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Global Arts Collaboration Near and Far
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Global Arts Collaboration Near and Far


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My Super Session slides from the 2014 National Arts Education Association conference in San Diego.

My Super Session slides from the 2014 National Arts Education Association conference in San Diego.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Media Arts Collaboration Near and Far
  • 2. Matt Cauthron @imagemonki
  • 3. Sara Lopez iBook Authorista 2014 Salutatorian
  • 4.
  • 5. The Far . . .
  • 6. The Student Creative
  • 7. A collection of global art challenges that invites secondary students from around the globe to collaborate on a common theme. w/ book proceeds benefiting the Jacaranda Foundation The
  • 8. (A Brief) History
  • 9. The Challenges
  • 10. Inviting students to.... use light painting to suggest a story or reveal something magical about the places that they live.
  • 11. Inviting students to.... to use high speed photography to capture an instance of magical realism.
  • 12. Inviting students to.... learn about Surrealism by creating a self portrait that contains clues about their life, dreams, culture, and community using operational techniques for transformation.
  • 13. Inviting students to.... create artwork based on their own modern myths or a modern version of a classic.
  • 14. Inviting students to.... investigate what the concept of five means to them.
  • 15. Join the conversation . . . Art Education 2.0 The Adobe Education Exchange Grab the books on
  • 16. The Near . . .
  • 17. 201320122011 The Rio Vista Collaborations
  • 18. 2014 On My Way…
  • 19. To provide a collaborative learning experience between students, emphasizing a variety of art, technology, & 21st Century skills.
  • 20. By Korean artist Yeondoo Jung Inspiration: Wonderland
  • 21. The Process …
  • 22. Pandora: By DI sophomore w/assistance from Ex-Buena Vista Pictures Pres. David Vogel. Begins w/the Story … Unicorns: Written as part of a 3rd grade level writing contest. Tahquitz: Reached out to middle school GATE English w/the idea of multiple perspectives. On My Way: A collaborative poem that chronicles the 3rd grade perspective from baby to their future.
  • 23. Students co-illustrate the story Collaboration
  • 24. w/assistance from PSUSD VAPA Coordinator Artwork
  • 25. Taking it digital to re-create the children’s artwork
  • 26. Presentation in front of a very tough audience!
  • 27. Audio & Video Editing w/GarageBand and iMovie
  • 28. iBook Authoring
  • 29. The Solution(s)…
  • 30. Created to
  • 31. Publish to Vimeo
  • 32. Media Festivals taking it beyond the grade!
  • 33. Marks Center for the Arts as traditional artists do
  • 34. Sara Lopez iBook Authorista