40th installation issue


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40th installation issue of Rotaract club of Dombivli

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40th installation issue

  1. 1. Rotaract movement Rotaract is an International organization of service clubs for men andwomen aged 18-30 that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship, encourages high ethicalstandards in business and promotes International understanding and peace. Rotaract is aprogram of Rotary International. Rotaract club works under the guidance of the local Rotaryclub and take their name from a combination of the words Rotary and action. The first officiallychartered Rotaract club was in North Carolina, in 1986, but club of young people associated inservice with local Rotary Clubs had existed for several years in India and Europe. Today there are 7300 clubs in more than 170 countries. Club drawsmembers from community or is organized as an extracurricular activity for college students.Rotaract club conducts formal meetings, usually every two weeks, which feature speakers, toursof local business, cultural activities, discussions and visits to other clubs. Rotaractors utilizeweekends for service project work, social events and professional and leadership developmentworkshop. Every Rotaract club is a part of district Rotaract organization, run by electedrepresentative with support from sponsoring Rotarians. About Rotaract club of Dombivli Rotaract club of Dombivli is one of the oldest Club in the dist 3140completing 39 glorious years. It all started in January 1972, the year when club was framed.The club was chartered on 25th march 1973 by the hands of the dist governor of dist 3140Rtn.C.V. Jog at Rotary Seva Kendra. The charter president Rtn.M.R.Patil laid down the foundation of theRotaract club of Dombivli and since then the club has not looked back and growing in aleaps and bounds. In the year 1988 the president started the project Shrikant and it is still anongoing project of the club. The other projects are Chanakshya, Ranbhoomi which gives aplatform to youth to show their talents. In addition to this, we conduct projects likeworkshops for 10th and 12th students, seminar on various technical and general topics,exchange teams where in members from other district visit our club and our club andmembers of our club are hosted by other clubs, blood donation camps, eye check up campsnew project introduced in this year SHWAN ..The anti rabies drive etc. We are proud tosay that we have given a DRR Rtr. Bharat Anikhindi and Rtr. Sanjeev Tambe to Dist. 3140.
  2. 2. From the desk of Editor…It feels great to write for my first bulletin of Rotaract Club ofDombivli as an Editor. I want to thanks IPP Rtr.AnkushRasane for having faith on me last year he gave me anopportunity to work for 2 main bulletin release ” INSIGHT3140” & RI convention “AAGAAZ”. It was a memorable andwonderful experience. Now all experience of my surely helpin the Presidential year of Rtr.Amol Patil. As this bulletin isall about expressing emotion, freedom, colours of Rotaractand yes offcourse new relation with Parent Rotary. I wouldlike to thank each & everyone who helped me in preparing thisbulletin and for giving me an opportunity to serve as an Editorfor the club. I hope in the coming year we will definitely rockwith our bulletins and innovative Projects.Yours-in-RotaractRtr.ILIYAS SALMANIEditor/ Web Comm/ Jt.Secretary2012-13
  3. 3. From the desk of Rotary President…Dear Rotractors, It gives me immense pleasure to be with the young generation of the Rotary onthe occasion of the installation of the President AMOL. I got the opportunity tobe in close association with Rotaractors during 2010-11 being RCC. During thisI discovered my young days in colleges. The enthusiasm and the spirit of“ Service Above Self” exhibited by you were praiseworthy. Since then I feelyoung whenever I meet you during meetings & projects. The Rotaract-Rotary relations are like child and Parents and there exist goodbonding between two over the years. During the year joint projects can beplanned which will make effective impact on the community. I am really proud of you all for having earned many awards at an individualand at the club level; you have hosted district assembly and also gotappreciation for Project SHIKSHA from district. My congratulations to Amol,Iliyas, Ankush, Neeta and Mayank for your personal excellence. RI recognitionfor nominating project SHRIKANT for outstanding Project is the peak of Glory. Well done Ankush andmy hearty congratulations to you and your team. Please strive to improve your membership with dedicated Rotractors leading to club & personaldevelopment. To continue Rotary career please convince your alumni’s to join Rotary or get in touch withus. RI president Sakuji Tanaka has laid greater emphasis to promote rotary theme “Peace ThroughService” and hence we should plan our project to establish peace by satisfying the needs of thecommunity through our service. I wish all the best to President Amol and his team for the fruitful year ahead.Rtn. Shankar SathawaneRotary Club Of Dombivli.President ,2012-13
  4. 4. From the desk of Rotary Secretary…Dear Friends,Congratulations to the going President Rtr.Ankush Rasane forthe excellent Rotaract Year. It is always a pleasure to see aRotaractor performing for I have been a Rotaractor once andnow Rotarian. I know and understand how difficult it is to doprojects in the Pocket Money we get. At the same time I say thatit is also the best Management School. You would go for it witha no Package mindset and learn all the aspects of Managementskills with the most limited resources and yet make the best offriends for life.On behalf of Rotary Club Dombivli and our PresidentRtn.Shankar Sathawane We extend our best Wishes and Supportto the incoming Team of Rtr.Amol Patil for a wonderful year ahead. Rotaract is all aboutFriendship fellowship and self Development. Enjoy the projects and remember “This Is YourTime in Rotaract. This is one of the very important and outstanding reason why you had joinedRotaract, to be a Leader to assist and take you club to the next level. Give your Best and Leavethe Rest”.Rtn .Sachin V GandheSecretary –Rotary Club Dombivli2012-13.
