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DATA Demo Day Dec. 2015


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Slides from the Digital Arts Technology Academy's Dec. 2015 Demonstration Day

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DATA Demo Day Dec. 2015

  1. 1. House Keeping Bathrooms Agenda Apple Release Forms (Super) Quick Intros *Educating for Careers Sacramento, March 3-6
  2. 2. FCP, iBooks, iTunes Student Engagement Partnerships, Interdisciplinary Projects Photo, Storytelling, Technology Successful Practices Academy Structure
  3. 3. Academy Overview
  4. 4. High interest activities for at-risk pupils not motivated by regular educational curriculum 54690.b / 54692.6 Focusing Student Creativity
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Bill Ferriter, The Tempered Radical July, 2013
  8. 8. Community Partners Life Touch Studios Digicom Student Film Festival Coachella Valley Economic Partnership Desert Advertising Federation
 Apple Education
 NNC Digital Media Design Palm Springs Visitor's Bureau Imagine Imagery Hot Purple Energy Cathedral City Arts Commission Sherrill & Associates Alt9 Productions Epidemic Skateboard Shop Coachella Valley Art Center Palm Springs Film Society
 El Paseo Fashion Week
 Indian Wells Arts Festival
 The California Arts Project California Student Media Festival
 Desert Promotions Rancho Mirage Public Library SMaRT Education Brian Evans Photography Michael Childers Photography Coachella Valley Art Scene Palm Springs Historical Society Summerlight Consulting Luminescence Photography Inland Empire Media Academy The Foundation for PSUSD
  9. 9. Full Sail University Woodbury University The Art Institute FIDM The Kubert School Columbia College Brooks Institute Pasadena Art Center Ex’pression College Otis CSU Dominguez Hills CSU Humboldt CSU Northridge CSU Los Angeles CSU Fullerton CSU Los Angeles CSU San Bernardino CSU Channel Islands CSU San Marcos CSU Monterey Bay CSU Stanislaus San Diego State BYU Cal Baptist Cal Poly Pomona UC Berkley UC Davis UCLA UC Irvine UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Cruz Cabrillo College Santa Monica College Fullerton College College of the Desert Kaplan College Napa Valley College
  10. 10. Academy Structure
  11. 11. Curriculum Career Theme - Arts, Media & Entertainment • CVEP labor market analysis • Growth in local industry in need of trained labor force • Integration of standards-based academics & CTE sequential curriculum • 10th & 11th grades: 3 academic classes & 1 CTE course • 12th grade: 1 academic class & 1 CTE capstone course CPA Academy Model
  12. 12. Staffing • Teachers request to participate • Willing to work with at-risk students • Recruit faculty with appropriate credentials • Clearly define roles both inside & outside the classroom • Keep team small and utilize looping
  13. 13. Student Selection • 50% at risk students • Participation is voluntary • Application process based upon need and interest Business Involvement • Advisory board • Help develop CTE curriculum • Provide classroom speakers • Host field trip and job shadow opportunities • Provide Mentors • Provide internships
  14. 14. Mentor Program • 11th grade • Structured agenda 1/month • Supervised by certificated team member • Role models • Build self esteem & motivation • Career preparation • Community connections Internship Program • After 11th grade • Apply for positions: resumes, job applications, interviews • Companies make the decision
  15. 15. Funding • District provides 100 % matching funds by direct and in-kind support • School within a school • Business partners provide 100% matching funds by direct and in-kind support • Performance based reported • Common planning period • Blocking two or more subjects together • Motivational activities
  16. 16. Budget Percentages 39% Coordinator’s cost, team summer planning, benefits 37% College visits, conferences, SkillsUSA State teacher travel, and PD 10% CTE class equipment (cameras, lenses, etc) 9% Supplemental classroom supplies  5% District indirect costs
  17. 17. DATA Defined - Beyond the Model • Partnerships with Industry, Community & Higher Education • Dual strand - Digital Imaging & Digital Storytelling • 2 academic levels at tenth grade • Heterogeneous CTE electives • Career Readiness Curriculum • Mock interview day • Cross-curricular activities, grade level project and off-campus activities • Scholarship & personal statement support • Pathway from Middle to high school • Articulation with postsecondary education • CTSO: SkillsUSA • Designated Counselor
