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Wojciech Dziworski EU #MWC14 #mHealth

  1. 1. European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing Wojciech Dziworski Innovation for Health and Consumers DG SANCO, European Commission ECHAlliance @ Mobile World Congress, February 2014
  2. 2. Dependency Ratio •From 1:4 to 1:2 •80+ doubles by 2025 Cost of Care •Up by 4-8 % of GDP by 2025 Human Resources •Shrinking work force •Lacking 20 mio carers by 2020 Empowerment •Active Ageing •Health literacy New Care Models •Integrated & Community care •Large efficiency gains Growth and Markets •3000 B€ Wealth •85 Million Consumers New paradigm of ageing from to societal challenge major opportunity burden asset passive care pro-active care curing diseases improved functioning
  3. 3. European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing health & quality of life of European citizens growth & expansion of EU industry sustainabl e& efficient care systems +2 HLY by 2020 Triple win for Europe Improving prescriptions and adherence to treatment Better management of health: preventing falls Preventing functional decline & frailty Integrated care for chronic conditions, inc. telecare ICT solutions for independent living & active ageing Age-friendly cities and environments Specific Actions crosscutting, connecting & engaging stakeholders across sectors, from private & public sector Pillar I Preventio n screening early diagnosis Pillar II Care & cure Pillar III Independe nt living & active ageing
  4. 4. Pooling European Resources and Expertise Recognising Excellence Reaching Scale European Innovation Partnership 'grass roots' models of excellence 32 reference sites with evidence-based innovation 6 Action Groups 3,000 partners & 300 leading organisations >300 Good Practices 30 million citizens, >2 million patients
  6. 6. 36% 13%17% 9% 9% 5% 11% Research/academia Advocacy organisations Health provider Care provider Industry - SME Industry - large Other Participation in the EIP
  7. 7. More integrated, more efficient services A1. Prescriptions and adherence to treatment A2. Preventing falls A3. Preventing functional decline & frailty B3. Integrated care incl. remote monitoring C2. Independent Living D4. Age-friendly cities and environments Mapping of innovative practices Practical Toolkits Implementation on large scale provide input and expertise through an open collaboration Commitments of the partners Better professional cooperation: standards, guidelines Pooling Resources
  8. 8. GOOD PRACTICES IN TOTAL PER COUNTRY DK 5 FR 1 0 DE 10 I L 3 IT 5 6 NL 14 PT 3 5 ES 10 8 TR 1 UK 3 9 BE 4 C Y 1 CZ 1 EL 2 IE 6 NO 1 PL 3 RO 2 SE 5
  9. 9. Examples of Good Practices Prescription and adherence to medical plans: Medicines management initiative for older people, Northern Ireland. Integrated working of health professionals, community pharmacist and involvement of industry. Return on Investment: 4:1 Preventing functional decline & frailty: Optimizing nutrition, physical and cognitive performance in elderly people after a major osteoporotic fracture in Tuscany, Italy. Target population: 5.350 patients; estimated potential savings: 250.000 € per year. Integrated Care: Integrated Care Health Insurance Contract for Back Pain, Germany. With financial incentives for a targeted rehabilitation programme, participants are able to return on average 72 days earlier to their workplace. Age-Friendly environment: Assisted Living Areas Rotterdam developing 16 areas with optimal conditions for elderly citizens or people with a handicap
  10. 10. Preliminary achievements of the EIP • mapping the good practices in the EU and beyond (over 300 examples) • identification of benchmarks on physical and cognitive decline; • testing of protocols on frailty in larger cohorts; • improvement of screening methods for detecting early dementia; • building of international networks for innovation and evidence development; • mapping the risk stratification tools for targeted care • matrix of necessary ICT services for integrated care • replication of best practices in new regions and scaling-up existing innovative solutions for healthy ageing.
  12. 12. Region Skane University Hospital Olomouc City of Oulu Coimbra Southern Denmark Collage (3) Saxony Ile-de-France Pays de la Loire Lower-Rhine Council Languedoc-Roussillon Liguria Campania Friuli Venezia Giulia Emilia-Romagna Piemonte Northern Netherlands Twente Province of Gelderland and Overjssel South Holland Province Noord-Brabant: Slimmer Leven Galicia Basque Country Madrid Catalonia Valencia Andalusia Liverpool Scotland Northern Ireland Wales Yorkshire Reference Sites - coverage 32 RSs =>12 MSs selected for self-assessment and peer-review (innovation, scalability, outcomes) 71 good practices of innovation-based integrated care models with sound impact on the ground 1 July 2013 – Star Ceremony announcement of best RSs with stars, ready for replication and coaching13 Reference Sites 12 Reference Sites 7 Reference Sites
  13. 13. develop policy on active & healthy ageing Political added value of the EIP EC: facilitator & supporter align policy priorities with funding evidence base mobilise efforts & resources inspire for policy action identify good practices working in real life High level conferences (e-Health, Gastein Forum, Conference of Partners, Frailty and Adherence Conferences, EUPHA, Chronic Diseases Summit) Alignment of priorities in H2020, CIP 2013, PHP 2013, Structural Funds etc. Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Healthy Ageing (28 countries + 5 networks) Reflection process of the MS: Towards modern, responsive and sustainable health systems Knowledge and Innovation CommunitiesEIP Partners: bottom up innovation Input for policies on frailty, chronic diseases, e-health, long term care, health workforce, etc.
  14. 14. 1,000 regions & municipalities 1 billion euro mobilised 30 mio citizens, >2 mio patients > 500 commitments 3,000 partners & 300 leading organisations Marketplace >72,500 visits >1,240 registered users Reaching Scale
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention! wojciech.dziworski@ec.europa.eu EIP on AHA Website http://ec.europa.eu/active-healthy-ageing DG SANCO Website http://ec.europa.eu/health