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Disney digital strategy

  1. Nicole Harrison, NMDL Summer 2014 Disney
  2. Introduction Disney World gives vacation seekers a magical trip they will never forget
  3. Target Audience Adults Children Family “You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” - Walt Disney
  4. Big Idea #DisneyVacations We will use a social media campaign as part of the digital marketing strategy. We want to: - Increase awareness of vacations - Capture target audience & increase guests - Increase social media presence
  5. Social & Digital Media Campaign The hashtag #DisneyVacations is used as our social media campaign to raise awareness to our target audience, while increasing the number of guests through social media promotion
  6. Media Channels of Communication: Twitter - Facebook – Instagram * Increase followers on Twitter and Instagram by 20% through the #DisneyVacations campaign * Promoted Facebook posts
  7. Spreading the Campaign Our goal for #DisneyVacations is to make the campaign so popular it becomes viral Becoming viral: - Contests to get people to use the hashtag - Celebrity ambassadors to use the hashtag
  8. Advertisement Placements Facebook Twitter Google Orlando Vacation websites Florida Tourism websites
  9. Budget Total Social Media Budget: $ 4 million Strategy: $400,000 takes 3 months Social Media Promoted Posts : 750,000 PPC ads and Internet Radio Ads: 1,000,000 for 3 months Celebrity endorsements:$ 1,000,000 for 3 months Management: $350,000 500,000 for daily adjustments
  10. Goals - Create a brand image for Disney World. - We want to inspire people to be involved with Disney World through the #DisneyVacations campaign. - Build up our customers base by reaching our target audience. - Create lifeling customers who want to keep coming back

Editor's Notes

  1. Social Media campaign we will use as part of the digital marketing strategy. We work to increase awareness of vacation opportunities at Disney World Capture our target audience and increase the number of reservations Increase our social media presence which we will get into later
  2. The strategy person will be the agency that makes the final decisions.