  5. 5. From the desk of DRR…..RC Dombivli ke sabhi Rotaractors ko mera Prembhara Namaskar!!Since the time I joined the Rotaract movement, I always heard thisone thing, if you want to see a club doing community service at itsbest then go and visit the Rotaract Club of Dombivli once.A club which has served the community non stop for 40 years. Butevolution is one process that has never stopped in the club & todaythe club is one which is not only known for its community base, butall other avenues of service as well.I do like to congratulate Rtr.Ankush Rasane and his team for a verysuccessful year. And Rtr.Amol Patil and his team All the best, forthe year 2012-13. And to all RC Dombivli members, its time toreach out and fly high.Its time to Soar Horizons.Lets Celebrate together!!Yours truelyRtr Naseem KanchwalaDRR 12-13RID 3140
  6. 6. From the desk of IPP…..Dear Rotaractors,It is indeed my pleasure to write for the installation bulletin.Rotaract Club of Dombivli has always been one of the well-known clubs inthe RI Dist 3140 for its various community service projects. Being the oldestclub in RI Dist 3140, the Rotaract Club of Dombivli has a legacy of dynamicleaders. I am happy to see that President Rtr. Amol Patil has taken anexcellent initiative of connecting with clubs across the globe.Martin Luther King Jr. said that if you are a street sweeper, so be it- but cleanyour street so well that others are forced to acknowledge your existence andfeel that “here lived a street sweeper who did his job well”. We need torealize that often the job we do is out of our own choice, so it is best to do itwell. “Thus anything worth doing is worth doing passionately”. We all join Rotaract out of our own interest. So let us do every project, servethe community with passion and not with compulsion to make it a success.I am really happy to see how the movement has shaped up in our district 3140 and we need to continuebuilding future leaders and bridging communities as per our district theme this year. Our goal is to build atank of leaders in every club in the district.Leadership is addictive. Once you have the skills, you start hunting for followers. The future of Rotaractdepends on how strong the clubs evolve, how our projects answer the needs of the community and howwe are able to attract people towards the organization. We need to also look at innovative and differentProjects. The scope is huge.I very much thankful to my Parent Rotary, District Council members, Inner wheel members, interactors,RSK School, alumni of our club and my beloved Rotaract Club Members, because of their support wecould once again Rock in this Rotaract year. Have a great Rotaract year...I would like to give my best wishes to President Rtr.Amol Patil and His Team .Thank youYours in RotaractRtr.Ankush R. RasaneI.P.P-Rotaract Club of DombivliZ.R.R.-Zone 3B 2012-13(2011-12 Club Theme:-Inspire the Next)
  7. 7. From The Heart of President….Warm Rotaract Greeting to All It’s my pleasure to introduce myself as the 40th president of Rotaract ClubOf dombivli, the prestigious club having glorious tradition to servecommunity and also have long tradition of providing excellent leaders tosociety.My Special Thanks to every member of club especially my IPP Rtr.Ankush& other senior members for keeping strong faith in me. I hereby declare toput my utmost efforts to fulfill the expectations of the club.We have set our goals for community service along with self development,strong bonding with parent Rotary, also to strengthen club with new capablemembers.Friends, with the help of my enthusiastic BODs, & creative members we willsurely reach to goal.Wishing you all great Rotaract Year 2012-13Yours in Rotaract,Rtr.Amol P.PatilPresident,2012-13Rotaract Club of DombivliFrom the desk of ZRRA short saying of contains much wisdom. - SophoclesI believe in these thought of Sophocles as they [RC.Dombivli] prove by work not bysaying Rotaract Club of Dombivli is one of the oldest Rotaract Club having its owndignity and reputation in zone and district in Rotaract world my