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Focusing Student Creativity


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DATA's California Partnership Lighthouse Academy presentation at the Educating for Careers Conference.

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Focusing Student Creativity

  1. 1.
  2. 2. High interest activities for at-risk pupils not motivated by regular educational curriculum 54690.b / 54692.6 Focusing Student Creativity
  3. 3. Matt Cauthron | Digital Imaging & 3d Tom Buck | Digital Storytelling Deborah Applebaum | Counselor & Coordinator
  4. 4. Your Questions?
  5. 5. A Brief Academy Overview
  6. 6. Site Support Employee of the Year 2013-14
  7. 7. Began as an SSP Advisory / Comm. Partnerships School w/in a School Common Prep Periods A Dedicated Counselor Grades 10-12 9th Grade Pre-Academy
  8. 8. Grade 9 Introductory Grade 10 Concentration Grade 11 Concentration Grade 12 Capstone Contemporary Media Media Literacy (Digital Photo) Animation, Photo II, Int. Digital Media Production Adv. Digital Media Production 
 (coming soon)
 Digital Imaging UC Approved UC Approved UC Approved UC Approved DI Articulated Students travel together in English, Math, History and a CTE elective * Only fully UC approved Arts, Media, Entertainment CTE Pathway in the CoachellaValley
  9. 9. Students travel in core subjects College, Museum, Studio Visits Middle School Articulation Student2Student Mentoring Junior Mentoring w/Professionals The Rio Vista Collaborations Sophomore Workshops w/Pros Shooting El Paseo Fashion Week? Academic Based
  10. 10. DATA Digital Imaging DATA Digital Storytelling DATA SkillsUSA Career Based
  11. 11.
  12. 12. “Story is the foundation, technology is the tool.” Film Production TV Production CCNews App Screenwriting
  13. 13. ! CCNews App created in partnership with 
 The Desert Sun New Course 
 (Digital Media Production) Creativity & Collaboration Student Initiatives New Opportunities
  14. 14. Community & Industry Partnerships ! Desert Arc The Annenberg Foundation at Sunnylands Mayfield College Rancho Mirage HS Video Marketing
  15. 15. Festivals & ! All junior & senior projects leave the classroom DigiCom Tales of Cathedral City White House Student Film Fest Academy Festival (1stYear) ! Contests
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Event Photography PS Zombie Walk Hot Purple Photography DigiCom Student Film Fest Oscar Night @ Mary Pickford
  18. 18. Collaboration Multi-age projects published to the iBook Store ! Global digital arts challenges
  19. 19. Support Media On CUE Journal On CUE+ mobile app Sculptures Pacific magazine Print marketing
  20. 20. Other! Assisting Apple @ CUE Alumni Return Local Designs Visting local agencies CC Zombies w/Silicon Springs Teen Docent Program
  21. 21. Accolades CA Student Media Fest PSUSD’s DigiCom Scholastic Art & Writing Palm Springs Art Museum City of Cathedral City SBValley College Film Fest Desert Advertising Federation SkillsUSA Gold!
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Now inYear 4 98 members for 2014 Regionals: 24 Gold, 10 Silver, 7 Bronze | 22 Contest Areas 4 NCMS Students 80 advancing to State!
  24. 24. Fundraising w/ local groups Interacting w/pros @ regional, state, & national levels Extended preparation for national competition Students GET IT!
  25. 25. James Workman Middle School ------- Nellie Coffman Middle School Student2Student Mentoring
  26. 26. Changes | Failures New Courses Re-Branding & Identity Recruitment Consistent Community Partners Maintaining the Machine Taking Risks Those “CPA Moments”
  27. 27. Visit Us May 21st!