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Meet the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central as we celebrate 35 years of Professional and Leadership Development, Community Service, International Service, Fun, Fellowship and Friendship.

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Wakati Issue 2

  2. 2. 2 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wakati Magazine Presidents NoteWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 3of the year again...It’s that time...to celebrate our success.RSVP: Caroline Kanini +254 723 540 444Lucy Mwangi +254 731 946 980EVENT: ALUMNI DINNER, 36TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS AND AWARDS NIGHTDATE: 10TH AUGUST 2013 | VENUE: LAICO REGENCY HOTEL | TIME: 6.00 PM – 10.00 PMCHARGES: 3,000.00“Welcome our alumni, members, fellow Rotaractors, Rotarians, friends and guests as we celebrate 36 yearsof leadership development, community service, international service, great friendships and fun and rewardoutstanding service.”I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE…We are because you are.In the second quarter of the Rotary Year 2012/13, Professional DevelopmentDirector Lucy Mwangi was still running the committee from a medicallaboratory in Mombasa. The committee remains the best committee for theyear switching places with the Club Service Committee from time to timeand I couldn’t be more glad when the members elected Lucy Mwangi as theclub’s President Nominee for the year 2014/15. I had a chance to visit Lucyin her lab and confided in her why her enthusiasm, dedicated service andoutstanding performance was what motivated me to keep on undertakingmy duties as the president of the club. In response she revealed that she toowas on her toes because I was also on my toes.And so, it is true, ‘I am because you are’ and ‘You are because I am’. Wisdomthat has transcended the ages. When you realize that someone keeps ongoing because you keep on going and you keep on going because they keepon going, it is motivation enough to keep on going. I realized that should Ihave given up, then Lucy would have given up and should she have given up,I too would have given up!It has been a marathon the past six months and it was only possible becauseall of us kept going. The members, the directors, guests and friends. Ourevents have been successful not necessarily because of good planning butbecause we had members and friends who supported us and made themhappen. We have been because our members and friends have been. Over185 Rotarians and Rotaractors from over 30 clubs supported our RotaryThematic Calendar project. 695 girls have their year’s supply of sanitarytowels financed through the generosity of our members and friends. OurInternational Service project, Tribe 360 has taken us on both virtual andactual journeys to different cultures across the globe as we celebratedAfrican Art, Fashion, Music and our great friendships our cultural diversitiesnotwithstanding. We have been because you have been throughout thesesafaris.As we pass on the mantle of leadership to President Elect Norman Kuriaand his team, there is no doubt that the years only get better. It has been anamazing six months. Thank you for being there to keep us going…ADBYSKELTEKPresident’s Note“One CannotAchieve thePinnacles ofService unlessone experiencesthe Miracles ofFriendship.”- Sanjay Mehta,RC MadrasNorth,RI Dist.3230,TN.India,February 2011 -
  3. 3. 4 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wakati Magazine Wakati MagazineWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 5EDITOR:Irinah WanderaCONTRIBUTORS:Irinah WanderaJoe BazirakeLucy MwangiOzem MuriukiRayhab GachangoWangari MwanikiYvonne WambuaPHOTOGRAPHY BY:Ace MainaCaroline NjokiDavis MuneneIrinah WanderaMartha NzisaNickson MwendaOtieno NyadimoRael AchiengWangari MwanikiDESIGN AND LAYOUT:Davis Munene(Skeltek Consult Ltd)CONTACT PERSONS:Irinah Wanderapresident.rcnc@gmail.com+254 723 582 492Nickson Mwendasecretary.rcnc@gmail.com+254 720 313 504ContentsRCNC BOARD OF DIRECTORS:President Irinah WanderaImmediatePast President Huma Kaoga KaseuPresident Elect Norman KuriaVice President Lucy WanjauSecretary Nickson MwendaAsst. Secretary Caroline KaniniTreasurer Vallery OkwendaAsst. Treasurer Sylvia Mutua & Godfrey MagetoProfessional Dev.Director Lucy MwangiCommunity ServiceDirector Eve OchielAsst. CommunityService Director Caroline NjokiClub ServiceDirector Denis Munene ‘Legrand’InternationalService Director Charles MwakioPR & FundraisingDirector Wangari MwanikiADVISORS TO THE BOARD:Kimani MuhoroEric MungaiFredrick OukoBLOG:https://rcnckenya.wordpress.comhttps://tribe360.wordpress.com/Facebook:The Rotaract Club of Nairobi CentralTwitter: @RCNC_RotaractMembership UpdateThe Rotaract Club of Nairobi CentralPeter KennethKeeps his promise to RotaractorsRCNC Outgoing AndIncoming DirectorsThe Love section premiereand the good that cane with itThey profit most whoserve bestTribe 360: A Wealth of CulturesTribe 360Art BonanzaRCNC Calendar ofEventsFredrick Ouko, TheNewest Ashoka FellowChampioning the rights of youth withdisabilities through social enterprisePictorialParting Shot:The Rotaract Presidency and myLitter AffairsLondon ParalympicTorch at RCNC with Amazinggrace for 600 amazing girlsReportsFinancial ReportsWAKATI MAGAZINEIssue 1,2 and 3 Published by: RCNCDesigned by:C| +254 720 740 671E| davis@skeltek.com / nechygroup@gmail.com06 3109 3412 3814 4318 4424 464851This publication is funded throughThe Rotary Club of NairobiThe Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central is not responsible forthe content of this publication. This publication does notnecessarily reflect the views and opinions of the staff orthe editorial board. All submissions for publication mustinclude name and phone number or e-mail of the person(s)responsible for the work. RCNC reserves the right to refuseany and all submissions for publication at any time.Published by:Cover model fromAFRIFAB FashionsWealth, likehappiness, isnever attainedwhen sought afterdirectly. It comesas a by-product ofproviding a usefulservice.- Rtn. Sumeet Alakh,Sonepat RC, August 2009 -
  4. 4. 6 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wakati Magazine Wakati MagazineWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 7MembershipupdateThe Rotaract Club of NairobiCentral was chartered in theRotary Year 1977/78 by thefounding father Rtn. Mike EldonEldon and is sponsored by RotaryClub of Nairobi. The founder andeventual charter members ofthe club were renowned lawyerand Rotarian Stephen Mwenesiand Kenya’s last vice presidentKalonzo Musyoka. To date, the clubboasts of over 500 alumni and thecurrent membership stands at 41.Membership development remainskey to the continuity of the cluband as other members exit the clubdue to varied reasons that includeretirement having hit the age of 30,proceeding to Rotary, relocation,transfers, simply dropping outamong many other reasons, newmembers are admitted into theclub after a rigorous induction thatinvolves attendance of bi monthlyclub meeting 3 consecutive times,participation in one club andcommunity service activities anda self generated interest to getinvolved in the club’s committeeseven before joining the clubofficially.This Rotary Year, members MikeWaiyaki and Eric Mungai officiallyretire from the club after a very longand outstanding service throughoutthe over 7 years that each of themhas been in the club. We wish themgreat success and we hope theywill eventually join Rotary. Mike isfamed for initiating the RotaractIDP Housing Project in Maai Mahiuto settle at least 2 Kenyan familiesthat had been displaced at theheight of the 2007/08 Post ElectionViolence. The project broughttogether over 6 Rotaract Clubs andwon the District 9200 