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Slides presented at The Strategic Marketing Blueprint event in Phoenix on June 16th, 2011.

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  • David, thanks again for the thoughtful comments.
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  • Tyler, Thanks for reinforcement of a lot of good information through slideshare. Stumbling on this has made me jump from slide presentation to slide presentation today :D But, a very worthwhile deviation from my ’scheduled’ agenda. I love this stuff!!
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  • Yes, exactly Tyler. Thanks for the great slide presentation.

    Also, on slide 14, I will slightly play semantics.

    You do develop the strategy first, then you CREATE or DETERMINE the tactics (versus 'find'). Creation and determination conveys a more insightful and proactive approach than simply finding.

    This is the problem: the majority of 'entrepreneurs' are always busy searching for tactics, instead of creating/defining them based upon the dictates of the strategy.

    And, of course the strategy is determined based upon the dictates of the Vision (executive summary to include mission and values statements ), Resource Analysis (SWOT, assessment of Collaborator network, and TEAM (time, energy, assets, and money)), and Goal Establishment (pinpointing both the focus and the benchmarks(quantitative and temporal)).

    A sound strategy based upon the above will allow strategic entrepreneurs to create/determine the tactics that will manifest true VALUE (as perceived by the consumer) and will be reflected in the intelligent creation (of products/services, brand, price, and incentives), communication, and distribution of this value.
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  • David,

    Thanks for your insightful comment. You're absolutely right. The holes ARE due to a lack of systems. The problem I see is that people don't realize they lack systems. They THINK that the tools they're using are systems. (i.e. Facebook & Twitter must be the 'systems' I should be using since everyone else is using them.) I believe the reason most people never truly become systematic about their business growth is because they're chasing the latest crazes all the time. They never settle down, stop listening to all the hype, and actually systematize their businesses. Make sense?

    Tyler Garns
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  • On Slide 13, I disagree with the explanation of why there are holes in the funnel. Holes ARE NOT so much the result of focusing on tools and tactics - while ignoring strategy, as they ARE about having poor processes (systems and project managment) in the Action Implementation Plan. Specifically, losing traffic is due to poor traffic Converting System, losing leads is due to poor Marketing Systems (market segmentation, target selection, understanding market structure, defining USP/SCA, creating appropriate value for the appropriate target segment, and communicating that value to the right segment), and losing customers is due to a poor CRM (Customer Relationship System).
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The Strategic Marketing Blueprint

