Chapter 15 review prs


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Chapter 15 review prs

  1. 1. Chapter 15 Review
  2. 2. Which three countries were part of the Axis Powers agreement? • A. USA, G. Britain, and China • B. Japan, USSR, and Germany • C. Japan, Germany, Italy • D. None of these
  3. 3. Where did World War II start? A. ? B. ? C. ? D. ? A B C D
  4. 4. Which country was on the hook for war reparations from WWI? A. USA B. Italy C. Germany D. USSR
  5. 5. Which country became a “creditor” nation during WWI? A. USSR B. USA C. Italy D. China
  6. 6. What action taken by the Mexicans could have led to war? A. Aiding Cuban rebels B. Nationalizing their oil resources C. Attempting to force the US out of their “banana republics” D. Refusing to harvest their coffee crop
  7. 7. Military strong men who ruled banana republics A. “Good Neighbors” B. Caudillos C. Moratorium D. Franco
  8. 8. Treaty that ended WWI? A. Treaty of Paris B. Munich Accord C. Treaty of Versialles D. Kellogg-Briand
  9. 9. Problem caused by over- production of German currency A. Deflation B. Inflation C. Neutrality D. Reparations
  10. 10. Outlawed war: A. 4-Power Pact A. 5-Power Pact B. 9-Power Pact C. Kellogg-Briand
  11. 11. Lend & Lease: A. Build up the Allies military B. Build up the Axis military C. To trade with all willing to ship D. Pay as you go
  12. 12. Individual thought or action without outside influence: A. Isolationism B. Unilateralism C. Imperialism D. Moratorium
  13. 13. Terrorism of the Jewish people: A. Night of the Long Knives B. Kristallnacht C. Hell Night D. None of the above
  14. 14. Hitler’s Book A. Mein Aryans B. Mein Volk C. Mein Fuehrer D. Mein Kampf
  15. 15. Area given to Germany in the Munich Agreement A. Sudetenland B. Vichy C. Poland D. Denmark
  16. 16. Granted US right to intervene in Cuban domestic affairs A. Platt Amendment B. 1st Amendment C. Atlantic Charter D. Washington Conference
  17. 17. Who was not an isolationist? A. Dr. Suess B. Charles Lindberg C. The America First Committee D. Senator Gerald Nye
  18. 18. Hitler’s enforcing secret police A. KGB B. Blackshirts C. Oprichniki D. Brownshirts
  19. 19. Civil war fought here was a trial run for Hitler’s blitzkreig A. Netherlands B. Sudetenland C. Spain D. Italy
  20. 20. Not a part of the Atlantic Charter A. No more territorial expansion B. Countries decide their own political fate C. Freedom of trade for all nations D. Divide Germany into sectors
  21. 21. Who is the appeaser at center most likely a symbol for? A. Franklin Roosevelt B. Winston Churchill C. Neville Chamberlain D. Joseph Stalin
  22. 22. NOT the leader of their country during WWII: A. Hitler-Germany B. Hoover-USA C. Stalin-USSR D. Churchill-G. Britain
  23. 23. Which is NOT a step taken to punish Japanese aggression A. Frozen Japanese assets in the USA B. An attack upon Japan’s newly acquired land in Vietnam C. An embargo (halt) on all trade with Japan D. Japan was no longer granted access to the Panama Canal
  24. 24. Which would have Dr. Suess MOST supported? A. Lend-Lease B. Neutrality Acts C. Appeasment D. Cash-n-Carry