CommunityService Award at the 86th RotaryDistrict Conference and Assembly in2011 in Munyonyo, Uganda. Eric onthe other hand oversaw one of theclub’s most outstanding CommunityService project that is the MathareUnited Community Education andDevelopment Organization betweenthe years 2007 and 2009. Thisparticular literacy project continuesenjoying support from other Rotaryand Rotaract Clubs.Members Jackie Macharia and ClaraWandera bid us farewell this yearas they relocated to the America forwork related reasons. Member andformer Community Service DirectorNicholas Njeru joined Rotary Clubof Kiambu while member andcurrent PR & Fundraising DirectorWangari Mwaniki will be joiningRotary Club of Madaraka. MembersSylvia Mutua, Shiko Mbogo andTyrus Gichu are sabbatical due toacademic and work engagements.We wish all of them much success intheir different undertakings.Despite the exit of these veryactive and long serving members,the club has been lucky to get newmembers who are keen on beingactive participants in the club’sactivities and all is not at loss. Weremain indebted to our sister club,The Rotaract Club of USIU whichinjected new leadership into ourclub and we were glad to bestowupon the club’s Immediate PastPresident Jovenal NgesimanaHonorary Membership status as hisnext order of business is still not yetconfirmed after completion of hisThe Rotaract Club of Nairobi CentralFounding Father >>Mike Eldon.Charter MemberHon. Kalonzo MusyokaCATHERINE MUEMANew MemberSTEPHEN MWENESICharter MemberHUMA KASEUPast PresidentLINDA NAMDENew memberCLARA WANDERARelocatedJACKIE MACHARIARelocatedMIKERetiringSARAH NGICHIRINew MemberERIC MUNGAIRetiringJOVENALHonoraryNICHOLAS NJERUUnto Rotary
  5. 5. 8 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Membership Boad of DirectorsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 9studies in Kenya. He was of greathelp, a great friend to the club andinitiated strengthened partnershipbetween the two clubs during histenure as president together withour Immediate Past President HumaKaseu. In the eventuality that hedoes not relocate, Jovenal shallbe a member of RCNC and if hedoes relocate, he shall be alwayswelcomed at RCNC as his home clubwhenever he is in the country andwill be our goodwill ambassadorwhenever he visits other Rotaractclubs. Our newly inducted membersCatherine Muema, Sarah Ngichiri,and Fela Linda Namde are nowchallenged to ensure that theytoo contribute diligently to thecontinuity of this club.ROLL OF HONORThe active membership of the clubthrough their generosity with time,means and expertise has enabledus to remain vibrant even in themost difficult of situations and wecontinue thanking those who gobeyond the call of membershipduties and give a little more outof their own selves. We remainindebted. A special mentiongoes to Lucy Mwangi and Denis‘Legrand’ Munene who have nottired at any one point in serving theclub diligently as the ProfessionalDevelopment and Club servicedirectors respectively. A specialthank you also to the most activemembers for the two quartersMartha Nzisa and Dickson Njugunawho have also not tired at any onepoint. Your dedicated service isexemplary. We look forward to asuccessful completion of this RotaryYear of Peace Through Service withrenewed commitment for the nexttwo months and great support forthe incoming board of directors. <<SHIKO MBOGOSabbaticalSYLVIA MUTUASabbaticalTYRUS GICHUSabbaticalWANGARI MWANIKIUnto RotaryRETIRING MEMBERSEric MungaiMichael WaiyakiRELOCATEDJackie MachariaClara WanderaTRANSITION TO ROTARYWangari MwanikiNicholas NjeruHONORARY MEMBERSHIPJovenal NgesimanaNEW MEMBERSSarah NgichiriCatherine MuemaFela Linda NamdeOUTSTANDING SERVICE ROLL OFHONORLucy MwangiDenis ‘Legrand’ MuneneMartha NzisaDickson NjugunaRCNC OUTGOING AND INCOMINGBOARD OF DIRECTORSThe active membershipof the club throughtheir generosity withtime, means andexpertise has enabledus to remain vibrant....IRINAH P.K. WANDERAPresident 2012/13 &Immediate Past President2012/13 | Rotaract KenyaCountry Chair Elect 2013/14LUCY MWANGIProfessional DevelopmentDirector 2012/13, PresidentNominee 2014/15NICKSON MWENDASecretary 2012/13, DeputyFinance Director 2014/15CAROLINE KANINIAssistant Club Secretary2012/13, Finance Director2014/15VALLERY OKWENDAFinance Director 2012/13,International Service Director2014/15HUMA KASEUImmediate Past President2011/12NORMAN KURIASergeant At Arms 2012/13,President Elect 2012/13,President 2013/14LUCY WANJAUVice President 2012/13SYLVIA MUTUADeputy Finance Director2012/13EVE OCHIELCommunity Service Director2012/13, Vice President2013/14CAROLINE NJOKIAssistant Community ServiceDirector 2012/13WANGARI MWANIKIPr & Fundraising Director2012/13“The world is won by those who let it go.But when you try and try, the world isbeyond the winning.” - Rtn Sumeet Alakh, RC Sonipat, India, August 2009 -
  6. 6. WHEN: 6TH – 7TH JULY 2013 | WHERE: OSOTUA CAMP, KIKUYU ESCARPMENTCHARGES: KSHS. 2,500.00RSVP/MPESA PAYMENTS: Caroline Kanini +254 723 540 444Norman Kuria +254 725 900 394To command is to serve,nothing more and nothing less.- Andre Malraux -INSTALLATION OF THE 36TH BOARD OF DIRECTORSOF THE ROTACT CLUB OF NAIROBI CENTRAL10 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Boad of DirectorsDENIS ‘LEGRAND’ MUNENEClub Service Director 2012/13FREDRICK OUKOAdvisor To The Board2012/13DICKSON NJUGUNAAssistant Community ServiceDirector 2013/14KYOKI WAWERUClub Service Director 2013/14MARYLYN MUSYIMIClub Secretary 2013/14CATHERINE MUEMAProfessional DevelopmentDirector 2013/14MARTHA NZISACommunity Service Director2013/14CHARLES MWAKIOInternational Service Director2012/13, Pr & FundraisingDirector 2013/14ALVIN KIMANIAdvisor To The Board2012/13ERIC MUNGAIADVISOR TO THE BOARD2012/13Life offers younothing, except anopportunity to love andgrow.- Chamberlain Nworgu, October 2009 -
  7. 7. 12 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wakati Magazine EventsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 13They profit mostwho serve bestRotaract stands for Rotaryin Action which is a Rotarysponsored youth voluntaryorganization focused on selfdevelopment through serviceand fellowship. We run a varietyof projects with meaningful andpositive impact on society as wedevelop our leadership skills.The theme for the year has beenPeace Through Service which hasbeen coincidentally in line withmany of our projects this year. Wejust successfully concluded ournational elections under muchtension due to the previous postelection violence and Rotary andRotaract clubs in Kenya were not leftout in promoting peace with severalprojects:• Promoting culturalunderstanding• Lobbying for peace studiesin the school curriculum(Umeclick)• Peace is a Must Campaign• Peace be with KenyaWe are constantly reminded that weHow often would you see food on the table and think about the path thatgot it here?I spill the overt secret today that food is made out in the open, by theadd-up process of seemingly incompatible stuff, rooted in mud! The food’spicturesque delivery never takes us through its path, lest many a naysayerwould not be content with simply being vegetarian.March 11th - 17th saw the Rotary world celebrate World Rotaract Week. Asmy last year in Rotaract I hope to transfer to Rotary in a few months I’vebeen thinking about what Rotaract has meant to me in my life.only get from Rotary what we putinto it. Other than friends for lifeand a passion to serve, I have grownmy leadership skills which haveserved me greatly in my personaland professional life. I may nothave done much but I have donesomething; after all the mightyoceans are but many drops of water.To Rotary and Rotaract the worldover!Service Above SelfByWangari MwanikiIn actual fact, when you go topurchase ingredients for your nextmeal, you would definitely look outfor the most