Rotaraction experienceis little small with RC Dombivli but it was an real fruit full experience working withwonderful and dedicated leader like Rtr.Ankush Rasane [buddy president] andRtr.Girish Firgane [my club buddy council 2011-2012] and now it is really a proudfeeling to be an Zonal Rotaract Representative of zone 3b R.I.D 3140 and RC Dombivlias part of it.I will like to wish good luck for 4oth president of RC Dombivli Rtr.Amol Patilexpectations are high as he will be accepting the challenge to maintain the status andraising the standard of RC Dombivli in zone and district.I wish u all the best to whole teamRegardsRtr.Shanmukh SwamiZRR Zone 3BR.I.D 3140
  8. 8. From the desk of DCM…Namaskar RC Dombivlikars!!!!!!!Its gives me immense pleasure to pen down my thoughts for Oldest andVibrant Club of Zone 3B, RID 3140. Rotaract Club of Dombivli isalways one of the most happening clubs and I always feel energetic toknow about their unique community service projects. 39 years down theline the service provided by the club is still magnanimous in its ownterms.My association with the club began in the presidential year ofRotaractor Rajdeep Gadekar while I served the District as Jt.Community Service Director. One of the very basic quality of this clubis the way it treats its community and people associated with it and thissame feeling of unity and compassion kept me glued to its activities.Ihad made up my mind to take the opportunity to become a ZRR for thezone so that i could better contribute to their initiatives. I am thankful toRtr.Vinit Parikh DRR (11-12) for giving me a wonderful opportunity to serve as a ZRR of Zone3B.I believe like many of its leaders the 39th President of RC Dombivli Rtr.Ankush Rasane played akey role in fetching the best zone title in the year 2011-12. Along with being an efficientpresident he has been a good friend and a critic which has proved to be an vital support for me todrive the zone in a balanced fashion. I wish him the best while he handles his responsibilities asan ZRR of Zone 3B for 2012-13 along with Rtr.Shanmukhswami.I heart-fully thank all those who have supported various zonal initiatives during my tenure as aZRR. I feel happily obliged to show my utmost gratitude to Rtrs. Amit, Ashish, Iliyas, Girish,Alpana, Mayank, Varsha, Rajdeep, Rutuja, Neeta, Ankita, Sheetal & Aditya.In the end, I would like to give my best wishes to 40th President Rtr. Amol Patil (BestCommunity Service Director 11-12) so that he can propel his club to even greater heights.Jai Maharashtra!!!!!!!!Rtr. Sachin ShigwanPast ZRR - Zone 3B, 2011-12Chairman - Social Initiatives & Community Service, 2012-13Rotaract District Organisation, RID 3140
  9. 9. From the desk of DCM…First of all a heartiest congratulation to Rtr. Ankush for completed his tenurevibrantly. After very calm and social lover president Rotaract Club of Dombivligot passionate, enthusiastic and action speaking president Rtr. Amol Patil. Thebest part of him is, he is very lucky as he got 40th year of oldest club in RID3140 for show his talent, leadership and power.Rotaract Club of Dombivli is all time favorite club for me, as I learnt a lot fromthis club or I can say I learnt Rotaract by taking an ideal example of this club.And I would be always happy to help this club any time.All the best Amol for your tenure. I know you will defiantly rock the year butdon’t forget it’s a really hardworking job as its 40th year and you are the one wholeading club so be enough hardworking and honest about your work and goahead !Rtr. Chinmay MadkeDirector - Creatives 2012-13Rotaract District OrganizationR.I.District 3140From the desk of Buddy Council Member….My first article as a buddy council member, and to for one of the most vibrantclubs of our District, and most of all Zone 3B. I am very glad to have RCDombivli as my buddy club. Ankush is a very dear friend and has done afabulous job as the President, the club has scaled amazing heights in the lazyyear and Rtr. Amol Patil and his team have a task to live upon. But I am verysure that R.C.Dombivli is not going to look back, and only move ahead in yearsto come. My all the very best to Rtr. Amol Patil and his team, and a promise I would liketo make, as a buddy of this club, Ill always stand by youll and be there for theclub and Amol & his team Specially Iliyas grate work go ahead.Cheers for an amazing 2012-13Lets Soar Horizons together..!!Regards,Rtr. Khilan ShahBuddy Council Member,Director TRSRID 3140
