Annemaries Book of Faces


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Annemaries Book of Faces

  1. 1. A Face-Book By You Know Who
  2. 2. Dear Annemarie, Hi. My name is John Connolly and I am your boyfriend. I know this may be hard to believe because we haven't seen each other in what feels like centuries. But I can not explain the overwhelming joy that I felt last time I laid eyes on you when you were wearing your toga and riding next to me on our mule drawn chariot. What I would give to have those days again. But anyways, I did some creepin :) and this is what I got out of it. Please don't call the cops, I swear I try to keep the stalking to a minimum but its just so hard! These are some of your cutest, craziest, happiest, and most beautiful faces. I have named them appropriately my perfect little angel and I hope you don't mind looking at your face too much. I love you and happy 20 th birthday you old geyser :) Enjoy! Your one and only lover and best friend, John <3
  3. 3. The “I think I like this kind of ice cream” face
  4. 4. The “I'm gonna pretend to burp and just end up looking really cute” face
  5. 5. The “HOLY POOP what is laurens fist doing here!?” face
  6. 6. The “I'm adorable and I know it” face
  7. 7. The “I have ridiculously gorgeous eyes” face
  8. 8. The “I cant believe that I just got a faceful of Beal's boobs” face
  9. 9. The “Im gonna lick John's enormous head” face
  10. 10. The “You better not drool that onto me woman!” smile :)
  11. 11. The “Im the most adorable and ferocious girl in the world” growl
  12. 12. The “Bump and grind” face ...With a side of Karen with braces
  13. 13. The “Whatcho talkin bout Willis” face
  14. 14. The “Cindy lou who?” face I fondly thought of you as the pretty girl who could make this face and many others on top of it :)
  15. 15. The “Seductive Model” face You honestly do look like a model in this picture and it was the first one I ever stumbled upon when I looked up your facebook
  16. 16. The “Look at my nerdy karen glasses” face
  17. 17. The “Im watching youuuuuu” face
  18. 18. The “Puppy dog thats gonna lick my face” face
  19. 19. The “Why am I touching these smelly feet!!!!” face
  20. 20. The “What is this goon doing” face
  21. 21. The “Bloated from indian smell” face
  23. 23. The “Most adorable girl in the world” face
  24. 24. Uhhhhh......
  25. 25. The “My face shouldnt be here” face
  26. 26. The “Sweat-free pits” face!
  27. 27. The “This is how a man sits” face
  28. 28. The “Suicidal Chicken” face
  29. 29. The sleeping beauty face
  30. 30. The “Probably should've thought that through” face
  31. 31. The “Turtle/Dont trust me with this knife” face
  32. 34. If I could name every face you've ever made I would but that would take years, and they would only add up even more! I love everything about you Annemarie Jennnifer Wehrer! =D I'm sorry I cant be there right now for your birthday because you wouldnt let me :( I would if there was anything I could do about it. But I will see you on thursday and all weekend long we can party like your 20! :) Alright you gorgeous girl I dont even know if your gonna be talking to me when you get this, or even after you get this, but I really want you to know how much I catapicklestump you and that you have always meant the world to me ever since I met you and I dont want that to change. You are the most perfect girlfriend I could ever ask for and I dont know how I would live without knowing that your there for me everyday :) I love you Annemarie. And this is the one expression that I know you can always put on my face :) Happy birthday Princess Love forever and ever John