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Outside the Industry Innovator of the Year Award: The Coca-Cola Company, Kari Bjorhus


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Outside the Industry Innovator of the Year Award
The Coca-Cola Company
Kari Bjorhus presents the "Expedition 206" Campaign

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Outside the Industry Innovator of the Year Award: The Coca-Cola Company, Kari Bjorhus

  1. 1. Thru the eyes of our audiences… home page isn’t just
  2. 2. Thru the eyes of our audiences… home page isn’t just, it is and twitter com and and facebook com and
  3. 3. WELCOME TO E206 WHAT IS IT? On January 1 2010, 3 Happiness Ambassadors embarked on an epic, unprecedented journey— A 365-day trip around the world to 206 countries and territories where Coke is served – this is only something Coca-Cola could do Their mission: To uncover the real moments of happiness they find in every place. And to document and share what they find across social networks networks, bringing to life our Open Happiness campaign.
  4. 4. WELCOME TO E206 WHAT IS IT? It’s an epic undertaking—we may even break a world record*. Sometimes the journey will link Happiness Ambassadors up with big events (Olympics, World Cup, World Expo) in which we have programs in place. Other times, the Happiness Ambassadors will find their own stories to tell. *Two people, 191 countries in 365 days.
  5. 5. WELCOME TO E206 WHAT IS IT? Through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and QQ, Ambassadors maintain constant communication with the social media sphere. And vice-versa; through a Web dashboard, fans track the journey online. Through crowdsourcing opportunities fans are able to participate opportunities, in the journey by sending Ambassador messages, and uploading their own photos and art. Fans will even be able to join Ambassadors live in meetUp/tweetUps. It’s a 365-day, multi-platform, digital conversation—a reality TV show, show without the TV TV.
  6. 6. WELCOME TO E206 CORE OBJECTIVES Leverage digital and mobile channels to recruit teens to the Coca-Cola Franchise and create a frequency in communication that translates to brand love. – Increase global positive media coverage – Increase positive mentions / discussions of our Company and brands in social media – Create new presences on Social Network sites in local markets (global/local) – Generate new friends on social network sites: Facebook friends / Twitter followers – G Generate rich content around h t i h t t d happiness f use longer term and i for l t d create a group of brand ambassadors around the World..
  7. 7. coca-cola confidential & proprietary
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  10. 10. Expedition 206 RESULTS TO DATE As of March 11, 2010 – Over 400 million media impressions globally – Over 40 countries visited – Over 79,000 miles traveled – increase of nearly 300,000 FB fans during the first two days of the expedition – Over 600,000 happiness pictures have been uploaded in China
  11. 11. coca-cola confidential & proprietary