dHealth 2014, Justene Ewing, DHI


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Justene Ewing, DHI, dHealth 2014, 1st april 2014

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dHealth 2014, Justene Ewing, DHI

  2. 2. Digital Health Institute  Established by NHS24, University of Edinburgh Glasgow School of Art.  Funded by the Scottish Funding Council and working with Enterprise Agencies  The DHI is about collaborative working to creation digital innovation in Scotland and focuses on delivery of key areas: Academic Impact Business Impact Civic Impact
  3. 3. Scotland’s Need  There is an immediate worldwide need that is affecting Scotland: 1. People live longer 2. They live with more long term illness • People aged 75 and over are three and a half times more likely to be admitted to hospital as an emergency. • Over the next 10 years the proportion of over 75s in Scotland’s population will increase by over 25 percent – who tend to be the highest users of healthcare services. (Source: A Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care)  Global health and care efficiency must improve by over 35% to maintain current standards of care for increasing numbers and requirements.  DHI focuses on the enablement of health and social care integration, and citizen centric services. The current systems are not sustainable, so we must innovate and through that stimulate our economy at the same time.
  4. 4. The Challenge  We need to change: £34.7 billion controlled by the Scottish Government Around £11.9 billion is spent on health  We need to consider how we INVEST in health and wellbeing  There were 1.65 million A&E visits in Scotland in 2012/13 Equivalent to 1 every 20 seconds. (Source: ISD Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Times)  300+ NHS Hospitals in Scotland and the demand for those beds is growing daily.
  5. 5. Digital Health as a market The convergence of the digital and genetics revolutions with health and care are going to be revolutionary. We will be empowered to: better track, manage, and improve our own and our family's health and wellness. reduce inefficiencies in healthcare deliver improve access, reduce costs increase quality, and make medicine more personalised and precise. DHI is aiming to lead in this market and we look to: Open and transparent working (procurement) Creating challenge frameworks Working with key people to develop growth ambitions for Scotland (US & the Moon) Building trust between all key partners – removing fear and promoting disruption Creating products that people need, will want and will use
  6. 6. 19 Higher Educational Institutions 14 Territorial Health Boards 6 Special Health Boards 32 Local Authorities >250 Third Sector Organisations >1,200 High Growth Companies 2 x 3 Star Reference Site Status (EIPAHA) Leading the Integration Agenda in EU Leaders in Health Innovation (A>D) Perfect Test Bed Key Public Sector Organisation Support Scottish Government Backing Scottish Sector Proposition
  7. 7. What is Innovation?  Innovation is not what most people think it is… It is not only creativity, It is not only invention IT IS a process by which we have the capability to change the world. IT IS the practical application of ideas and technology to make new and better things IT IS also about taking risks and embracing challenge  Everybody has the capability to be innovative they just need empowered to be
  8. 8. What is it? Core
  9. 9. Set out ‘the challenge’ Companies: Come forward get engaged Don’t be fearful of working with public sector Embrace the opportunity for CONSTRUCTIVE DISRUPTION DHI brings together: Academia to support the research, understanding and documentation of the issues Patients, Users of Services and their families/friends to help us understand their experiences Clinicians, Social Workers, Carers, and other public and third sector specialists to understand the systems and their needs Industry from the outset of development to ensure scalability, interoperability and products and services that are efficient and impactful to the user, that are commercially viable. Building a EU network
  10. 10. It’s about doing it together “There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” - Lyndon B. Johnson
  11. 11. Questions? Visit our website: http://www.DHI-Scotland.com Find us on social media: @dhiscotland