  10. 10. Name of the Rotaractors Designations Phone Number 1. Rtr.Amol Patil President /Sports/TRS 9821879850 2. Rtr.Ankush Rasane IPP/Community Service/ ZRR zone 3b 9773540742 3. Rtr.Amit Lad Vice President 8097132842 4. Rtr.Mayank Agarwal Secretary/Jt.Community Service 9664835250 5. Rtr.Iliyas Salmani Jt.Secreatry/Editor/Web Comm. 9819982682 6. Rtr.Varsha Vadala Treasure /PRO 8080470045 7. Rtr.Girish Firgane SAA 9833549404 8. Rtr.Adtiya Kambli Club Service Director 8097919144 9. Rtr.Ashish Tonti International Service Director 9892101496 10. Rtr.Veer Dhaval Talpade Professional Development 9819390021 11. Rtr.Alpana Deshpande Partner In Service 9819932027 Name of the Rotarians Designations Rtn.Shankar Sathawane President Rtn.Dr Ghanashayam shirali Immediate Past President PP Rtn.Dr Ramkrishna Vice President Rtn.Ravindra Khanolkar Rtn.Sachin Ganghe Secretary RtnShashikan Jagtap. Treasurer PP Rtn.Ravi Shankar Sargent At Arms Rtn.Pankaj Bawiskar Club Trainer/ Editor Rtn.Rasika Modak International Service Director PP Rtn.Dr. Arun Patil Public Relations Rtn.Sanjeev Tambe New Generation PP Rtn.Anil Waghadkar Club Administration PP Rtn.Omprakash Dhoot Eye Care PP Rtn.Dr.Deepak Pophale Medical PP Rtn.Manohar Seth RCC PP Rtn.K.V.Sathiamoorthy Rotaract RCC Rtn.Dr.Chaitanya Borse Interact PP Rtn.J Ganesh T.R.F PP Rtn.Dilip Phansikar Polio Pulse PP Rtn.N.R.Hegde Special Project Rtn.Ulka Savla Non Medical Rtn.Adwait Kathekar Vocational Rtn.Pravin Ghongte President Elect
  11. 11. Zonal Awards District Awards 1. Nominations1. Best Community Service  Best IPP & President Team Director..Rtr.Amol Patil.  Best DRR Official Club2. Best President Rtr.Ankush Rasane.3. Best PD Director Rtr.Rutuja. Visit.(OCV)4. Best Club Service Director  Best President Rtr.Ankush Rtr.Amit Lad. Rasane.5. Best Vice President Rtr.Amol Patil.  Best Joint Secretary6. Best New Member Rtr.Ashish Rtr.Mayank Tonti.  Best Finance Director7. Best Shiksha Ambassador Rtr.Neeta. Rtr.Ashish & Rtr.Amit. 2. Crown Of The Month Project8. Best Project: BachPan Ki Yadein. “Atmos –Fear”…the horror fest.9. ZRR’s Special Recognition Rtr.Iliyas Salmani.  Club Rank 10th in R.I.Dist 3140.  Recognition for Celebrating World Rotaract Week.  Citation for Celebrating WRY (World Responsible Youth Day).
  12. 12.  1nd July 2012 Sunday we had Project Read – Donation of Books to District. Note Books donation at Ulhasnagar Village. 2nd July Notebook Distribution. Rtn Shankar Sathavne Dr Dr Arun Patil & Rtn Praveen Gongate attended programme. 3rd July 2012 Monday. -We celebrated Gurupournima by Falicitating Teachers. 4th July 2012 Tuesday. Micro Finance project undertaken. Ms Sunita Vengurlekar, Ms Neetu Jaiswal, Ms suman Gunjal were donated talering material. Rtn Ravindra Khanolkar Chaired the event with Dr Gopal Lohia & Rotary Ann Jyoti Sathavne Participating and supporting the cause. 5th July 2012 Wednesday. A project as a part of district theam from Champions 12 we Falicitated International Athletes at Bhoir Gymkhana. 6th July Thur 2012 Meeting and Entertainment night was held Total Participation 42 including Rotarians there family members and their guests . 7th July 2012 Fri Interact Handbooks handed over to G Ravishankar for Club Formation Rtn Praveen Gongte participated. 8th July 2012 Sat at Kole Gaon 200 Patients benefitted. Checkups included ENT, Dental, EYE, Blood Checkups, Homeopathy and general check-up with medicine distribution
  13. 13. WARM BIRTHDAY GREETINGS Month Of July Rtr.Rhushikesh Deshpande Ph No: 9821405123 Date 15th July Rtr.Girish Firgane Ph No: 9833549404 Date 16th July Rtn Shirish Mehta Date 16th JulyAnand S/o PP Rtn Madhav Markande. Date 18th July