potentially pleasinggroceries. It is the path of thefinest, getting to their destinationsfirst! This doesn’t just happen, butoften requires consistent attention.The groceries that make it ahead,had a farmer to take care of them:applying fertilizer, taking care of theweeds, protecting them from craftypests, and harvesting them on time.Notice that the things that mightappear trivial are the ones that add-up to make room for the eventualproduct. The recipes remain thesame, but only the ingredients varyto produce completely differentWho Did MyAdd-Ups?By Joe BazirakeRotaract club of Rubaga.results. For this reason,we know that neithersuccess, nor failure wouldjust happen. It is simply anadd-up process, consistentwith all that is added tothe equation.Adding up is something wecan all draw lessons from.In all the things we think,say or do, observe thatthe consistency of addingup rarely takes a randomform. One ought to bereminded of the add-uplogic at all times, whetherin corporate or individualundertakings.And just like the grocerieswould not hold the grocerresponsible for overstayingon their shelves, we needto know where to directour inquiries for the add-up situations that we findourselves in.What kind of grocerywould you be? Consultyour farmer, who isreading this NOW! <<EVENTSHIGHLIGHTSWHAT: Amazing GraceTeam Challenge with theLondon 2012 ParalympicsTorch and Getrude MungaiWHEN: 23/10/2012WHERE: Laico RegencyHAPPENING: Fundraisingfor A Girl A K SanitaryTowels ProjectWHAT: Interact Careers &Leadership DayWHEN: 9/2/2013WHERE: Kenya HighSchoolHAPPENING: Mentorshipand Career ClinicsWHAT: Carbon Offset:Karura EditionWHEN: 6/4/2013WHERE: Karura ForestHAPPENING: AnnualTree PlantingWHAT: JKF Books forSanitary Towels ExchangeWHEN: 22/3/2013WHERE: Jomo KenyattaFoundation HeadquartersHAPPENING: Donationof Sanitary Towels to JKFScholars and Receivingof Text Book Donationsfor MIsori Primary Schooland Hot Springs GirlsSecondary SchoolWHAT: Karaoke Made inAfrikaWHEN: 1/12/2012WHERE: Tamasha,LangataHAPPENING: Tribe 360celebrates African musicWHAT: KNH Children’sCancer Ward Art DayWHEN: 20/10/2012WHERE: KenyattaNational HospitalHAPPENING: AnnualvisitWHAT: Thogoto Home forthe Aged visitWHEN: 8/12/12WHERE: Thogoto, KikuyuHAPPENING: AnnualVisitWHAT: RCNC ArtsBonanzaWHEN: 6/11/12WHERE: Laico RegencyHAPPENING: Tribe 360celebrates African Fashion& ArtWHAT: Hot Springs GirlsSanitary Towels Donation& MentorshipWHEN: 7/10/2012WHERE: Maai MahiuHAPPENING: A Year’sSupply of Sanitary Towelsfor 55 girls
  8. 8. TRIBE 360 CelebratesAfrican Art & Fashion14 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Tribe 360’s Arts Bonanza Tribe 360’s Arts BonanzaWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 15With Julia Thitai, Jeremy Gituri,Rafiq Mohammed, Irene Ouso &Nuru Bahati1 243
  9. 9. 16 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Tribe 360’s Arts Bonanza Tribe 360’s Arts BonanzaWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 175 6 781. & 2 Julia’s Afrifab Models at the event.3. Rafiq Mohammed artistic impressions.4. OlaTor and guest from the Polish Embassy.5. Members Grace Mbogo (l) and Sarah Ngichiri (r) with visiting Rotaractor DennisGachango follow the presentations.6. Guest artist, Graphc designer Irene Ouso.7. GuestTrevor Mutogoria of Bugika Entertainment with friends.8. Guest Artist, glass art specialist, Jeremy Gituri and potrait sketcher RafiqMohammed take members and guests through their work.Top Models showcase AfrifabDesigns at the Bonanza“Make dreams Real.” - PP PHF Rtn. Shashank Agrawal, August 2009 -
  10. 10. 18 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013New Ashoka Fellow New Ashoka FellowWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 19Fredrick Ouko,The NewestAshoka Fellow:Championing the rights of youth with disabilitiesthrough social enterpriseBased on his social entrepreneurial work, Fredrickwas elected an Ashoka fellow in October 2012through this citation:‘Fredrick is creating a barrier-free and equal opportunitysociety for youth with disabilities; and in doing so, isunlocking their previously untapped potential withinsociety. To do this, he is working to create a platform(in and outside of the formal workplace) to removeunfounded fears and discrimination towards people withdisabilities. In addition, this platform helps youth withdisabilities to shed their self-victimizing attitudes and todevelop the skills and confidence they need to becomeactive agents of change in their lives and communities.His organization is the first and only organization thatfocuses specifically on employment challenges faced byyouth with disabilities on a national scale, Fredrick isleveraging this unique position to make this a focus forthe mainstream disability movement.’Fredrick Ouko, a member of RCNC, is the executivedirector of Action Network for the Disabled, a nationaldisability organization working to create a barrier-freesociety for persons with disabilities in Kenya. He isan international disability rights activist focusing onthe rights of youth with disabilities and currently thesecretary general of African Youth with DisabilitiesNetwork, an advisor to Disability Rights Fund (Boston)and Global Disability Rights Library (Washington DC).He has a training background in Business Administrationand currently pursuing a course in Political Science atUniversity of Nairobi.He founded Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY)in 2003 as a community based organization andlater registered it as a national organization in 2009due to the pressing needs of youth with disabilitiescountrywide. ANDY key areas of intervention isemployment,sports,health,human rights and creation ofawareness in the community on disability issues in a bidto end discrimination on the grounds of disability.Ashoka is the world’s leading network of socialentrepreneurs – extraordinary changemakers, whofind new solutions to social problems; like MuhammadYunus, who pioneered the microfinance sector.Founded by Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka supports socialentrepreneurs with stipends, professional support andaccess to its large network of global peers. Ashokahas elected and supported more than 3,000 socialentrepreneurs in 70 countries to date.In August 2012, Fred’s organization, ANDY also got a rareinvitation to carry the Paralympic torch in London, thiswas in recognition of the work they do in using sportsto support the development of youth with disabilitiesin Kenya. ANDY was selected for this prestigious eventamongst many worthy applicants and was accompaniedby its Wheelchair Basketball coach Simiyu Barasa andUK partners in the Paralympic relay just before thebeginning of the Paralympic games 2012.RCNC is indeed privileged to have among its memberssuch a young and dynamic leader who is indeed a livingproof of the inner potential we all need to exploit andmake a difference in our society.Fred’s take on RCNC“I learnt of RCNC in 2011 through a friend who wasa member and told me of the clubs activities and Iimmediately took an interest since I was previously aninteract club member and official in high school, I wasthen inducted in 2012 and went on to be given therole of an advisor to the board. It has been a learningexperience meeting other young professionals fromdifferent fields and being able to fellowship together.This has also given me an opportunity to share myskills in organization and strategic thinking as anadvisor. I cannot also forget the fan moments and theusual hangouts for a member which enables peopleto connect more deeply as friends. As a young socialentrepreneur, I believe RCNC is the place to be and itsyoung people who are going to author the future ofthis country and this has to start now through the smallconnections we make at the club.
