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Art 1 Teaching Portfolio


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This presentation includes project descriptions and student work samples from my Art I curriculum, which is a beginning level art course.

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Art 1 Teaching Portfolio

  1. 1. Art I Teaching Portfolio by Stacie Smith
  2. 2. NEWSPAPER COLLAGES Students learned about value, contrast, and gradation in visual art. They then composed a portrait using the values found in newsprint to accurately create the image.
  3. 5. SELF-PORTRAITS Students expanded upon the visual art concepts presented in the Newspaper Collages in order to create a self-portrait using graphite and a drawing grid. Students gained a deeper understanding of value, contrast, gradation, and learned to use the technique of shading.
  4. 8. BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION Once students were familiar with the grid method, they were able to experiment with charcoal and apply their newly acquired skills to a large scale portrait honoring Billie Holiday. Each student got their own square to create and add to the class piece.
  5. 11. PRINTMAKING Students studied the work of various African American artists to analyze how they use art to express their ideas on contemporary society through various artistic mediums. Students then developed their own imagery to share their interpretation of what black history month means to them. These images were made into prints and on display for a special visitor…
  6. 12. A Lecture and Printmaking Demonstration by Dr. Margaret Burroughs
  7. 13. PERSONAL LOGOS Students designed their own logos to represent their individual personalities. The concepts of color theory and advertising were explored, as well as effective use of oil pastels.
  8. 16. Talkback: The Bubble Project Students studied the use of advertising messages in our society today, focusing upon the purpose, intention, and the influence on our lives that the media has. Students studied the work of Packard Jennings and Ji Lee as examples of artists taking back public space. Students then created their own form of “The Bubble Project” to communicate their own ideas.
  9. 18. CARICATURES Students learned about the elements of line and shape, as well as the intention of caricatures to portray an individual using exaggeration. They then decided upon specific personal characteristics that explained who they are to create a caricature of their own.
  10. 21. AUTOBIOGRAPHICALCOMIC STRIPS Students learned about creating the illusion of space on a 2-dimensional surface using aerial perspective concepts. Students studied various comic artists and brainstormed memorable stories of their own. They drew from personal experiences to create a comic utilizing aerial perspective skills.
  11. 24. SOCIAL CONCERN PHOTO COLLAGES Students brainstormed social concerns that they felt strongly about through various writing activities, and analyzed the artwork of Barbara Kruger for inspiration. Using digital photography and collage techniques, students expressed their own views on our contemporary society through art.
  12. 26. SOCIAL CONCERN MIXED MEDIA Students decided upon social concerns that they felt strongly about and created artwork depicting their ideas. Students utilized the concepts of juxtaposition and experimented with mixed media techniques.
  14. 28. ABSTRACT PAINTING Students learned about color theory and color schemes to apply these to the meaning and use of abstract art. Students investigated color, line, shape, movement, and the emotive qualities of art in order to create their own compositions of abstraction.
  15. 30. SURREALIST PAINTINGS Students learned about the dreamlike fantasy world of Surrealism through acrylic painting on canvas board. The concepts of color theory and value were revisited throughout the painting process.
  16. 32. SUMI-E PAINTING Students studied Japanese ink painting in order to create their own work in the Sumi-e Style.
  17. 34. A PIECE OF THE ENVIRONMENT Students learned concepts of 3-dimensional form, while exploring various clay techniques. Using the artwork and ideas of artist Maya Lin as inspiration, students then created an abstract ceramic piece influenced by an element of the environment.
  18. 37. GROUP SCULPTURES Students learned concepts of 3-dimensional form, while exploring texture and abstraction. Using the artwork and ideas of artists Louise Nevelson and Jean Debuffet as inspiration, students then created an abstract sculpture piece to form the larger class sculpture. The individual student found him or herself an important piece of the larger whole.
  19. 40. CREATE!