How to win in app store optimization


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A detailed guide with case studies for the top tactics for app store optimization. This covers mobile app store search optimization and user conversion.

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  • How to win in app store optimization

    1. 1. 1| Haris Ikram, Director of Growth June 2014 Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO)
    2. 2. 2| 2| CloudOn is a Productivity App that Helps you Work Smarter Create, share and organize documents with CloudOn users that have logged over 8 million productivity hours to create, review, edit, present or share over 80 million documents, spreadsheets and presentations Mobile Experience Compatibility Rich Functionality Social Workflow + + + CloudOn =
    3. 3. 3| 3| Reaching 10 Top with Changes to Keywords & Title > 2x the installs
    4. 4. 4| 4| Reaching Top 5 with Shiny New Screenshots
    5. 5. 5| 5| Search Optimization OR How can anyone find my app? Conversion Optimization OR Now that some one found it, how do I convince them to install it? How Do We Get More Users?
    6. 6. 6| 6 63% of users from search Forrester Research, 2013 “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.” – Ankit Jain, Head of Search & Discovery, Google Play 80% of apps are discovered through search on the Google Play Store according to Fiksu 63% of Apps are Discovered via Search on iOS
    7. 7. 7| • There are many variables that Apple & Google’s search algorithms factor in, that are not in a developers control e.g. installs, momentum of installs • Lets focus on those in your control: • App Title • Keywords (iOS only) & Description (Android only) • Ratings • Reviews • Uninstalls (Android only) 7 What Impacts Search Results?
    8. 8. 8| • Each word in the title is a keyword and can make a major difference as you saw earlier • The title is also important conversion tool for potential users. Be sure to include a keyword e.g. WhatsApp Messenger, Spotify Music • Do not go crazy with keywords, branding matters too 8 The App Title is the Most Important
    9. 9. 9| • Apple allows you to populate up to 100 characters, so fill it out • Do not put spaces between words, only commas • Do not use both plurals and singular of the same word e.g. notes and note 9 Keywords are Also Very Important
    10. 10. 10| 10 Steps for Keyword Optimization Think like a User App Reviews Google Trends Competitors Magical recommendations Research Keywords ROI Analysis Volume Competition Keywords Repeat
    11. 11. 11| 11 • Optimize every letter here Only 5 lines are visible (without clicking display more) on the iPad and 3 shorter lines are visible on the iPhone • Description = Keywords on Google Play Google parses the description and selects the most referenced words as keywords, so repeat the important words as many times as possible for the Play store The App Description is Like a Love Tweet for your User
    12. 12. 12| • Good things to include here are: – Rave reviews from press – Social Proof - stats e.g. 7 million downloads, 80 million documents created – Benefits of your app to potential users and not features • Others recommend, localizing description, I do not have data on this 12 Best Practices for Writing App Description
    13. 13. 13| 13 Your App Rating Impacts on Search
    14. 14. 14| 14 Uninstall Hurts the Rank on Android Ranking drop due to uninstall
    15. 15. 15| 15 2. Icon 1. Title 3. Ratings 4. Screenshots 5. Description 6. Reviews What Impacts Conversion?
    16. 16. 16| 16 Even more confused!Confused! Screenshots are Like Window Shopping
    17. 17. 17| • Place screenshots in the order of what the user cares about. The first screen is the most important • Have landscape screenshots for iPads and portrait ones for iPhones • Display benefits, but know that not everyone will read it • Show images of your app as prominently as possible 17 Decorate Your Window Like it is Christmas Screenshot: Sunrise Calendar App
    18. 18. 18| • Not smart: Apps ask users to rate their app early in the first session. Users should find value in your app before you ask them to rate it • There are tools to help you improve ratings • Best way to get this right is build a great product  18 Rating is like Dating, Timing Matters
    19. 19. 19| • Reviews can be important decision points for potential users. Study your reviews and make your product better • Use tools like Otter and to analyze review sentiment • Additionally, on Android, developers can comment on reviews and engage with their users base • Keywords can come from here too 19 Reviews are Important Too
    20. 20. 20| 20| Learn More About CloudOn As Covered in Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2014! Awards Best New Service of the Year Best App of 2013 Best New Company of the Year Most Innovative Company Best Tablet Utility CloudOn:
    21. 21. 21| Thank YouWhere to find me