  11. 11. 20 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Advertiser’s Announcement Advertiser’s AnnouncementWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 21VISIONTo be the best financial service provider in the region, driven byprofessionalism and integrityMISSIONDeliver superior services with a passion to exceed all expectationsOUR CORE VALUES...• Professionalism• Integrity• Honesty• Confidentiality• Competence• Continuous Improvement• Ethical standards• Results orientedThe vision of FINSOLUTIONSConsultants is to make FinancialSolutions the name and the ideabehind the company. It is thephilosophy that properly ranbusinesses keep and maintainproper books of accounts areinvolved in continuous innovationsand technology and are keenon industry changes as well asgovernment regulations. Theseare key to business growth andare at the heart FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd. With this in mind,FINSOLUTION Consultants Ltdendeavors to develop and maintaina wide range of business solutionssuited for the Kenyan businesscontext beyond. All the businessprocesses and solutions are foundedon the same basic philosophy ofcontinuous improvement (KAIZEN).True to its motto – “Re-InventingBusiness Success” – FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd lets you take careof your commercial processes asthey take charge and direction ofyour management and financialwellbeing. FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd emphasizes on theimportance of high quality solutionsfor its entire client base, ensuringthat clients return to FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd again and again.At the same time, FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd business solutionsare tailored to the client needsregardless of the industry theyoperate in. The more FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd business processesand solutions you have, the morefinancially sound and healthy yourbusiness enterprise becomes.SERVICESFINSOLUTION Consultants Ltdoffers a wide range of financialservices in relation to evaluation andimplementation of various businessprocesses.TECHNICAL KNOW-HOWFINSOLUTION Consultants Ltd offersa wide range of financial servicestailored to the day to day running ofbusinesses. These services are alsogeared towards making businessprocesses efficient by reviewingthem to remove red tape andunnecessary delays. The solutionscombine deep financial know-howand many years of experience infinance, Economics, accountancyand management informationsystems.FOCUSThe focus is on simplified andresults driven business processes inorder to cut costs and shorten thefinancial reporting time span as wellas securing competitive advantagesand edges.OUR SERVICESFINSOLUTION Consultants Ltdcompetencies revolve aroundprovision of business processesand accounting systems, theirimplementation and maintenance.The solutions cover the followingdepartments;Financial Services and AccountingDepartmentBook keeping and accountsThe foundations of a successfulbusiness enterprise are its abilityto maintain proper records ofits activities. Book keeping andaccounting therefore assist thebusinesses in identifying theirrevenues, its expenditures, itsassets, its creditors and its overallfinancial position. FINSOLUTIONassists businesses to establishproper systems of accounting whichassists them to track down theirbusiness activities. These accountingsystems include QuickBooks,payrolls, stock management,statutory deductions, pastel, andtally among others which aretailored to your business to ensureeasy and efficient operations.Financial Health, Consultancy andadviceThe financial management of afirm involves the financing, long-term investments decisions,management of working capitaland the profit sharing function.Businesses therefore requireproper information as to how thesefinancial management functionsshould be carried out. FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd provides guidanceand advice to the enterprises inorder to ensure proper financialmanagement. Finance is the mostimportant asset of a business andbeing a scarce resource there isneed for its prudent managementand that is where FINSOLUTIONconsultants comes in handy.TaxationA business enterprise operateswithin the legal framework and thusthe payment of taxes is one of itslegal requirements. However manybusiness enterprises find it difficultto understand and deal with matterrelating to taxes e.g. Tax returns,VAT, self assessments, withholdingtaxes among others. FINSOLUTIONConsultant Ltd has highly trainedand well experienced professionalswho will deal with tax issues onyour behalf. They will provide thenecessary information and adviceregarding all the tax matters.Entrepreneurship & Business PlansAs the saying goes “failing to plan isplanning to fail” it is very importantfor entrepreneur to have welloutlined business plans. A businessplan helps in the proper and timelyimplementation of the businessactivities and ideas. In additionbusiness proposals are used byfinancial institutions in assessingthe viability/feasibility of a businessidea. At FINSOLUTION ConsultantsLtd, we are committed to assistingand guiding you prepare realisticbusiness plans and proposals toensure successful implementation ofyour investment ideas.Business Incorporation servicesOne of the major requirementsof a company is that it should beincorporated under the CompaniesAct Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya.The process of Incorporationis hectic and cumbersome.FINSOLUTION Consultants Ltdprovides the necessary support andguidance to facilitate this demandingprocess. With FINSOLUTIONConsultants Ltd will fast tract thisprocess to ensure that there are nounnecessary delays in starting upand running your business.Training, Research and ProjectsDepartmentBusiness TrainingTraining of employees and themanagement is one of themost important activities in anyorganization. Apart from the generaland the technical/ vocation trainingat the primary, secondary andthe college levels, employees andmanagement require in-servicetraining also known as on the jobtraining. This helps the employeesupdate their skills according tothe current developments in theirprofession thus making them moreproductive as well as ensuringthat their skills are not obsolete.FINSOLUTION Consultants Ltdwill meet the training needs ofyour employees and managementespecially in the areas of business,accounting, Management, marketingand research. A well trainedpersonnel is the greatest asset toany organization.IT TrainingWe offer corporate seminars to ourcorporate customers and on-sitetraining offered to customers whopurchase computer equipment.Customized courses are also offeredto enable our customers utilizethe products they purchase in aneffective and efficient manner.This enhances the utilizations ofthe products we supply to ourcustomers.Professional Courses:• Oracle and Microsoft• Risk Management• Network Basics• Microsoft• Oracle 10g• Red Hat Linux SystemAdministration• Security certified Program (SCP)• Certified Business Professional(CBP)• CompTIA Certification(A+Network+)• CISCO• ICDL - The worldwide standardfor computer literacyResearch and Data AnalysisManaging a business involvesmaking decisions. Informedchoices can only be made ifrelevant, sufficient and accurateinformation is available. Throughresearch and proper data analysissuch information is obtained thatwill assist in making appropriatedecisions for the firm. One of ourcore functions at FINSOLUTIONconsultants is to assist enterprisesachieve this through undertakingresearch and data analysis on theirbehalf thus providing the necessaryrecommendations on the basis ofthe data analyzed.
  12. 12. 22 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Advertiser’s AnnouncementProject Implementation, Monitoringand EvaluationDesign, monitoring and Evaluationare all part of results – based projectcycle management, and specificallymonitoring & Evaluations is to helpthose responsible for managingthe resources and activities ofContinuum, from short term tolong – term. Managing for Impactmeans steering project Interventiontowards sustainable, longer termImpact a long a plausibly Iinkedchain of results: inputs produceout puts that engender outcomer that Contribute to impact.Monitoring lies a procedure forchecking the effectiveness andofficiating of implementing aproject by identifying Strengths andshort coming and recommendingcorrective measures to optimizethe intended outcomes. ProjectEvolution is a systematic andobjective assessment of an ongoingor completed project. The aimis to determine the relevanceand level of an achievement ofproject objectives, developmenteffectiveness, efficiency, impactand sustainability. Evaluation alsofeed lessons learned into thedecision – making processing of thestakeholders, including donor’s andnational pertness. This is where finsolution comes in as an importantpartner to see your projectsthrough.Research proposals/projectproposalsKey to the success of any researchis a good research proposal. Aresearch proposal acts as a guideto any research. Through theproposal, possible difficulties inundertaking the research can beidentified and solutions to theseproblems identified. FINSOLUTIONConsultant Limited will help youprepare research proposals whichare realistic and dependable guidesto your research. Our serviceshave gone beyond helping firmsin the proposal writing but alsostudents especially at the Universitylevels (both undergraduates andpost graduates) in preparing theiracademic project proposals. Thisusually proceeds to data analysisand interpretation of the findingsalongside recommendations asstated earlier in this profile.IT Services and SolutionsDepartmentIT ServicesTo enable our customers optimizetheir investments in InformationCommunication Technology andto gain a competitive edge in theirmarket place, we offer the followingservices;NetworkingWe educate and advise clients onthe best network options available.Thereafter we design, implementand maintain these networks, bethey Local Area Network or WideArea Network.SoftwareWe offer systems analysis withthe aim of finding out how theexisting systems work. This enablescustomers identify strengths andweaknesses in their systems.Thereafter we work together toprovide the best solution.Development of ICT software• HRM Solutions• Financial solutions• School software solutions• Recruitment and Selectionsolutions• Oracle financial• Supply of I.T equipments• Install servers, desktop, UPS,accessories & toners• Registration software Birth andDeath, IDS, Refugee• Data Conversion SolutionsIT Supplies1. Supply, installation andconfiguration of Local areanetworking (LAN) and wide areanetworking2. (WAN) Supply of computers,Printers, Photocopies etc3. Supply of computer accessoriese.g. Toners, Flash disk, Ups4. Supply and installation of IPTelephone5. Maintenance and repairs ofComputers, Printers Local AreaNetworking (LAN) and WideArea Networking ( WAN)6. Supply of Security solutions e.g.Corporate antivirus or Intrusiondetectors System (IDS)7. Fibre Installation andterminations.Selected References / Clientele Base• Wanji’s Food industry• Lintech Communications Ltd• Salama Orbit tours and travels• Transdecade Group Ltd• KACOSE SACCO• Mewson’s Investment limited• MVI15 Investment limited• Moras Group Ltd• Magical Opticians• Banana Kobil Service Station• Ephraim Manasseh Kindergarten• Samima Investment Group• Ministry of Immigration (CRD)Civil Registration Department• Hazina Sacco• Ministry of FinanceOur client base is on the rise and stillgrowing.
