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Webinar: How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan


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Webinar: How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan

  1. 1. How To Create a Successful Marketing Plan Presented by Tyler Garns Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft@tylergarns
  2. 2. Housekeeping A/V Check You’re all on mute Ask questions through GoToWebinar - I’ll handle them at the end Feel free to tweet if you like our content This will not be a demo of Infusionsoft - please visit There will be an opportunity to get Infusionsoft at a significant discount - details at the end@tylergarns
  3. 3. Marketing resources are great...@tylergarns
  4. 4. The Basics Define your target Figure out where your target hangs out Who are your best customers? Advertise with the right message to the right Craft your message people What do your best Fuel “WOM” referrals customers want? Test your message@tylergarns
  5. 5. What’s your dream?@tylergarns
  6. 6. You need to read these books & others in order to... Get a good understanding of how to define your target market How to develop a message specific to your target market How to use different media: website, direct mail, etc. How to leverage traditional marketing techniques To learn tried to true marketing methods@tylergarns
  7. 7. BUT... they all fall short of giving you the big picture because...@tylergarns
  8. 8. They all focus on...TRAFFIC@tylergarns
  9. 9. You hear it all day long You should blog You should advertising on the radio You should be on Facebook Do something outrageous to get PR You should be on Twitter Create a cool video & You should do some put it on YouTube SEO On, & on, & on... You should do PPC advertising@tylergarns
  10. 10. It’s time to cut through the HYPE!@tylergarns
  11. 11. Marketing Customer Service Starts Here@tylergarns
  12. 12. All the efforts of your company should AMPLIFY your marketing message@tylergarns
  13. 13. Build the Strategy First Then Find Tactics & Tools That Accomplish The Strategy@tylergarns
  14. 14. Holes In Your Business Hole #1: Lost Traffic Ask yourself: How much traffic came to my site today and left without me capturing their info? How will I ever follow up with them again?@tylergarns
  15. 15. Holes In Your Business Hole #2: Lost Leads Usually 10% of leads are HOT - we convert those What about the rest? What about the people who aren’t ready to buy now?@tylergarns
  16. 16. Did You Know? How many leads each month are labeled as “bad” and dumped into hole #2?@tylergarns
  17. 17. Holes In Your Business Hole #3: Lost Customers You lose 68% of customers because of INDIFFERENCE* Are your customers buying more? Are they referring?@tylergarns *According to a study conducted by the Technical Assistance Research Project in Washington D.C
  18. 18. Poll: How much more revenue? $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000+@tylergarns
  19. 19. Holes in your funnel are a result of focusing on tools & tactics (getting traffic) - while ignoring strategy@tylergarns
  20. 20. Framework for Strategy:The Perfect Customer Lifecycle@tylergarns
  21. 21. @tylergarns
  22. 22. What are your business goals? Make more money? Spend more time with family & friends? Build a Fortune 500 business? Retire at 40? or 50? or 60? Why did you start this business? Write your goals down on the handout@tylergarns
  23. 23. Traffic Attraction Strategies The Internet has taught us: Build it, and they will not come! Killer Content - Blog Posts, Tools, Videos, etc. Social Media Partners Referrals Advertising@tylergarns
  24. 24. Lead Capture Strategies “Sign up for our Newsletter” is NOT a lead capture strategy Free Report, eBook, etc. Access to Video, Audio, Podcast, Premium Content (membership site), etc. Request a Quote Surveys, Polls, Contests & Drawings Offers, Coupons, etc. Live Event, Webinar, Teleseminar@tylergarns
  25. 25. Lead Nurture Strategies Typical Autoresponder = Robotic - Your Prospects Don’t Want to Be Treated Like Robots New Lead, Hot Lead Sequence, Cold Lead Sequence Long Term Nurture Sequence Weekly Newsletter New Customer Sequence Customer Satisfaction Sequence Event Follow Up Sequence (Pre & Post)@tylergarns
  26. 26. Sales Conversion Strategies If you rely solely on your sales reps, you’ll never achieve the sales your organization is capable of Automate Sales Stage Communications New Prospect Discovery Info Objection Handling Supporting Evidence@tylergarns
  27. 27. WOWing Customer Strategies Imagine you have only 1 customer - craft the PERFECT EXPERIENCE for that customer Then Put Systems In Place for Quality Control Welcome Sequence (make it personal & relevant) Customer Satisfaction Sequence (offer bonus for completing)@tylergarns
  28. 28. Upsell Strategies Upsell During Checkout (during sales process - would you like fries with that?) Post-Purchase Upsell (get ‘em while they’re hot) Happy Customer Upsell (post cust. sat. survey) Product-Specific Upsell/Refill (automatic ink delivery, service package, warranty, etc) Product-Specific Cross-Sell (ink -> paper - could be partner product/service)@tylergarns
  29. 29. Referral Strategies You & Your Friend Get a Discount Free Product/Service If You Refer A Friend Referrals Don’t Have To Come From Customers - Use Happy Leads To Drive Traffic@tylergarns
  30. 30. Service Business Attract Traffic Capture Leads Nurture Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Referrals@tylergarns
  31. 31. Heating & Air Conditioning@tylergarns
  32. 32. @tylergarns
  33. 33. Online Retail Attract Capture Leads Nurture Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Referrals@tylergarns
  34. 34. @tylergarns
  35. 35. What is Infusionsoft? If you combined ACT!, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber,, ConstantContact, and Outlook - you still wouldn’t have Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is less expensive than adding all those thing together, and it has some secret sauce (hint: automation) that you can’t get anywhere else. #1 Marketing Automation solution for small business, used by 7,000+ businesses and many gurus.@tylergarns
  36. 36. The beauty of the all-in-one system@tylergarns
  37. 37. Who is Infusionsoft for? Professional Services: Other Services: Doctors, Lawyers, Landscaping, House Real Estate, Insurance, Cleaning, A/C etc. Repair, Pest Control, Martial Arts, Dance Online Retailers Info Marketers & Widgets, Accessories, Internet Marketers Camping Gear, etc.@tylergarns
  38. 38. Strategy + Tools = Success!@tylergarns
  39. 39. Quick-Start Bundle If you’re maxing out Aweber & 1SC, we help you transition We’ll help you build out your unique Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.) 2 Campaign Configurations -(custom solution) 2 Flex Blocks to get help with other things - your choice (we’re flexible) Weekly mastermind webinars, Online Help Center, Unlimited Tech Support Services expire 60 days after purchase@tylergarns
  40. 40. Question: Would you like more information about how Infusionsoft can help you implement your marketing strategy?@tylergarns
  41. 41. Case Studies@tylergarns
  42. 42. Are you ready? Are you ready to finally achieve your goals? Are you ready to free yourself from your “job” & build a business? Are you ready for your marketing to start working for YOU instead of you working for your marketing? Are you ready to be the next Infusionsoft success story?@tylergarns
  43. 43. Exclusive Webinar Offer Quick Start Bundle $1,500 $2,000 Infusionsoft Monthly Subscription Starting at $199 Additional User Accounts 2 Free $59/month Plus Lifetime Upgrades & Unlimited Support Included Secure, Hosted Software w/Daily Backups Included Weekly Webinars, Help Center, Community Included@tylergarns
  44. 44. Questions? Call: 866.800.0004 Ext. 1 Offer good today & tomorrow only@tylergarns