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Straight Edge Marketing Presentation

Straight Edge Marketing Presentation






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    Straight Edge Marketing Presentation Straight Edge Marketing Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Independent Business Presentation
    • Evaluation Product Opportunity Conclusion 1 2 3 4 Compensation System 5
    • Facts:
      • Profits are Better than Wages.
      • Either you are building your dream… or you are building someone else’s.
      • Either a system is working for you … or you are working for a system.
      • J.O.B. stands for J ust O ver B roke.
      • Insanity is doing the exact same thing and somehow expecting different results.
      • Why would Anyone consider starting a Home-Based Business?
      • To move closer to Financial Freedom and finally earn the income they deserve.
      • To enjoy Time Freedom to spend with the people they love.
    • “ The best map in the world is useless, until you know where you are”
      • Do you live in the house and community of your dreams?
      • Are you earning the level of income right now that you feel you deserve?
      • Have you been able to financially support your church or charitable cause the way you would like to?
      • Are you financially prepared to help your kids or grandkids go to college?
      • Have you properly saved for your retirement?
      Personal Evaluation Evaluation
      • Have you been able to take the vacation of your dreams in the past year?
      • Can you name 5 people who would credit you with dramatically changing their financial status?
      • Have you reached the financial status you dreamed of when you were in high school?
      • Have you been to the one place you’ve always dreamed of seeing?
      • Could your family maintain your standard of living if you were suddenly unable to work for 6 months?
      Personal Evaluation Evaluation
    • i-Vo Technology
      • Straight Edge Marketing offers a new cutting-edge product with amazing benefits that has never before been offered through network marketing.
      • i-Vo Technology is designed as a powerful Internet communication tool.
      • Today’s Internet is more cluttered than ever, and businesses are looking for new and creative ways to set themselves apart on the web.
      • i-Vo Technology allows customers to immediately see it’s impact and understand how it will benefit their website.
    • Opportunity Business Model
      • “ Relationship Selling” is one of the most powerful models for connecting consumers to products.
      • What do all these companies have in common?
      • They have all used “Relationship Selling” to get their product to market.
      • Traditional JOB
      • You Work for a System!
      • Work Harder
      • Work More Hours
      • Work Alone
      • Support Someone Else’s Dream
      • Fortune Building
      • A System Works for you
      • Work Smarter
      • Work Less Hours
      • Leverage Your Relationships
      • Work Together
      • Believe in YOUR Dream
      Opportunity Fortune Building vs Traditional J.O.B.
    • Activation Duplication Multiplication Easy As 1 - 2 - 3! Opportunity Your Text here Your Text here Your Text here Your Text here Your Text here Train Build Market
    • Compensation Plan
      • The Straight Edge Marketing Compensation Plan is simple to understand and is easily explained to others.
      • Make sure to try out our “Commission Estimator” and see how, with a little effort, you can change your life.
      • Learn how you can…
        • Gain National Recognition and earn Immediate Cash
      • working 3-5 hours per week
    • Compensation Straight Edge Marketing “Simple Success Unit” You 2 1
    • Five Ways to Earn Money with Straight Edge Marketing
      • Fast Start Bonuses
      • Team Builder Bonuses
      • Retail Commissions on Personal Sales
      • Override Commissions on sales made by personally sponsored distributors
      • Generational Bonuses for achieving team volume
    • Fast Start Bonus
      • Fast Start Bonuses are paid on the sale of Straight Edge Marketing Starter Pak’s.
      • For every Starter Pak sold, a distributor will earn a $100 Fast Start Bonus.
      • There are no qualifications to earn Fast Start Bonuses.
      • Fast Start Bonuses are paid out every week.
    • Team Builder Bonus
      • The Team Builder Bonus is also paid on the sale of Straight Edge Marketing Starter Pak’s.
      • As new distributors join your organization, they are placed in the right or left leg of a Binary, below your position. When they purchase their Starter Pak, points will accumulate on each side.
      • Distributors will earn bonuses as they accumulate binary points on each leg of their organization.
      • Team Builder Bonuses are paid out every week.
    • Team Builder Bonus Team Builder Bonuses are paid in a three-step cycle: Step One 2 Binary Points left | 2 Binary Points right = $25 Step Two +3 Binary Points left | +3 Binary Points right = $50 Step Three +4 Binary Points left | +4 Binary Points right = $75 Complete Cycle 9 Binary Points left | 9 Binary Points right = $ 150 *There is no limit to the depth of your binary. Compensation
    • Retail Commissions on Personal Sales
      • Distributors will earn a 20% commission on all retail products they personally sell.
      • There are no qualifications to earn Retail Commissions on personal sales.
      • Retail Commissions are paid out monthly.
    • Override Commissions on Team Sales
      • Distributors will earn Override Commissions on retail products sold by distributors in their Unilevel team.
      • Override Commissions are paid down to the 5 th level.
      • To earn Override Commissions, a distributor must be qualified and active with their monthly Business Management System.
      • Override Commissions are paid out monthly.
      Compensation Infinite Width Level 1 = 20% Level 2 = 10% Level 3 = 5% Level 4 = 3% Level 5 = 2% Unilevel
    • Generational Bonuses on Team Volume
      • Distributors can earn Generational Bonuses by generating certain levels of retail Gross Volume from their entire organization.
      • Generational Bonuses are paid on retail sales made by distributors in each Unilevel leg, down to the next distributor in that leg, of equal or greater rank.
      • Generational Bonuses are paid out monthly.
      • Rank GV Bonus
      • Manager $ 5,000/mo 5%
      • Senior Manager $ 25,000/mo 5%
      • Executive $ 50,000/mo 5%
    • Powerful Training
      • At Straight Edge Marketing, we understand that our ultimate success as a company is dependent upon your success as a distributor, so we invest in and focus on training to help you achieve your goals.
      • We provide customized training programs that will walk you through a step-by-step process and give you all the tools that you will need to be successful and achieve your dreams.
    • System JOIN Purchase your Starter Pak and activate your Business Management System (BMS). TRAIN Review the Power 5 Training System and the Advanced Training System. SPONSOR Find two new distributors to create a Success Unit. Start them on Step One. PROMOTE Give away the i-Vo product for a 30-day free trial. How Easy does THAT sound?? Steps to Freedom Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four
    • Business Planning Session 3-Way Call Website Demo Recorded Call Straight Edge Marketing Simple System For Success (Calculator) Repeat System
    • RELEASE! Business Planning Session (Calculator) Three Way Call / National Conference Call Website Demo Meet/Contact Recorded Call Title 1 2 3 Sign Up as a Distributor 4 Straight Edge Marketing System – 4 – Success System
        • If you could turn just 3 of those
        • “ NO’s” into a “YES”…
        • Would it Improve the Quality of Your Life?
        • Would it Improve the Quality of Your Family’s Life?
      Remember Your Evaluation? System
    • The Perfect Business
      • Insurance
      • Business Loan
      • Deliveries
      • Collections
      • Overhead
      • Employees
      • Lease
      • Inventory
      With the Straight Edge Marketing Business Opportunity, you will not have to deal with…
    • Final Question…
      • If I will Personally Commit to help you:
        • get trained,
        • contact your prospects,
        • and market the product…
      • What Would Stop You From Getting Started Today ?
    • Congratulations!