  13. 13. 24 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Parting Shot Parting ShotWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 25As I moved from one level of the Kenyan schoolsystem to the next, all the misconceptions that Ihad about leadership were gradually erased byreal life leadership experiences and hard decisions I hadto take through each phase.As a pre-schooler who had no idea of the responsibilitiesbestowed upon me, I thought leadership was aboutgetting other pre-schoolers to do as the teacher hadinstructed. Back in the village, we used to pick litteraround the school compound. As the designated eye ofthe teacher among the tiny little people, I held a longstick and I would watch over the other kids as theypicked litter. I can’t remember whether it was teacherTruphena or Truphosa who quietly called me to the sideand she said, ‘being a prefect does not mean you watchas the rest pick litter. You too must pick litter and showthe others how it is done.’ I got rid of my shepherd’s rodand I remember an incidence in class three when myclassmates stood on the side and watched as I showedthem how to make patterns and plaster the classroomwith the village plaster that is a paste made out of cowdung, water and soil. Our classes were made of mud. Onthat day, I learnt my first leadership lesson. The day thateither teacher Truphena or Truphosa called me aside,still in preschool, I learnt that a LEADER MUST LEAD BYEXAMPLE!When I was thrown into a boarding school, two yearsbefore I sat for my final primary school examinations,in an area that was neither a village nor a town, there Ifound out that it is not only in the village where litter isPARTING SHOT: TheRotaract Presidencyand my Litter AffairsI have never really quite understood why a pre-school classwould need a class prefect to watch over their pre-schoolmates.I am made to think ours was a special school. I always forgetto check one or two other schools to see if pre-school classes doindeed have prefects.picked. Here, however, there was no one to pick litterlike back in the village school where we picked litterevery day. I can’t quite remember how we used to keepthe school compound clean but I remember one daymy eyes were really sore from the sight of a litteredcompound and the school’s filthy compost area whichwas right in front of the administration block and nearthe assembly area where we raised the Kenyan flagevery Friday! Hygiene in the school was not the best ofsorts but we tried anyway.With my eyes sore to the point of almost tearing, I triedto compel my classmates to lead the school by cleaningbut perhaps my art of persuasion was wanting. Theidea fell on deaf ears! No single student volunteered.I guess I have never been so good at getting people todo unpleasant tasks. With the litter not disappearinginto thin air, with my eyes not sore any less and withthe constant and frustrating bother of me living in sucha filthy environment, I broke down, cried, went, andgrabbed my boots and my red school bucket. For awhole day, I picked litter in the school compound fromone corner to the next with as many onlookers as therest of the school. Even I, thought I had gone crazy. Idid fail to understand why not a single a person wastogether with me bothered about the sorry litter affairof the school. As I collected and emptied bucket afterbucket of the mess we had all been party to creating, Ilearnt my second leadership lesson – SOMETIMES TO BEA LEADER, THERE ARE SOME JOURNEYS YOU WILL HAVETO WALK ALONE!When it comes to the unpleasant tasks, you may haveto go it alone. When everyone is okay with okay, youwill have to go it alone to fine. The hardest tasks, thedetailed perfectionism for each task, you may haveto go it alone. At that point, my misconception aboutleadership being about always appealing to the massesespecially when the task is unpleasant was erased.Sometimes you will have to walk alone.After my village and semi-urban school life experiences,I finally managed to make it to an urban secondaryschool, one of the oldest and finest girls’ boardingschools in the country. A sigh of relief from the villageschools litter affairs! So I thought. Not so! There wasa lot of litter picking in this school which came alongwith compound cleaning, flower gardening and a lot offarming, otherwise known as shamba work! With somemisconceptions about leadership still lingering in mysystem, I tried to dodge these social responsibilities. Ihad overheard that leaders in the school didn’t haveto get their hands dirty. So, when mynew Form 1 class teacher askedwho wanted to volunteer tobe the class prefect fromthose among us who hadconfirmed we were headgirls in our formerschools, I quickly shotup my hand eventhough I was not afavorite among myclassmates. Theythought I was powerhungry – the girl inthe blue uniform whowouldn’t let RhodaOmenya eat a mango inclass. I already knew all theschool rules by heart! Butpower hungry I was not! I justthought I didn’t have to do the litteraffair all over again. A prefect I becameand litter I did! In this school, the prefects actuallydid most of the work. Four years of leadership at theKenya High School erased that misconception and mythird leadership lesson was learnt – TO BE A LEADER,YOU WILL HAVE TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY. YOU MUSTDO WORK!Campus was much of a relief. No litter picking affairs.I would occasionally, when people failed to disposeoff their trash in the right place! Perhaps I wasn’tinterested in campus leadership because I really didn’thave to pick litter. Every other leadership position thelast more than 12 years had involved litter picking!My litter picking years were over! This time, I wasn’tavoiding picking litter, perhaps I just didn’t see any useof being a leader when there was litter picking involved.Not really. I wasn’t into competitive politics, not reallya competitive person. I decided to give it a break. Buteven then, I learnt three more important lessons inleadership. As affirmed by the Athenian statesman Solon- HE WHO HAS LEARNED HOW TO OBEY WILL KNOWHOW TO COMMAND. He who wants to rule must learnto obey. He will learn to rule, he who learns to obey!After 12 consecutive years of leading others, it wastime for me to be led. The true test of whether I couldrespect authority given that these were my peers, someyounger, some older, others my age. I was used to tellingpeople what to do, being the one people had to listento. Even though I believed respect was giveand take, I had never been in a positionwhere I was predominantly the giver.I was always on the taking side.This was it. I hope I did pass thetest MLO!It was also during thisself imposed ‘leadershipbreak’ that I learnt thatLEADERSHIP IS NOT ABOUTTITLES! There aren’tenough titles to go roundfor all leaders. Leadershipresponsibilities will alwaysbe upon us even in theabsence of titles and wemust pick litter, get our handsdirty and sometimes we willhave to go solo. Walking Alone.And the best lesson of all fromcampus leadership was that A LEADERMUST TAKE A BREAK. CHILL OUT! Let otherslead you! Rejuvenate and perhaps Bounce Back!It was in Rotaract that all six lessons came to be mostuseful. It has been the Rotaract leadership experiencesfrom 20th January 2009 when I was inducted into RCNCat the same time the first black (Kenyan) was sworn in aspresident of the United States of America. As he becamepresident of the most powerful nation in the world, itwas made clear to me and has been confirmed throughmy stay at RCNC, I was being inducted into the mostvibrant Rotaract Club not just in Kenya but in District9200. It has been during my four and a half years stay atRCNC that I applied 5 of my leadership lessons that I hadlearnt from the first day I set foot in class over 2 decadesago.It is with these final words that I apply the 6th most
