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This ppt is a part of an assignment done at The Assam Kaziranga University in Jorhat. Human Behavior in Organizations is the subject dealing with this topic.

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Values ppt

  1. 1. VALUES.
  3. 3. A Belief. A Mission. A Philosophy.That is meaningful.
  4. 4. Values as the highest psychological form for accomplishment. Data are mental facts derived from sense observation. Information is data organized by the physical mind into meaningful relationships. Thoughts are specific conclusions or observations drawn from the information. Ideas are generalized conceptions derived from specific thoughts.
  5. 5.  Opinions are thoughts which the mind endorses and the ego identifies as its own. Beliefs are ideas which the mind endorses and the mental ego identifies with as true for its life. Attitudes are opinions endorsed and energized by the vital ego. Values are idealized conceptions that are endorsed by the personality.
  6. 6. ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES.-- Sears commitment to trusting the customer.-- Apple Computers belief in the values of solving problems of society.-- Marriotts values of systemization and standardization. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  7. 7. VALUES AND GOALS STATEMENTBusinesses and other organizations develop strategic plans in which they list out their goals and values.E.g., one company indicated, "Provide growth opportunities for our employees. Create economic value for our customers and shareholders. Return value to the communities we serve."
  8. 8. SUMMARY OF VALUES IN COMPANY The greatest potentials for the growth of any company are generated by a commitment to high corporate values. By values, we mean the qualitative goals which the company strives to achieve in all its activities. Values release and direct energy, motivate people, generate profits and promote non-stop expansion.
  9. 9. Cont… Values are the key to energizing the five growth engines of a company; market, products & services, organization, people, and finance. Values raise the quality of corporate energies and elevate work to a higher level. There are three types of values- physical, organization and psychological-which differ in the level and intensity of the energy they release.
  10. 10. UTILITY OF VALUES IN BUSINESS: Values release energy because they motivate people. Values motivate people to work together collectively. Values are like ever-receding or never-ending goals. The higher the values, the more the energy and effort required to achieve and sustain them. The more you pursue them, the greater the energy they release and put into action.
  11. 11. Cont… Quality of performance on every job, every activity, and every act can be accurately assessed in terms of values. Companies which rated their implementation of key corporate values the highest also reported the highest levels of revenue growth and profitability in their respective industries. Improving corporate performance on a single value can virtually transform the way a company functions.
  12. 12. Cont… Values are the most powerful way to release and harness the companys latent, unutilized energies for growth.
  13. 13. DEFINITION OF BUSINESS VALUES. Values are the operational qualities that companies seek to achieve or maintain in their performance. By values, we mean the qualitative goals which the company strives to achieve in all its activities.
  14. 14. DEFINITION OF VALUES FOR COMPANY-A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy thatis really meaningful to the company. An exampleof a business value is: "Customer Satisfaction."Another example of a value is "Being Ethicaland Truthful." Every company has one or morevalues, whether they are consciously aware of itor not. Another way of saying it is that a value isa statement of the companys intention andcommitment to achieve a high level ofperformance on a specific QUALITATIVE
  15. 15.  Values Reflect Highest Thought.  Pursuit of Ideal. Values In Company- Leads to Success.  Values the Heart of the Corporate Personality.  The Psychic Center of the Company.  The Soul of a Business is Its Values
  16. 16. STEPS TO IMPLEMENT ANDINSTITUTIONALIZE VALUES.  Selection.  Commitment.  Standards.  Structure.  Jobs, Activities and System.  Employee Responsibilities.  Skills.
  17. 17. SOME VALUES. Accomplishment, Succes  Charity s  Cleanliness, orderliness Accountability  Collaboration Accuracy  Commitment Adventure  Communication All for one & one for all  Community Beauty  Competence Calm, quietude, peace  Competition Challenge  Concern for others…. Change
  18. 18. Cont… Connection  Delight of being, joy Content over form  Democracy Continuous improvement  Discipline Cooperation  Discovery Coordination  Diversity Creativity  Dynamism Customer satisfaction  Ease of Use…. Etc… Decisiveness Determination
  19. 19. THANK YOU. Prepared By: Kavita Sahu.Kaziranga University- School of Business. Jorhat.