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Engagement, Art, & Often Children : Gobal Exhibit Forum Sweden


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Known locally as Intensivdagarna:

"Intensivdagarna is Sweden’s largest conference and prime meeting place for professionals working with the exhibition medium.

"The conference takes place in the premises of Swedish Exhibition Agency on the island of Gotland in December 2012. The programme containes more than 60 lectures and workshops focused on everything from new technology, audience involvement, marketing and contemporary art to trend-spotting for future exhibitions and global perspectives."

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Engagement, Art, & Often Children : Gobal Exhibit Forum Sweden

  1. 1. Engagement, Art, & Often Children Intensivdagarna 2012 Maria Mortati, Museum Exhibit Developer | San Francisco
  2. 2. FORMAL Interactive Galleries, Contemporary Wing, Baltimore Museum of Art Center for Creative Connections, Dallas Museum of Art Children’s Creativity Museum Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  3. 3. INFORMAL The San Francisco Mobile Museum The Giant Hand Machine Project @ The Hammer Museum Critter Salon by Phil Ross Desire Trails Public Program, Headlands Center for the Arts
  4. 4. What might interactivity -for any age- look like in a contemporary art museum?
  5. 5. The Giant Hand <movie> with Machine Project at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
  6. 6. My best practice assumptions Yes: 21st century skills, project-based learning, life long learners, “design thinking,” etc. Opportunities for all ages ADA Accessible, Non-toxic, Green Locally-made Local partners and collaborators Intelligent and fun
  7. 7. Where I think we are now • We are moving away from a cultural stewardship model to being producers, informers, and co-creators. • We are taking what is essentially an art and designed-based mindset into museums. o Which, if you’re in an art museum, is closer in line with how artists work In order to do this work, we need to have better institutional agility. What could that look like?
  8. 8. I may use this word a lot: Platforms Platforms are systems that support multidisciplinary or cross-institutional projects. Physical or conceptual frameworks that allow for the ease of exhibit development and implementation. They can provide an infrastructure that works out the common needs for an experience
  9. 9. Experimental practice can be for museums: • You don't need to wait until you have all the answers to try something out. It takes the pressure off. • Exhibits are team-based projects… if you try small and have a rewarding experience, you can build internal competency, and also get everybody on board. • An added plus? • It’s inherently participatory: the public feels a sense of ownership, like they are a part of something • It’s fun.
  10. 10. From Zeum to the Children’s Creativity Museum
  11. 11. How do you insert a creative place for little ones in a field of technology? --- when your first focus is on launching the brand
  12. 12. Understand your assets and liabilities Young staff Young staff Location Location Architecture Architecture Funding needs Funding needs Fallen off the radar Fallen off the radar
  13. 13. Understand your new audience 0 to 12 mos: 12 to 14 mos: 2 year olds: 3-4 year olds: 4-5 year olds: I love to look at moving light, birds, fish, c hanging colors. This is time for independence and for me to see how far away from my parent am I willing to go? I can talk in 2-3 sentences and can work in parallel with others. I know how to work in a group, and understand that I am part of a collective. I’m starting to collect things and draw what I see in my environment.
  14. 14. Before (digital)
  15. 15. analog After (analog… with the good digital bits remaining)
  16. 16. Maximize creativity while meeting the needs of children, their caregivers and staff.
  17. 17. A DIY studio and an “MIY” platform - you’re designing for parents and children
  18. 18. A dress-up and role playing space with acoustics (and storage!)
  19. 19. A building play platform from magnets to forts & beyond, with a separate spot for the very young
  20. 20. A quiet spot for reading or nursing
  21. 21. A food truck clay play area designed to mimic what was happening in the adjacent animation studio.
  22. 22. 2 “Cloud Gallery” mobiles for local artists to program and kids to fill A graphical hierarchy that allowed the young staff to manage A system that employed the brand for wayfinding but not in place of creativity.
  23. 23. The San Francisco Mobile Museum
  24. 24. What can community participation look like?
  25. 25. We created a system that showed up in parks, storefronts, and a museum.
  26. 26. We documented and treated their work honorably, and expanded upon it via the blog.
  27. 27. We offered on-site participation for our “visitors”
  28. 28. Looking for Loci The inaugural exhibit, and an inter-city collaboration Have you ever found a place in your home, neighborhood or city, and felt an invisible energy, almost like magic? In Roman culture, this was called "Genius Loci", which referred to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or spirit. In our urban environments these places can be more difficult to find, or lost altogether– but they do exist.
  29. 29. Dinah, age 6 Genius Loci: rabbit hutch If I could go anywhere I would get shrunk down really small and live in a rabbit hutch. I would ride the bunnies all day long. And at night I would sleep with my head on their fluffy tails. That or go to sushi.
  30. 30. Peter, age 50 Genius Loci: San Francisco, below grade My box is about San Francisco's underground.. I don't mean some counter culture scene but the physical place under San Franciscans' feet. As a gardener here for many years, I've dug in it's mostly sandy, soft soil, regularly finding an old marble or fragment of pottery--sometimes an old cast iron toy or clay bottle, even a layer of charcoal & fused glass, evidence of the 1906 earthquake & fire.
  31. 31. Kevin, age 36 Genius Loci: The Stock Option One of the protective spirits of Silicon Valley is the stock option. It helps to create the environment that we love - creative & energetic people working together to build amazing things. Unfortunately the stock option can be bit of a trickster spirit, luring people away from their families with promises of riches... often only to disappoint. Note: Kevin was recently laid off, and his stock options are worth nothing.
  32. 32. Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) New Contemporary Wing
  33. 33. How could you engage with conceptual art?
  34. 34. Front-end prototyping and evaluation
  35. 35. Artists may not want it: • Oh well • Move on
  36. 36. Moving along: Working with a concept across contemporary art, vs. a work of art Finding local experts to collaborate with and realize the vision Baltimore Museum of Art
  37. 37. Draft of final video - contextualizing artwork on view Baltimore Museum of Art
  38. 38. Baltimore Museum of Art and Post Typography
  39. 39. Honoring their participation through design and display Baltimore Museum of Art
  40. 40. Experimental projects: learning through art
  41. 41. How else can art -in all its forms- engage children?
  42. 42. Phil Ross’ Enormous Microscopic Evening, Machine Project at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
  43. 43. Mark - Thanks so much, not only for the manual, machine, and tools, but also for leading an event where Tommy was just able to be himself. You probably won't be shocked to hear that Tommy doesn't always fit in easily (nor did his dad, of course, though in different ways) particularly among his age-group peers... but it was clear to him and me after the evening event that he was in a happy place. So thanks to you and Maria both.
  44. 44. What do you think the possibilities are for children, art, and museum experiences?
  45. 45. THANK YOU! MARIA@MORTATI.COM WWW.MORTATI.COM Maria Mortati | Intensivdagarna