[Webinar] High Speed Retail Analytics


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Learn how retailers can leverage their own Big Data. Go from data sources to increasing profits, margins and market share at a fraction of the time and cost.

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[Webinar] High Speed Retail Analytics

  1. 1. #bigdataretail high-speed retail analytics courtesy of a new approach to big data Amos Schwartzfarb VP, Customer Development Dhruv Bansal Chief Science Officer, Tim Gasper Product Manager BlackLocus, Inc. Co-founder Infochimps, Inc. Infochimps, Inc.
  2. 2. #bigdataretail poll
  3. 3. #bigdataretail 1 volume velocity variety
  4. 4. #bigdataretail retail + big data “Multichannel” has given way to “omnichannel” in the retail world, with shoppers driving the charge with their new devices and retailers rushing to keep up with them. - CMO Magazine http://www.cmo.com/mobile/technology-becoming-easy-sell-retail-marketers
  5. 5. #bigdataretail http://practicalanalytics.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/omni-channel-retail-analytics-a-big-data-use-case/
  6. 6. #bigdataretail http://practicalanalytics.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/omni-channel-retail-analytics-a-big-data-use-case/
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  8. 8. #bigdataretail staff expertise time
  9. 9. We collect and match massive amounts ofcompetitive price and assortment data,then make it actionable for our retailcustomers >> “I’ve never seen a partner’s product go viral inside our organization as fast as BlackLocus. We had our biggest quarter ever, the quarter following our initial engagement with BlackLocus” – Chairman, IR Top 75 Retailer
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  11. 11. the problem we solve for retailers Consumers have instant and complete price and Seasonality assortment transparency Social Consumers have all the tools to Competitor Pricing Sentiment price and buy instantaneously There is too much data for PRICE TO WIN retailers to analyze Promotions Inventory / Reviews Retailers have limited tools to set the:• Right price at the• Right time to the Brand Assortment Equity• Right customer
  12. 12. the problem we solveMULTI-SOURCE, BIG DATA ANALYTICS TO OPTIMIZE PRICE ANDASSORTMENT“Which of my products “What are the margin, “How do I utilize everyare under- or over-priced conversion and profit relevant data point torelative to my implications from optimize price andcompetition?” dynamic pricing?” assortment?”Real-time competitive Integrated platform for Big, multi-source dataPricing intelligence changing price and tracking analytics to optimize price conversions/ profit Today 2012 2013 There is so much When I change priceI have no scalable way to track available data, how daily, weekly orcompetitive pricing at the SKU do I determine its monthly is itlevel. impact on price and profitable? assortment?
  13. 13. our technology and approachDATA SCIENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING: WHY DO YOU CARE? Math andMore than just acquiring Statisticsdata InsightMore than just analyzing and Machinedata Analysis LearningDeep insight into whatdata actually means Software Engineering Data ScienceAbility to scale and adjustquickly throughautomation.
  14. 14. our technology and approachBLACK LOCUS DATA PIPELINE Collect Extract Ingest Learn Analyze Deliver Collect – collect semi-structured and structured data from different sources Extract – clean and transform semi-structured data into structured Ingest – store and make the data available via search and/or query Learn – iterative machine learning to identify product matches Analyze – intelligence, metrics, and verification Deliver – integration into the platform
  15. 15. #bigdataretail The Platform of Big Data Technology + The “Right Product, Right Price, Right Time” Big Data Application
  16. 16. #bigdataretail big data infrastructure made simple some of our customers our partners
  17. 17. #bigdataretail poll
  18. 18. #bigdataretail Analytics Applications & Workflows Analytics Technology & Big Data Platform Infrastructure AnalyticsApplications & Workflows Price and Assortment Intelligence
  19. 19. #bigdataretail Retail Big Data Architecture BI SystemsDemo- collect & analyze ask questions,graphics Foot Traffic real-time data build appsERP CRM POS Social MediaRFID Mobile predictiveClickstream Ratings & analytics Reviews
  20. 20. #bigdataretail provide customers Prices from with pricing Across the collect data information Web Customer Data analyze
  21. 21. #bigdataretail benefits we provide retailers we are • an end-to-end solution • a flexible big data foundation to build upon • your outsourced big data partner we generate insights you need • quickly • without capital investment (cloud) • without investing in new talent (managed) • tailored for your business
  22. 22. #bigdataretail learn more >> sales@infochimps.c amos@blacklocus.co om m 1-855-328-2386 415-505-7398 Request a Demo: Request a Demo: http://bigdata.infochimps.c http://resources.blacklocus.co om/request-a-big-data- m/requestyourdemo/ platform-demo/
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