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Epcot digital media strategy
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Epcot digital media strategy


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Digital Media Strategy for Walt Disney World EPCOT.

Digital Media Strategy for Walt Disney World EPCOT.

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  • 1. +Walt Disney World EPCOTDigital Marketing PlanBy: Jennifer Spellman
  • 2. + Facts About EPCOT Was the brain child of Walt Disney himself EPCOT stands for the Experimental Proto- type Community of Tomorrow Was the second edition to the Walt Disney World Parks Has two parts to different areas Future World and World Showcase Future World has a variety of rides that all deal with innovative ideas. World Showcase has 11 different countries that each of which have an exhibit about the culture and a restaurant
  • 3. + Challenges for EPCOT Out of all four of the Walt Disney World Parks the EPCOT Resort experiences the lowest attendance. EPCOT appeals to an older generation but Walt Disney World is known for providing high quality family fun. It has some of the longest walks in the resort. World Showcase is more of a museum then an amusement park. EPCOT has to compete with the other three Walt Disney World parks on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and with all Disney Vacation products on the Disney Company Blog.
  • 4. + Target Marketing Loyal Disney Followers Members of the Disney Vacation Club Holders of the Disney Rewards Visa Disney Honeymooners Those planning a Disney Vacation Families planning an educational vacation
  • 5. + EPCOT’s Over-Arching Theme  Appeal to families by creating emphasizing an interactive cultural experience. Appeal to older generations by pushing the different festivals they have (i.e. Food and Wine and Flower and Garden)
  • 6. + Create a Separate Social Media Accounts By creating separate social media accounts for each park EPCOT will benefit greatly. Instead of having to fight for attention on the Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Youtube accounts of Walt Disney World. EPCOT has a wealth of different topics that they could discuss: Interviews with cast members from the different countries in the World Showcase. Promoting the Food and Wine Festival and the Flower Garden Show. Informing those of different show times.
  • 7. + Mobile Applications Currently the only official Walt Disney World Resort applications that are offered are only available to Verizon users. By opening up this market they would be able to generate more profit. There are a plethora of different applications for free offering a list of wait times, show times, and a pre-made scavenger hunt. The Disney Company has such a high following that by creating their own for-profit apps they would receive more downloads from smart phone users then the free versions.
  • 8. + Google AdWords Utilize specific EPCOT keywords for Google AdWords to generate more website views. Examples Flower Garden Show Food and Wine Festival Interactive Learning Experience World Showcase Future World Test Track
  • 9. + Evaluating Success Comparable number of follower on social media sites with other Walt Disney World Resort. Increased visitors to the park. Increased views of website generated by Google AdWords
  • 10. + Budget and TimelineOverall Budget: $75,000 Social Media Campaign: $15,000 Mobile Advertising Campaign: $3,000 Google AdWords Campaign: $8,500 Other Advertising Necessity’s: $48,500This campaign will take place over one year. There will be intense marketing during high tourism season. Christmas time Spring Break Various Festivals Summer Vacation