  18. 18. Middle School Introductory Concentration Concentration Capstone 7th & 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Digital Media Design & Computer Graphic Design Contemporary Media *Media Literacy Photo II, Animation, or Intermediate Digital Media Production **Digital Imaging or Advanced Digital Media Production Industry Portfolio created in partnership with the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership Pre-Academy 30 hrs Community Service 30 hours of Community Service & Mentor Program 20 hours Internship < SkillsUSA - Career Student Technical Organization > All high school courses are UC Approved AME CTE and Visual Arts *College Prep Elective **Articulated with College of the Desert
  19. 19. • Sees the “Big Picture” • Expert on graduation requirements • Expertise on post-secondary educational programs and eligibility requirements (a-g) • Expertise on career exploration process • Works with scheduling and data collection • Link between parents, faculty and students • Member of academy leadership team • Provides classroom and individual career/college guidance • Plans and participates in off-campus activities Designated Academy Counselor
  20. 20. • Monitor Current Students • Common planning period • Progress grade reports for team review • Recommend remediation & tutoring • At-risk list monitoring, weekly mentoring • Follow-up with students and parents • New Applicant Selection • Transcripts • Attendance • Discipline • Interview • Recommendation Team Collaboration
  21. 21. High School Recruitment • All 9th grade students receive information & application • Introductory 9th grade class: Contemporary Media • All visual arts students targeted via a multimedia presentation in DATA classroom and given opportunity to meet CTE instructors and counselor • Applications are distributed & students sign interest list • Teacher & student teams interview
  22. 22. Middle School Recruitment • New: 2015 “Create Day” • MS students spend the day • Students complete Contemporary Media Application • Students rank workshops • Workshops taught by academy students • Perkins Funds pay for bus and subs
  23. 23. DATA-DS.COM
  25. 25. ★ Film, Video, Audio, VFX tech skills using industry standard equipment and software THE PROGRAM ★ College and career preparation ★ Work with/as professionals ★ Build critical thinking, self expression, and interpersonal communication skills D I G I TA L S TORY T E L L I N G Desert Town Hall | PSUSD | The Desert Sun Kim & Jim Productions | PS Historical Society | CCHS ASB
  27. 27. HAPPENING NOW ★ Juniors and seniors completing original short films ★ SkillsUSA prep for Regionals ★ CCNews app relaunch ★ Weekly radio show/podcasts D I G I TA L S TORY T E L L I N G ★ Community and industry partner projects
  28. 28. Photography Graphics Game Ani
  29. 29. Event Photography IWAF on Hot Purple Energy Digicom Student Film Fest Oscar Night @ Mary Pickford Champions of Excellence Street & 111 Festivals PS Zombie Walk Glo Runs
  30. 30. Collaborations Rio Vista Collaborations published to the iBook Store The Student Creative global visual arts challenges
  31. 31. Out THERE CUE Journal & mobile app Sculptures Pacific magazine DATA print media & gear CPA Brochure / LHA Logo Courageous Creativity CCHS graphic media iTunes & the Web Gallery Exhibits
  32. 32. Professional Workshops Local Designs Visiting Regional Agencies Alumni Return Teen Docent Program Assisting Apple @ CUE Other
  33. 33. Awards CA Student Media Fest / PBS Digicom Film Festival Desert Ad Fed Scholastic Art & Writing PS Art Museum Cathedral City Arts Commission Spotlight Music Center California Streaming Desert Art Center SBValley College SkillsUSA
  34. 34. What’s New? 3D Printing & Scanning Game Design Teams CC Library Family Portraits Student Shows 3D Printing Workshops Logo Design >Vinyl Printing Instagram Contest CV Link
  35. 35. Interdisciplinary Projects Integrating technology to support core curriculum
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Countries largest CTSO Representing AME+ industries Fundraising & Leadership Resumes & Pro Assessments Interacting w/Professionals @ regional, state, & national levels Extended Preparation for National Competitions A little travel and FUN!
  38. 38. Gearing Up for Year 6 From 143 to 90 Members 24 Skill & leadership events 1st State Officer & 2 more developing
  39. 39. @ Nellie Coffman Middle School Student2Student Mentoring
  40. 40. Joan Boiko & Guadalupe Junior Mentoring / Interning
  41. 41. Jadin & Javin Behind the Blue
  42. 42. Ambriel & Pamela The Rio Vista Collaborations
  43. 43. Hillary Rivera Student2Student to Junior Mentor
  44. 44. Miguel & Guadalupe SkillsUSA
  45. 45. Josh & Manuel Gone in the Moment
  46. 46.