  1. 1. The Strategic Marketing Blueprint: The Secret Weapon of Fast Growing Small Businesses Presented by Tyler Garns Director of Marketing@tylergarns
  2. 2. I used to be in & out of psych wards all the time@tylergarns
  3. 3. Psychosis: When Normal Mental Processes Get Overactive@tylergarns
  4. 4. Ever Felt Like This? Biz Owners & Marketers Often Feel Fearful & Trapped@tylergarns
  5. 5. I’m not going to drug you, but it’s... Time to Retrain Your Brain@tylergarns
  6. 6. Typical Customer Lifecycle Generate Interest Sell, Sell, Sell Get New Customers Sigh Of Relief Go Do It Again Problem: 3 Holes In Your Funnel@tylergarns
  7. 7. Typical Scenario Generate Interest to get 100 prospects 10 People Buy What if I want to double my sales?@tylergarns
  8. 8. How to Double Sales Double Ad Spend Double Time Spent Generating Traffic Double Sales Efficiency All of these are out of reach for small business Why?@tylergarns
  9. 9. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #1: Lost Traffic Ask yourself: How much traffic came to my site today and left without me capturing their info? How will I ever follow up with them again?@tylergarns
  10. 10. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #2: Lost Leads Usually 10% of leads are HOT - we convert those What about the rest? What about the people who aren’t ready to buy now?@tylergarns
  11. 11. Did You Know? How many leads each month are labeled as “bad” and dumped into hole #2?@tylergarns
  12. 12. Holes In Your Funnel Hole #3: Lost Customers You lose 68% of customers because of INDIFFERENCE* Are your customers buying more? Are they referring?@tylergarns *According to a study conducted by the Technical Assistance Research Project in Washington D.C
  13. 13. Holes in your funnel are a result of focusing on tools & tactics - while ignoring strategy@tylergarns
  14. 14. Can you imagine?POINT “A” - SAUDA POINT “B” - NOIDA@tylergarns
  15. 15. Any statement that starts with “You MUST do X” where X is a tactic (or a tool), is a statement to be wary of!@tylergarns
  16. 16. Don’t buy any tool or try any tactic if you don’t have a map!@tylergarns
  17. 17. What’s The Result? CHAOS@tylergarns
  18. 18. Tools + Tactics (without strategy) = CHAOS@tylergarns
  19. 19. Build the Strategy First Then Find Tactics & Tools That Accomplish The Strategy@tylergarns
  20. 20. Framework for Strategy:The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  21. 21. @tylergarns
  22. 22. Service Business Attract Traffic Capture Leads Nurture Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Referrals@tylergarns
  23. 23. Heating & Air Conditioning@tylergarns
  24. 24. @tylergarns
  25. 25. Online Retail Attract Capture Leads Nurture Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Referrals@tylergarns
  26. 26. @tylergarns
  27. 27. What would it be worth?@tylergarns
  28. 28. Traffic Attraction Strategies The Internet has taught us: Build it, and they will not come! Killer Content - Blog Posts, Tools, Videos, etc. Social Media Partners Referrals Advertising@tylergarns
  29. 29. Lead Capture Strategies “Sign up for our Newsletter” is NOT a lead capture strategy Free Report, eBook, etc. Access to Video, Audio, Podcast, Premium Content (membership site), etc. Request a Quote Surveys, Polls, Contests & Drawings Offers, Coupons, etc. Live Event, Webinar, Teleseminar@tylergarns
  30. 30. Lead Nurture Strategies Typical Autoresponder = Robotic - Your Prospects Don’t Want to Be Treated Like Robots New Lead, Hot Lead Sequence, Cold Lead Sequence Long Term Nurture Sequence Weekly Newsletter New Customer Sequence Customer Satisfaction Sequence Event Follow Up Sequence (Pre & Post)@tylergarns
  31. 31. Sales Conversion Strategies If you rely solely on your sales reps, you’ll never achieve the sales your organization is capable of Automate Sales Stage Communications New Prospect Discovery Info Objection Handling Supporting Evidence@tylergarns
  32. 32. WOWing Customer Strategies Imagine you have only 1 customer - craft the PERFECT EXPERIENCE for that customer Then Put Systems In Place for Quality Control Welcome Sequence (make it personal & relevant) Customer Satisfaction Sequence (offer bonus for completing)@tylergarns
  33. 33. Upsell Strategies Upsell During Checkout (during sales process - would you like fries with that?) Post-Purchase Upsell (get ‘em while they’re hot) Happy Customer Upsell (post cust. sat. survey) Product-Specific Upsell/Refill (automatic ink delivery, service package, warranty, etc) Product-Specific Cross-Sell (ink -> paper - could be partner product/service)@tylergarns
  34. 34. Referral Strategies You & Your Friend Get a Discount Free Product/Service If You Refer A Friend Referrals Don’t Have To Come From Customers - Use Happy Leads To Drive Traffic@tylergarns
  35. 35. Let’s see it applied Janette Gleason, Gleason Tax Advisors@tylergarns
  36. 36. Lead Nurturingthe Minutes Matter Way
  37. 37. Who are we? Mother, daughter-in-law team 1 employee 5 sub-contractors Products ~ graphic design software Company is 12 years old Target market: Interior Designers Majority of customers are female Ages between 40 - 60
  38. 38. Lead nurturing increases . . . Trust in your company and you Awareness of all services and products your company offers Efficiency in office procedures Interaction between you and your customer Trust, awareness, efficiency = SALES
  39. 39. In our past life . . . Had three additional team members 45 – 60 downloads per month 15% of our leads converted to customers within 60 days Nurturing consisted of three emails – all sales orientated One phone call from team member All purchases were processed manually
  40. 40. Nurturing today . . . Send 14 nurturing emails 2 – 3 follow-up calls from team members 5% convert on the “20% off email” 20% of our prospects convert to customers within 60 days
  41. 41. Customer lifecycle. . .
  42. 42. Scoreboard . . . Automation is key Sales are up 30% from last year 20 – 30 more downloads per month 70% prospects keep us on their radar