  14. 14. 26 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Parting Shot Happy MomentsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 27favored by chillers but dreaded and loathed among thedictators. I finally get to rest. It is my turn to be led byNorman Kuria and the 2013/14 RCNC Board of Directors.I have done them all. I have led by example (I hope!),I have gotten my hands dirty (most certainly!), I havesometimes had to walk alone, and I have had to respectthe authority of my seniors at the country and districtand Rotary level. Now, it’s time to break to be led.To chill out, to rejuvenate and most certainly bounceback! It’s time to take responsibility without a title.Every moment of it has been enriching, challenging,tasking. I have made great friends that are a liabilityyet indispensible like Wangari Mwaniki. I have laughed,cried, slept working in the office and now it’s time tochill.It’s time for Norman to lead. It’s time for me to respectauthority. I wish him and his team much deservedsuccess and I hope he too has learnt along the way vitalleadership lessons that he will very much need to applyhere in the next 12 months. Everyone has lessons oftheir own from their own past experiences. These aremy lessons. Everyone must draw from their own lessons.If your own lessons cannot inspire you, if you cannotdraw from them, mine certainly won’t inspire you andyou cannot draw from them!Thank you RCNC members for giving me the opportunityto apply all these leadership lessons in running youraffairs. Thank you my right hand men and womenCaroline Njoki, Huma Kaseu, Lucy Mwangi, LegrandDenis, Nickson Mwenda, Caroline Kanini, WangariMwaniki, Charles Mwakio, Evelyne Ochiel, ValleryOkwenda, Norman Kuria, Alvin Kimani, Eric Mungai,Fredrick Ouko, Dickson Njuguna and Martha Nzisa formaking the journey easier.Thank you Rtn. Vickie Winkler and Rotary Club ofNairobi for the leadership and unwavering support,cheering on, nurturing and mothering that have nevertired. We are because you are.Thank you dear active membership, fellow frequentguest Rotaractors, friends, sponsors, partners, serviceproviders and all who have played different rolesin contributing to the success we have had not justthis year but even in yesteryears. Thank you KithekaWambua, David Njihia, Charles, Davis, Elijah and theentire Laico Regency management for every otherTuesday we are here. Thank you Wangari Mwaniki foralways putting things into perspective an d for beingmy harsh reality checker. Thank you Caroline Njoki forbringing me to RCNC and thank you Dickson Njuguna foralways being the last man standing with me.To those who think I take Rotaract too seriously, well, Ilearnt to take leadership seriously the first day I landedin pre-school. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!Take your leadership roles very seriously! <<CELEBRATION OF LOVEWAKATI congratulates past President Michael Waiyaki and his wife Muthoni on their union
  15. 15. 28 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Committee Reviews Committee ReviewsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 29COMMITTEE REVIEWSProfessional DevelopmentOthers were: Anne Marie, Jeremy Gituri, Rafiq Mohammed, Irene Ouso, Alex Saunya,Dickson Njuguna, Catherine Muema.SPEAKERSMentorship – Hot Springs Girls Secondary, Interact Kenya High School and NairobiSchool, Careers & Leadership DayGetrude MungaiNuru BahatiOlaTor receiving a gift Peter Kenneth receives a giftJuliaThitaiEva Muraya Paula LancoHon. Peter KennethCharles MwakioLegrand Dennis12586 73 41. Rtn.VickieWinkler (far right) with RCNC members, Guest Rotaractors,Speakers and Participating schools at the Interact Careers andLeadership day.2. RCNC President Irinah (centre) presents certificate of participation tothe Kenya High School.3. Rtn.VickieWinkler presents a token of appreciation to guest speakerRtr. Silas Ndote, President - the Rotaract of Muthaiga.4. RCNC President Elect Norman Kuria Presents a certificate to ShininaMuthiora.5. RCNC members KyokiWaweru and Legrand Munene.6. The Kenya High School Interact Club entertaining their guest.7. RCNC member Linda Namde (r) with Kenya High School girls.8. RCNC membersCaroline Njoki (l) and guest Rotaractor Bernadette -Rotaract UoN with Nairobi School Interact Club Members.
  16. 16. 30 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Committee Reviews Peter Kenneth’s PromiseWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 31He was supposed to havebeen the speaker 2weeks before that butunfortunately he wasunable to make that meeting. Iwrote a post about the fact that hehad disappointed Rotaractors andguests by not attending.Last night Peter Kenneth startedby first apologizing for notmaking it to that meeting.That evening there wasa meeting by the Jubileecoalition after the signing ofa pact between politiciansat the Laico Hotel. PeterKenneth saw that this wouldnot have been a great timeto appear at the Laico Hotel so hesent his apologies. Afterwards therewas a lot of heat towards him onsocial media by Rotaractors, friendsof Rotaract and yours truly. P.K.said he would make it up. Manywere skeptical about it, knowingpoliticians. Anyway he made it up.It takes a great man to apologize fornot being able to keep a promise,and an even greater on to makeup for it. Peter Kenneth did both,thereby showing what kind of a manhe is, and the value that he puts onhis word.PETER KENNETH KEEPSHIS PROMISE TOROTARACTORSBy Rayhab GachangoPeter Kenneth started his talk bygiving out statistics on the numberof youth in the country and the rateof unemployment. The point beingthat the youth are the most in thecountry and they are also the onesmainly affected by unemployment.This is a very worrying trend. Hementioned a book that he is readingcalled Africa’s third liberation byGreg Mills and Jeffrey Herbst.The first liberation was from thecolonial powers and racist regimes,the second from the autocratsthat often followed foreign rule.African now has the potential fora third liberation – from politicaleconomies characterized by graft,crony capitalism, elitism, and socialinequality. (gotten from Penguinbooks South Africa website for thebook Africa’s third Liberation.)Peter Kenneth talked about thethings he is getting from hisinteraction with the book. Thethird liberation must be aboutthe economy and creation ofopportunity. He said Kenyansand Kenyan youth should not becomfortable in our own position. Hegave the example of Zimbabwe andof Tunisia. He has visited Tunis thisyear and there was tension in theair.Peter Kenneth saidthat we must defineleadership. He gave theexample of Rotaractbeing a service club. Inorder to move aroundwe must be able to beassured of security. Wemust therefore havepassion about security issues. Weshould not blame the governmentif there is insecurity, we shouldblame ourselves for putting in agovernment that does not considersecurity issues as important. Hegave an example of the city counciland the fighting that goes on there.We watch them on TV fighting andwe laugh, asking what is going onwith the council but we are theones who put those councillorsthere. In the last election he saidwe were worried about whom weOn the night of 18th December 2012,The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central hadthe pleasure of hosting Peter Kenneth as the speaker for the evening.134 521 & 2.RCNCmembers FredrickOuko and IrinahWandera joined theofficial opening ofLittle Rock EarliyChildhood Centre inKibera.3. KNH childrencancer ward art dayout with RotaractUoN.4. Students ofHot Springs GirlsSecondary School,Mai Mahiu durngmentorship.5.Thogoto homefor the aged annualvisit.“Personality has power to uplift, power to depress,power to curse, and power to bless.” - Paul Harris -
  17. 17. 32 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Peter Kenneth’s Promise Peter Kenneth’s PromiseWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 33would choose as president and asmembers of Parliament, but did wecare who we elected as counciloror we just ticked the person whowas our parties’ representativewithout knowing who they were,and their agenda. Nairobi produces60% of the country’s GDP yet wedon’t care who runs this city and wedon’t think who we give the posts oftaking care of Nairobi.Peter Kenneth talked abit about hispast. Being brought up by a singlemother and growing up in Eastleigh.He talked about going to StareheBoys Centre and using a timetableto get the bus. He said that growingup the police post had 20 policecars and no one had to worry aboutsecurity. Now that police post hasonly 2 cars, one for the OCS andanother for patrol. We don’t putenough emphasis on security is hisargument.P. K talked about infrastructure.About the hours we lose in trafficjams. He asked how we can build aneconomy when it takes 2 hours 30mins to get from JKIA to town duringpeak hours and that’s the sameamount of time it takes to get fromLusaka to Nairobi by plane, actuallyit takes 2 hours 15 mins by plane.P.K. talked about some of the issuesthat we should be keen about.The fact that there is not enoughwater for the whole population plusirrigation, healthcare services arebroken. When he was growing up P.K and everybody went to city councildispensaries then health centersif things were serious. Kenyattahospital was a referral hospitalonly and people only went therefor really serious issues. He alsotalked about the primary educationthat is being offered now, sayingthat it is