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Do you want to be a valuable test manager? One who is valuable to and valued by the organization? Test managers can be awesome champions and not victims. Learn how. ...

Do you want to be a valuable test manager? One who is valuable to and valued by the organization? Test managers can be awesome champions and not victims. Learn how.

See the video of the original keynote here:

The audio is for the updated version of the Let's Test keynote in 2013.



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    Becoming.kick ass.testmanager Becoming.kick ass.testmanager Presentation Transcript

    • Becoming A Kick-AssTest ManagerJohanna RothmanNew: Hiring GeeksThat Fit@johannarothmanwww.jrothman.comjr@jrothman.com781-641-4046
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanAwesome Champions2
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanNoVictims Allowed!3
    • © 2013 Johanna Rothman4
    • © 2013 Johanna Rothman5People
    • © 2013 Johanna Rothman6Develop High-Value PeopleNo commodity-testers anywhere in the worldHigh-value peopleHire people who are smarter than you are
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanFeedback and Meta-FeedbackNot evaluation or praise; feedbackWhen you use a peer-to-peer feedback approach:Create an openingDescribe behavior or resultsState the impactMake a request7
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanCoaching and Meta-CoachingNot just teaching, offering options with supportYou create an environment in which everyone coacheseveryone else8
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanCareer DevelopmentWhere can people go?How do they know?How can you help them?Testers are generalists; helpthem move into otherpositions if they want toHow are your testers climbingthe career ladder?9
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanLead Hiring EffortRecognize when you needmore peopleInitiate the hiringJob analysisJob descriptionManage the phone screensManage the interviews andinteractions with HR10
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanHow DoYou Do AllThis PeopleStuff?One-on-OnesBiweekly is okay if youare agileMonthly is too far apart11
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanBusiness12
    • © 2013 Johanna Rothman13What is Important to the Business?Making moneySaving moneyTesting is aboutinformation, not aboutdefects
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanHolisticView of the Project or Program14
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanQuality Changes Over a Product’sLifetime15
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanOneWay to Improve Quality?16Partner with developers
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanLeadership17
    • © 2013 Johanna Rothman18Forget About Solo Experts!
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanForget About Multitasking!19
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanBuildTester & OrganizationalCapacityKnow your tester capacityHow many of you knowyour organizational velocitynow?Remove system obstaclesRecognize when a team isstuck20
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanCommunities of PracticeBuild functional skills across the organization21
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanProject Portfolio Changes OverTime22
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanOnly Staff the StrategicallyImportantWorkWhen you consciously donot staff the unimportantwork, you leadNot making those decisionscreates management debtAs well as chaos23
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanRemove Organization Obstacles24What are some of your organizational obstacles?
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanGrow PeopleGrow people organicallySome testers are developerswhose code doesn’t shipSome testers are not, butthese days, they had betteradd value in other waysWhat information are yourtesters providing?25
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanUnderstandWhat’s Important to theBusinessFacilitate release criteriathat fit your projectProvide information, notjust defect informationWhat do your dashboardssay?26
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanLeadNo multitaskingSpread the expertise-loveKnow your tester capacityand build upon itBuild communities ofpractice27
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanBe More Influential28
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanAwesome Champions29
    • © 2013 Johanna RothmanLet’s Stay inTouchTons more on (articles and blogs)Pragmatic Manager: link with me on LinkedIn@johannarothman30