  43. 43. Where do we get our leads? Industry trade shows Speaking engagements Offer giveaways to association events Free trial on website Weekly ezine Facebook LinkedIn Blog
  44. 44. New Lead Campaign Day 1 ~ Fast Track Plan & Lounge Day 3 ~ Welcome Day 6 ~ Meet success coach Day 14 ~ Series of how to use Studio tips Day 20 ~ 4 day special 20% off Day 30 ~ Last day of trial Day 45 ~ We haven’t heard from you
  45. 45. Maintaining ~ Double opt in
  46. 46. Give them helpful tips . . .
  47. 47. Higher level of support. . . Free monthly webinars Automatically registered for our online forum Free email tech support Free telephone tech support Free recorded tutorials !"#$%&$()*+%*,-)+*$#.*$/0*-#$1&#23*0$&*0,%1*$#.-#$4%(#*&$4-5*0$/%,*&6$"$72(8#$#.%(9$"$ .-,*$*,*0$/25*($&*0,%1*$+%9*$#.-#$:023$-(;$123<-(;$)*:20*6$ =$>6$?-,%&
  48. 48. Create staff automation Day 1 ~ Register for our “online forum” Day 3 ~ Call to confirm download success Day 20 ~ Phone call if they did not schedulecoaching session
  49. 49. Create purchase automation Receipt automatically sent Customer is tagged for each purchase Task sent to staff when appropriate Video purchases sent automatically Physical products automatically sent to fulfillment house
  50. 50. Video purchase automation
  51. 51. Adding value . . .
  52. 52. What campaigns work . . . @-+*&$%(10*-&*7$GHBC$D$I$F**9& @-+*&$%(10*-&*7$ABC$D$E$F**9&$
  53. 53. More campaigns that worked . . . @-+*&$%(10*-&*7$EHC$D$I$F**9& @-+*&$%(10*-&*7$GBBC$D$E$F**9&$
  54. 54. Build customer loyalty . . . J%0#.7-;$K%L$=$*3-%+ J%0#.7-;$K%L$=$3-%+*7$<2&#1-07M-++$#2$-1N2(
  55. 55. How do you build loyalty?
  56. 56. Connect with me 7*))%*P3%(#*&3-5*06123 3%(#*&3-5*06123 3%(#*&3-5*06)+2/&<2#6123O :-1*)2296123O7*))%*/0**( +%(9*7%(6123O%(O7*))%*/0**(EB P3%(#*&3-5*0
  57. 57. Live Session I need a volunteer@tylergarns
  58. 58. “I’ve got this crazyidea I want to share with you...” Jack Born Perry Marshall
  59. 59. Poll: What is the BEST source of traffic? Social Media PPC Organic Advertisements Partners/Affiliates@tylergarns
  60. 60. Most Common Mistake100% focused finding Zero focus on traffic Conversion or Economics The Tactical Triangle@tylergarns
  61. 61. The Smart Way Focus on conversion and economics and traffic will be easier The Tactical Triangle@tylergarns
  62. 62. Key Point: Write this down: In order to understand the economics of your business, you MUST be able to track your traffic all the way through your business, by LEAD SOURCE@tylergarns
  63. 63. Typical Tracking: Google Analytics But what happens once someone opts in or purchases? Does your email marketing system track source? What about your e-commerce system or POS system?@tylergarns
  64. 64. Focus: Lead Source PPC SEO Referrals Organic Media Walk-Ins Website Business@tylergarns
  65. 65. The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  66. 66. Tracking Costs by Lead Source 1. Lead 2. Opportunity 3. Sale Let’s see how it’s done...@tylergarns
  67. 67. Surf School 1 Week surf school + accessories, repeat business, etc. 1-year value of a customer = $4300@tylergarns
  68. 68. @tylergarns
  69. 69. @tylergarns
  70. 70. Tactical Triangle Applied Source Cost Leads CPL Prospects CPP Customers CPCust Affiliates $8,676 3211 $2.70 1496 $5.80 12 $723.00 Customer Referrals $4,200 214 $19.63 75 $56.00 14 $300.00 Organic $0 697 $0.00 413 $0.00 173 $0.00 Organic Search $14,600 1588 $9.19 798 $18.30 109 $133.94 PPC $43,000 1055 $40.76 359 $119.78 31 $1387.10 Purchased Leads $97,850 4220 $23.19 638 $153.37 22 $4447.73@tylergarns
  71. 71. @tylergarns
  72. 72. @tylergarns
  73. 73. You MUST connect: Customer Data@tylergarns
  74. 74. Lead Source ROI Reports@tylergarns
  75. 75. Poll: How much could your revenue increase?! $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 or more@tylergarns
  76. 76. What is Infusionsoft? If you combined ACT!, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber,, ConstantContact, and Outlook - you still wouldn’t have Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is less expensive than adding all those thing together, and it has some secret sauce (hint: automation) that you can’t get anywhere else. #1 Marketing Automation solution for small business, used by 6,000+ businesses and many gurus.@tylergarns
  77. 77. Who is Infusionsoft for? Professional Services: Other Services: Doctors, Lawyers, Landscaping, House Real Estate, Insurance, Cleaning, A/C etc. Repair, Pest Control, Martial Arts, Dance Online Retailers Info Marketers & Widgets, Accessories, Internet Marketers Camping Gear, etc.@tylergarns
  78. 78. Infusionsoft - All-In-One The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  79. 79. @tylergarns
  80. 80. Peter, UK (after 1st session) “From a business point of view, what we just went through was one of the most helpful things that I’ve ever gone through in my business. So, I want to thank you for that. This is really what I needed. Thank you so much. How many of these session do I get with you, and how much will it cost me to have extra sessions?”@tylergarns
  81. 81. Quick Start Bundle If you’re maxing out Aweber, we can help you transition We’ll help you build out your unique Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.) 2 Campaign Configurations -(custom solution) 2 Flex Blocks to get help with other things - your choice (we’re flexible) FUNdamentals webinars, weekly mastermind webinars, Help Center, Tech Support@tylergarns
  82. 82. Quick Start Bundle You’d pay $20k+ for Marketo setup We have a $4k option or a $2k option@tylergarns
  83. 83. End Goal For You KNOW what works and what doesn’t in your business No More CHAOS You’re in control - automatically You can do what you want, when you want Infusionsoft frees up your resources You’ll never tolerate disorder or manual, repetitive tasks again Your business will thrive, not just survive@tylergarns