quantity over quality. Heasked where the youth who don’tmake it to university will go whenpolytechnics have been killed off.P.K. also gave insights into oureconomic growth rate. It is at 4.3%which is low; we need to grow ata rate of at least 10% in order toachieve vision 2030. If we don’tgrow economy we will not feel theimpact of the plans that we havemade. It is important to grow theagricultural sector, for farmers tomake profits, and make peoplewant to go back to farming. This willensure that there is self employmentand also food security which is alsoimportant. He also talked about ourtourism sector which is strugglingwith lack of infrastructure andsecurity issues. He said that Kenyais the most beautiful country in theworld and that we have everythingbut lose out because of policy andleadership.P. K. said that as a parent and likemost parents he is trying hard togive his children the opportunitieshe never had. But the question heand others are asking “why work sohard, what country will the childrenlive in? ” are there opportunities forthe youth after parents sacrificingso much to educate their children, iswhat I think is the question.On a sad note P. K talked about theyoung female lawyer killed afterbeing given a lift. She was from hisconstituency and she was in theprime of her life. He talked aboutthe murder of the 3 young ladiesand talked about how security islacking. That some young menwould do something like that is veryshocking and to find out that theyare students at USIU is even moreshocking.P. K talked about the youth being thedeterminants of the next election.1. Because we are the majority.2. Because we are not tribalists,especially for those who grew up inNairobi, we did not grow up in tribalcocoons. Tribalism never developeda state, or developed a nation, itdivides us only. P.K. said that weshould be deliberate in defining agovernment that will work for us. Ifwe do not speak we will use another5 years to get things right. Weshould speak out. We are the voters.P.K. says that in the last four yearswe have gotten into debt to the tuneof 1.7 trillion which we will have topay for and our kids also. Where hasthis money gone? Apparently weare the country with the 2nd highestdebt (borrower) in the world.Greece in number one. Things tothing about and worry about also.Peter Kenneth answered questionsby rotaractors.P.K. said this about elections “letelections not be about individualsbut about issues. It’s about yourissues, your future, and yourchildren’s future. This election isnot about Peter Kenneth. It’s aboutleadership and the role of leadershipin defining Kenya’s future” he said ifwe make the wrong decisions let’smeet at the jam.P.K. is passionate about security.His take is that insecurity is causedmainly caused by unemployment.We need to deal with this issue.Otherwise other sectors like tourismcannot grow and investors will alsobe weary of putting money here.P. K on gender representation hesaid he had just come back fromUK so he needs to study what hasbeing going on. He said he believesthat the constitution should beimplemented to the letter but alsothat he thinks it requires reform on acontinuous basis.P.K. said that Kenya needs financialdiscipline. We have refused to takecontrol of our spending. Foreignpolicy should be attached to tradeand bilateral agreements notpersonal friendships but benefits tothe country. We need to work onour security and infrastructure. Thisis very important.P. K asked rotaractors to look attimelines for his agenda. Look atthe statements and ask if they arebeing truthful. Will they work? Hesays that we should look at eachleader’s development record in theconstituency. If they can’t work inthe constituency, they can’t workfor the country. He said that theMinistry of Planning has the bestplans and best minds. But thattreasury does not align money withthose plans. Financial discipline iskey.P.K. talked about the issue that ison everybody’s mind. That P.K. isthe right candidate but not popular.He said we box ourselves intochoices. That there are only 2 horsesbut when race is over where willwe be. He says we should throwaway the box, free our minds andthink outside it. We shouldn’t boxourselves in. he talked graciouslyabout Martha Karua and Ole Kiapi.He said we make the horses popular.Mass hysteria has never doneanything for us. Change starts withyou and me.We had a great discussion. I askedPeter Kenneth a question aboutwhy we should join a political partyand he said it should be out ofideologies. Parties make us comeaway from the idea of individuals.It’s about ideologies. Not aboutpersonalities or creating cultsaround a person. We should joinparties whose ideologies we shareand that we believe will createimpact in the society.In his closing statements PeterKenneth apologized again formissing the last meeting to thosewho had come in late. He said hebelieves in honoring his promises.He said he lives by the motto “if youdon’t lie, you don’t have to fill upyour brain to remember what youlied.”Peter Kenneth said at the end “don’tlook for somebody out there todefine and determine where countrywill be. Its not about individuals,it’s about all of us.” There is a scoutmotto that he loves “leave thecampsite better then you found it”he says “leave the country betterthen you found it.” <<Moments - Tribe 360
  18. 18. 34| WAKATIFreedom for Girls Freedom for GirlsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 35THE LOVE SECTIONPREMIEREand the good thatcame with it… By Emily WasongaNow 2013 started with silence.My sister and I were not out.We were all home boundand working. We talked toeach other as we created ourdifferent pieces.This was a verydifferent turn toa new year forus. Then a fewweeks later, wewere scramblingaround gettingeverythingtogether to headto LA. Hadn’twe mentionedthat? Okay,let’sbacktracka tad. Wehad thewonderfulprivilege ofheading toLA to dressthe cast of TheLove Section:http://thelovesection.com/However, us being us, wewanted to do more withthis platform. So aftermuch brainstorming, wedecided to work on ethnic pieces.Ethnic accessories, ethnic T’s, useethnic fabrics and come up withan array of pieces that showcasedAfrica. Why? There are problemsin Africa. We know this. There areproblems everywhere. However,most of these problems, in our eyesanyway, are man made. If they areman made then that also meansthey can be resolved by the actionsof mankind. So this is us doing ourbit to help start and stir solutions.One problem in particular thatwe are tackling is that of girls inKenya who cannot afford sanitarypads. Our LHO team in Kenya, EveOchiel and Cyprian, brought thisto our attention and we felt it wassomething we could not ignore anylonger.So we worked on ethnic piecesfor the premiere but wanted tohighlight this particular problem inAfrica while Lawrence Adisa, DavettaSherwood, Kellita Smith and DirectorRonnie Warner wore our pieces.We thought the first thing weneeded to do was raise awarenessthat there was even a problem tobegin with. Get it out through themedia and get people thinking. Thewoman behind a lot of our goodwillefforts since 2012 has been DariaBarwinska, author of To Be… inAfrica. The one thing we all felt is wedid not want this to be a donationprogram. As much as it takes $5 tosponsor a girl for a year, and ourhope is to get these girls throughhigh school successfully, we alsowanted to get people thinking. Weare sure this problem does not onlyexist in Kenya. The confirmationcame to us through a phone callas well from Davetta Sherwood,who has passionately taken up thecause and in her conversationswith friends from various countrieshad found out that they too knewthe problem existed in their homecountries.So what are we working to do?We want to continue partneringwith Rotaract Club of Nairobi Centralto make sure they sponsor all 1500girls they had hoped to sponsor thisyear. Right now, the club has raisedenough funds for 600 of the 1500girls, there are 900 still pending.AGAIN, It’s $5 to sponsor a girl for awhole year. This is an annual projectthat Rotaract Club Nairobi Centralhope to run until the girls havegraduated from high school.Now that’s the short term goal.Long term, we hope to create whatmy former student adviser Dr. Boggsat Anderson University, termedas “ripples of hope” effect. Whenyou throw a stone into water, longafter the stone has sank, ripplesstill spread out from that one placethe stone hit as it sank into thewater. So we want to get peoplethinking. Every now and then,there is always a post put up aboutreusable sanitary towels that arehygienic and barely cost anything tomake. We hope to get in touch withpeople who have been developingsuch