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Infographic: CIOs & Big Data


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Infochimps Survey: What IT Teams Want CIOs to Know About Big Data

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Infographic: CIOs & Big Data

  1. 1. CIOS & BIG DATA What Your IT Team Wants You to Know of Big Data projects 55% are not completed WHY? ! [ ] [ ] 58% 41% 39%inaccurate scope technical roadblocks SILOED DATA AND NON-COOPERATIONO of enterprises do not have Big Data 6%nly in their Top 10 IT Priorities list Outside of Big Data, top priorities are mobile, dashboarding, and website 100 75 48% 47% 50 45% 25 0 all taking place at the app layer above the infrastructure stack When it comes to analytics projects the top 2 reasons cited for failure arelack of expertise to connect the dots & lack of business context around data batch analytics - and -Real-time analyticsare almost equally importantWhen it comes to phases of big dataprojects, these pose the most difficulty 43% Processing the data 42% ongoing mgmt of the data 41% analyzing the dataWhen it comes to big data projects,the most significant challenge faced is 76% 75% 80% finding the right tools time 73% 72% finding talent understanding education the platforms Top requirements of big data solutions Ease of #1 management Ability #2 to scale Flexible #3 architecture Speed to #4 Deployment IT teams believe that while it is important for Executive Management to have increased access to enterprise data, those who have the greatest ability to impact bottom line revenue as a result of increased access to enterprise data are:Data Scientists and Analytics Staff followed by Application Developers & Business Users January 24, 2013 *Infochimps and SSWUG.ORG queried more than 300 IT department employees for this report in fall of 2012, 58% of whom identify themselves as currently being involved in big data initiatives. Infochimps, Inc 1214 W 6th St. Suite 202 Austin, TX 78703 1-855-328-2386 Twitter: @infochimps © 2013 Infochimps, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.