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Causes of world war 2


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Causes of world war 2

  1. 1. World War 2
  2. 2. Bloodiest Conflict inHistory
  3. 3.
  4. 4. CAUSE#1The Treaty of VersaillesLloyd GeorgeEnglandVittor OrlandoItalyGeorges ClemenceauFranceWoodrow WilsonU.SIn 1919, these men met to discuss howGermanywas to be made to pay for thedamage world war one had caused.
  5. 5. Germanyhad been expecting atreaty based on Wilsons 14 points andwerenot happy with the terms of theTreaty of Versailles.However, they had no choice but to
  6. 6. The werevery unhappy about the treatyand thought that it was too
  7. 7. Cause#2
  8. 8. Hitlers ActionsAdolf Hitler becameChancellor of Germany in Jan.1933.Almost immediately he begansecretlybuilding up Germanysarmy & weapons.In 1934 HE increased the size of thearmy, began building warships and created aGerman air force. Compulsory military service wasalso introduced.
  9. 9. Although Britain and Francewere aware of Hitlers actions,they were also concerned about therise of Communism
  10. 10. Cause #3Failure of Appeasement*Appeasement means giving in to someoneprovided their demands are seen asreasonable.During the 1930s, many politicians in both Britainand France came to see that the terms of theTreaty of Versailles had placed restrictions onGermany that were unfair.Hitlers actions were seen asunderstandable and justifiable.
  11. 11. Failure of AppeasementWhen Germany began re-arming in1934, many politicians felt thatGermany had a right to re-arm inorder to protect herself.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Failure of AppeasementThe most notable example ofappeasement wasthe Munich Agreement of September 1938.This Munich Agreement was generallyviewed as a triumph and an excellentexample of securing peace throughnegotiationrather than war.
  14. 14. FRANCEBritainGERMANY ITALYThe MunichAgreementFailure of Appeasement
  15. 15. Cause#4The League of NationsThis was an international organisation set upin 1919 to help keep world peace.It was intended that all countries would be members of theLeague and that if there were disputes betweencountries they could be settled by negotiation ratherthan by force.If this failed then countries would stop trading with theaggressive country and if that failed then countrieswould use their armies to fight.
  16. 16. Failure of the League of the NationsIn theory the League of Nations was a good idea and did havesome early successes. But ultimately it was a failure.The main reasons for the failure of the League of Nations can besummarised into the following points:• Not all countries joined the League.Other countries decided not to join and some joined but later left.• The League had no power.The main weapon of the League was to ask member countries tostop trading with an aggressive country. However, this did not workbecause countries could still trade with non-member countries.When the world was hit by depression in the late 1920s countrieswere reluctant to lose trading partners to other non-membercountries.
  17. 17. • The League had no army.Soldiers were to be supplied by member countries. However, countrieswere reluctant to get involved and risk provoking an aggressivecountry into taking direct action against them and failed to providetroops.- Unable to act quickly.The Council of the League of Nations only met four times a yearand decisions had to be agreed by all nations. When countries calledfor the League to intervene, the League had to set up an emergencymeeting, hold discussions and gain the agreement of all members.This process meant that the League could not actquickly to stop it.
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  19. 19. ~ RECAP ~Treaty of VersailliesHitler’s ActionsFailure of AppeasementFailure of the League of Nations