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Julia Margaret Cameron Presentation
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Julia Margaret Cameron Presentation


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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Born on June 11, 1815 in British India
    • Died on January 26,1879
    • Nationality: British
    • Educated In Paris
    • Style: Photographer; Portraits of celebrities and beautiful females; Arthurian themes
    • Used silver gelatin print
    • In 1863, became a member of the Photographic societies of London and Scotland
  • 3.
    • Married to Charles Hay Cameron (1795-1881)
    • Had Six Children
    • Retired to India, attempted to continue to photograph there, almost none of Cameron’s work from India survived
  • 4. The Study Of Cenci-May; 1868; Silver Gelatin Print; Size unknown
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  • 14.
    • A brown/black photograph
    • Two people; A female child and a young adult female
    • Both wrapped in a white cloth
    • The child appears to be sleeping or looks slightly dead
    • The adult is gently kissing the child's forehead
    • Both seem to have fair hair and skin
    • The photo is a portrait
    • Both girls have wavy curly hair
  • 15.
    • Movement: The kissing of the child’s forehead; the vertical position of the two girls
    • Value: the cloth’s wrinkles and the girl’s values of their hair and face.
    • Balance: the two girls are on the same plane to one another
    • Line: the contours of the girls’ faces, also the contours and wrinkles of the hair and cloth
    • Shape: the rounded shape at the top
    • Space: the negative space in between the girls
    • Repetition: the two girls look similar to one another
    • Form: the smooth shapes that the faces of the girls make
  • 16.
    • The artsit was trying to represent the kiss between a mother and a child; such as a goodnight kiss, since the child appears to be sleeping
    • Or a kiss of peace in death, a final kiss before laid to rest between a mother and a child.
    • Or the mother bringing peace to a uneasy child, like a nurturing kiss.
  • 17.
    • This photo overall a beautiful photo. The composition is well done. The two figures almost look like they are made out of stone, almost angelic. I questioned this photo, because the child figure almost looks dead, so it got me thinking is the kiss of peace, a kiss of laid to rest? Also if this is between a mother and child. The elements and principles are well done in this photo. The whole composition is wonderful
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