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The Infochimps Platform is your end-to-end Big Data solution, complete with infrastructure and expertise. Scalably and affordably ingest data from your legacy databases, data feeds, data from the web, or our Data Marketplace. Make it useful with algorithm hosting, Elastic Hadoop, and in-stream data augmentation. Let us host and manage your database, or deliver data back to your current stack.

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Meet the Infochimps Platform

  1. 1. Agenda Common Big Data Problems (STRESS) Our Solution: The Infochimps Platform ◦ Architecture ◦ Technologies – Ironfan & Partners ◦ Data Marketplace ◦ Deployment, Support & Services What Differentiates Us? Q&A Next Steps
  2. 2. Common Big Data Problems (STRESS) Scaling ◦ I can’t handle the level of data throughput or data management. Time ◦ My employees spend too much time and energy dealing with data rather than getting what we need out of it. Reliability ◦ I need better visibility into my systems. Efficiency ◦ I only want to run clusters (and pay for them) when I need them. Staff ◦ Hiring experienced Big Data professionals is challenging and expensive. Sourcing ◦ I can’t reliably bring in outside data sources to give my internal data context.
  3. 3. Infochimps Platform: Architecture
  4. 4. Infochimps Platform: Technologies A robust tool set for working with a Big Data stack Ironfan Wukong The foundation for your Big Ruby for Hadoop. Use efficient, Data stack. Makes provisioning effective Hadoop streaming & and configuring Big Data bulk data processing for infrastructure simple. terabyte-scale data using micro scripts. Wonderdog Swineherd A Hadoop interface for Elastic Flexible workflow data glue. Run Search. Designed to work with scripts & workflows for filesystems, Pig, but you can also create including HDFS. Supports Pig, custom Hadoop jobs. Wukong, and R scripts.
  5. 5. Infochimps Platform: Partners With partner technologies, we can create complete, customized end-to-end solutions Provider of the industry-leading Hadoop-based platform for enterprise Business intelligence solution built on Hadoop for business users, data analysts, and data scientists Leader in cloud infrastructure automation; experts behind Chef Leading expert for Apache Cassandra, providing software, support and services
  6. 6. Infochimps Platform: Data Marketplace Get customer insights, enhance your analytics and apps, and more with our Data Marketplace
  7. 7. Infochimps Platform: Services & Support Not all Big Data problems look the same. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Implementation Best Practices Everything is set up quickly and Leverage our years of experience tailored to your needs, so you and best practices to make can get to answers & insights implementation smooth and faster. simple. Integration Support Our robust tool set and Platform are Get 24x7 support from our brilliant flexible – integrating seamlessly team of Big Data experts. with your existing infrastructure for a painless transition. Consulting services also available.
  8. 8. We Address Your STRESS Scaling ◦ Scalably and affordably ingest and manage data Time ◦ Save time with faster implementation and easier experimentation Reliability ◦ Get total transparency into your data infrastructure Efficiency ◦ Only run (and pay for) clusters when you need them Staff ◦ Bring our years of Big Data expertise into your organization Sourcing ◦ Give your data context with our rich Data Marketplace and other available data sources
  9. 9. What Differentiates Us? Offer a Complete Big Data Solution ◦ Implementation services ◦ Hosting services (Cloud-based – private and public) ◦ Ongoing support Data Augmentation with the Data Marketplace ◦ In-stream analytics ◦ Data value enhancement In Demand Big Data Expertise ◦ Brilliant team of data scientists and engineers Years of Experience in Big Data Problem Solving ◦ Used this technology to build one of the world’s largest, most diversified data marketplaces Community Innovators ◦ Major contributions to the open source community, addressing Big Data problems
  10. 10. Q & A, Next Steps How can we help you with your Big Data problems? Do you have an active project or identified business need for a Big Data solution? Are you thinking about deploying a Hadoop Solution, but don’t know where to start?
  11. 11. Thank You! 855-DATA-FUN @infochimps