 11. Buildings Six-lane motorway between Abu Dhabi and the mainland of the United Arab EmiratesIn 2003, the government in Abu Dhabi solution was stainless steel rein-decided to build a third transport link forcement, used intelligently in thebetween Abu Dhabi and the mainland areas with a high risk of corrosion.of the United Arab Emirates.The reputable architect Zaha Hadid Arminox® Gulf Fzco has supplied 900was commissioned to design a mo- tonnes of Arminox® stainless reinfor-nument which, at the same time, cing steel to the project in Abu Dhabicould act as a six-lane motorway through the contractor Achirodon.across the 600 metres wide canal. For the final design a requirement of 41,000 tonnes of traditional blackIt was essential that the design had reinforcement and 900 tonnes ofa maintenance free life expectancy Arminox® stainless reinforcing steelof minimum 100 years. has been projected.Following thorough investigations Arminox® Gulf Fzco successfullyand calculations of life cycle cost, it finished the agreed delivery inwas evident that the only feasible December 2006. 11
  12. 12. The Intelligent Choice ARMINOX® stainless steel rein- forcement - the best maintenance free and most economic solution to concrete structures worldwide!Arminox® A/SJernvej 22, MønstedDK-8800 Viborg, Denmarktlf. +45 86 64 50 11fax +45 86 64 57 © Copyright Arminox® 2007