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Life Works! Like Poetry in Motion
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Life Works! Like Poetry in Motion

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Life Works! is about my 34 year amazing journey in teaching art and technology while working with very talented young people. After marrying a man, met 40 years before, Texas had restrictions......

Life Works! is about my 34 year amazing journey in teaching art and technology while working with very talented young people. After marrying a man, met 40 years before, Texas had restrictions forcing teachers in directions not planned. One of those "dark nights of the soul" kind of experiences, then recovery presented itself in an IDEA which brought LIFE back into my heart and soul. The AH-HA moment arrived when realizations of how I could teach again surfaced. Special thanks to those on the path who have provided support in this new business arena, my former students, Marla Van Overbeke, Marian LaSalle, Sandy Brewer, and internet marketers; Pat O'Bryan, Dr. Joe Vitale, Craig Perinne, Bill Hibbler, Eric Farewell and Erica Douglas and numerous others. Thanks to my husband, Dennis Earl Hansen whose partnership and love have made this the best part of the journey. Life is good and getting better. Enjoy the story and watch for newer more exciting versions. Thanks! Be blessed!
I heard about this contest when I read an email talking about the features of Slideshare and how to use it to your benefit. When I visited the site, I saw the contest. Thanks for the opportunity to share our stories.

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  • 1. Life Works! Poetry in Motion
  • 2. Life Purpose presents itself…  At age 6, my teachers influences tantalized me into becoming a teacher  My dolls became my students in my imaginary school…
  • 3. Positive impact continued from parents and grandparents…  Napolean Hill said,”Faith is the starting point of all things manifested…  My family provided creative and loving nudges-instilling that faith
  • 4.  My Texas life planted seeds for a bright future…
  • 5. When someone talks to you….says what you want them to…  My journey in teaching began in my high school…  Knowing that first moment...teaching was the right choice....
  • 6. You find the PATH you take…all in what you MAKE…  Teaching came naturally..with incredible results…
  • 7. There’s nothing left to say…when LOVE has found it’s way… Local & State & National Recognition Students received AWARD after AWARD... Honors: Teacher of the Year ( in both schools) Texas’ State Secondary Art Teacher of the Year National Secondary Art Teacher of the Year…what BLESSINGS!
  • 8. Decades of excellent results in traditional media…then Realized computers were needed to prepare students For the future workforce with computer skills!
  • 9. Your heart was broken…left in the dark… Dreams Came True…  Ended 13 years of grant writing to get technology in the art classes  Recruited to start electronic media program in art magnet school  Also teaching AP Studio Art  Texasʼ 1st Electronic Media Art Teacher
  • 10. Now you found your way to the LOVE inside… Best of Both Worlds Art ON and OFF the computer… Did I mention it was a high end MAC lab?
  • 11. Advanced Placement: AP Studio Art Portfolios  Students continued doing the most amazing art work!
  • 12. Texasʼ First Electronic Portfolios  Students began to archive their beautiful art work digitally!
  • 13. Desktop Published Student Books:  Possibilities expand when technology is in the hands of creative young people! They do incredible work!
  • 14. Senior Shows AD Campaigns  Student-created desktop published post cards invitations, sign in books, art show catalogues and “leave behinds” ( above)… were  like “dress rehearsals” for LIFE…
  • 15. When someone writes to you…says what you want them to… School Arts Magazine 18 Feature Articles  Special thanks to Eldon Kattner,Editor who emailed us asking us to submit articles along with the student’s artist’s statements.
  • 16. The PAST will fade away…and bring the LIGHT of day… Published Digital Studio Projects  Student/Teacher collaboration with McGraw Hill Textbooks  Twenty (20) innovative projects of student work were completed.
  • 17. State UIL Vase University Interscholastic League: Visual Arts Scholastic Event  14 of 14 Students: 1st place awards: TX 1st electronic media entries.. Judges didn’t know how to access the multimedia portfolios… they’d never seen electronic media work. We made history! It’s FUN being pioneers!
  • 18. Third in Nation: Xerox’s “Strut Your Stuff” Competition  1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, place  winners were huge  graphic design  companies…
  • 19. Series of Events Changed my Life  Married wonderful man met 40 plus years ago…then to my dismay…  TX forced 2,000 teachers like me into retirement for spousal social security benefits
  • 20. Your heart was broken…left in the dark My World Shattered...  My heart was BROKEN…depression swallowed me up and had me feel LOST for 3 yrs!  My LIFE the one shared with my students was MISSED!
  • 21. People representing hammers are like powerful tools in the world building and creating new thoughts and ideas. I could teach on the internet in a virtual classroom…Life returned and began to FLOW through my veins again
  • 22. Life happens....  One’s life purpose can continue to drive us toward larger dreams…
  • 23.  “Each time we extend ourselves to another we are reminded how inextricably linked we are to others. We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men, and among those fibers as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” Herman Mellville My intention is to give back by providing assistance to others who could become the benefactors of that same generosity…
  • 24. Former students: John, Paul, Carrie, Christy, Sheree…& others…  Now they’re living out their dreams as: Walt Disney Animators, Recording Artists,Graphic Designers, University Professors, Illustrators, Teachers, Artists, and more…
  • 25. World Becomes Class Room... ”If you say you can or say you can’t you are right!” Mark Twain  I CAN DO IT! I can TEACH and REACH others.....  Visit: http://www.artworkontheweb.com THANK YOU! Special THANKS to ALL my students who make me very PROUD!
  • 26. Special Thanks.. Original lyrics: “When Love Has Found Itʼs Way” Performed & Recorded by Dennis Earl Hansen Songbird Studios, El Campo, TX Life Works! Presented and Produced by Joan Maresh Hansen
  • 27. Electronic Portfolios:  Can inspire future generations for years to come…. Here’s Chelsea’s Advanced Placement AP work!
  • 28. Visit My Virtual Art Room! http://www.artworkontheweb.com http://www.coolartcards.com http://web.mac.com/jmh5/_My_Virtual_Art_Room/Welcome.html Membership site COMING SOON!
  • 29. The End or should I say…? The Beginning