ideas and help them turn itinto a staple in the areas of theworld where people have to choosebetween providing their teenagedaughter with sanitary pads orputting food on the table. We thinka solution can be found and theseparents should no longer have tomake the choice to sacrifice theirdaughter’s education and well being.We hope to make this a problemthat existed.If you are a woman and you do haveyour monthly period please putyourself in these girls’ shoes and tryand figure out, just try it, what youwould do every month for 3-8 daysif you did not have access to sanitarywear and didn’t have money fora plan B. What would your plan Cbe? Could you do that from monthto month? What if you were inboarding school? What would youdo then? What if your plan C got youan infection? What would plan Dthen be?This is what some of these girls gothrough, every month and havebeen going through.Let’s do more than say it’s sad andmove on to the next thing. Let’sask ourselves how we can cometogether and assist to make this aproblem that existed in the past.The ripple effect will truly kick inwhen we all sit back and realize thatall it took was a few people wakingup and deciding they wanted todo something about the problem.So what else can we wake up andchange in the world? Hmm. Onething to remember is when youthrow the stone into the water,every ripple after the stone hasdisappeared is bigger and bigger.So we hope to get people to thinkabout solutions to even biggermatters than this.So now that you’ve read this post,get thinking. While you do that, hereis the trailer to The Love Section:http://thelovesection.com/And here are more pictures for youto enjoy. Thank you to the cast againfor coming on board and using theirstatus to help make a difference. Abig thank you to KGBC for inviting usto their studios to share our storyand journey. Thank you to Eve andCyprian all the way in Kenya, welove you both so much. And a bigbig thank you to Catherine Fritschof Sweet Revenge Lingerie (ourmentor) and Berny Martin creator ofMidwest Fashion Week for makingthis trip and this work come to life.Thank you to everyone.Happy End Of Monday (until thenext Monday of course)LHO Team
  19. 19. 36 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Committee Reviews Committee ReviewsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 37COMMITTEE REVIEWSCommunity ServiceSanitary towels distribution – Hot Springs Girls Secondary School (55), Misori Primary School (115), AltawoonEducation Centre (50), JKF (140), Olerai (2). Pending: Embu Urban (100), Jomo Kenyatta Home for the PhysicallyDisabled (25), Brydges (60), Altawoon (50), Hot Springs (45)13 4521462531. ClubTreasurerVallery Okwendapresents towels to Misori PrimarySchool girls in Mfangano Island.2. The towels enroute Mfangano Island.3. Distribution and book exchangewith Jomo Kenyatta Foundationscholarship Program .4. Community service director EveOchiel presents towels to AltawoonEducation Center in Babadogo1. Playing and working hard atThogoto Home for the Aged.2. Dickson Njuguna, President IrinahWandera and President ElectNorman Kuria after the Karura forest annual tree planting exercise.3. RCNC members join ADRR Richard Mwangi during official visit ofDRR Enock Mukasa at Christ Chapel Childrens Home.4. Wangari Mwaniki at Nairobi National Park tree planting exercise.5. Guest performer and Limuru Rotaract Club Member Susan Gatheeentertains participants at the annual cultural themed quiz night.6. President Irinah with Legrand Munene at the launch of RotaryPeace Click Project.courtesy of Stanchart Bank Eastleigh Branch.5. Presentation to Hotsprings Girls Mai Mahiu together withschool bags donations from PDGYusuf Kodwalla of RotaryClub of Nairobi.
  20. 20. 38 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wealth of culture Wealth of cultureWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 39TRIBE 360:A WEALTH OFCULTURESWith 81 participantsdrawn from 8different nationsrepresenting4 continents,7th July 2012 saw the RotaractClub of Nairobi Central embarkon a journey that would take uson a great cultural expeditiontransversing different destinationscelebrating our cultural diversitiesboth online and offline. Tribe360 is an International Serviceproject of the club that seeks tocelebrate our diversity of culturesby participants exchanging culturalinformation thus promoting greaterunderstanding among people ofdifferent cultures. We believethat greater understanding ofdifferent cultures will go a longway in enhancing Rotary’s effortsin Peace and Conflict Resolutionand more so this year whosetheme is “Peace through Service”.The 81 participants from Kenya,Ethiopia, Nigeria, USA, Poland, theMaldives, Italy and France formedthe first Tribe 360 community thathas thus far increased to 225. Theproject encourages young peopleto celebrate their own cultures andthose of other people by organizingcultural events, attending andparticipating in cultural events aswell as visiting areas of culturalsignificance whenever they visitanother country and share theirexperiences through photographs,video clips and narrations.Offline, under the project, theclub has been able to organizevarious culturally themed eventsthat include the official launchdubbed ‘Jungle Affair Culture Fest& Installation ceremony; a Karaokemade in Africa; a mini-Polishexhibition and quiz where fourPolish research students that theclub hosted for two months wereable to display and take participantson a journey through Poland andtaught us the Polonez dance; anArts & Fashion Bonanza celebratingAfrican arts & fashion; a CulturalQuiz night where the Rotaract Clubof Kenyatta University emergedwinners; and the first ever Rotarythematic calendar was designedadopting an African theme. Thecalendar gave an opportunity tosome members of the club to visitover 30 Rotary clubs in Kenya andUganda and received overwhelmingsupport from over 170 individualRotarians. Post cards and stickerswere also designed under theproject and together with thecalendars boosted our fundraisingand public relations efforts bothin and out of the club. The projectalso saw a few members of the clubattend and share their experiencesat the Lamu Cultural Festivaland Focus on Kenyan Music liveperformances at the French CulturalCentre in Nairobi. Sheer coincidencecame in when members werewitness to Past President MichaelWaiyaki’s Kikuyu traditional weddingceremony and the Rotary Clubof Nairobi traditional Installationceremony that adopted the Nigerianculture. These experiences havebeen enriching for participants andhave enhanced our appreciation ofother cultures.Tribe 360 online community of overGraphics Design artist Irene Ousotakes some participants through herart work at the Arts Bonanza“Great things happen when Goodpeople come together”. - Mike Stafford, February 2011 -
  21. 21. 40 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Wealth of culture Committee ReviewsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 41225 members continues to groweveryday and even though we havenot managed our target of over200,000 members, thus far thesupport has been overwhelming.With a facebook page, a wordpressblog, and a You Tube video clip,participants continue to sharetheir cultural experiences throughpictures and narrations. Thecompilation of a 360 paged onlinebook of cultures is underway andwas the ultimate goal of the projectcollecting 360 cultural experiencesby young people.The project has given us anopportunity to exploit our variousabilities such as in design withmember Gatei Waweru being thecreative behind the Rotary ThematicCalendar, the project logo and theproject homemade banner. MemberOtieno Nyadimo was instrumentalin the shooting and editing of theYou Tube video clip and was theofficial photographer of the culturefest which gave us the opportunityto produce postcards under theproject. International Servicedirector Charles Mwakio Emceeingcame in handy at the KaraokeMade in Africa and Cultural QuizChallenge. Tec savvy Club Servicedirector has been instrumentalin the online management of theproject and has made it possiblefor us to have the online 360 pagedbook of tribes.The Tribe 360 journey has been anamazing and enriching experienceand will continue running up until7th July 2013 and hopefully beyondthat. <<Members and guests at the CultureFest Installation ceremonyCOMMITTEE REVIEWSClub Service1 23 4 51. Nick, Carol, Karamta, Legrand and guestat Rotary Peace Clique project launch.2. Sleep over and Home Hospitality at Rtr.Alvin Kimani’s house.3. Home hospitality and sleep over at Rtr.Legrand’s house.4. President Irinah joins guest Karamta forher birthday.5. Honorary member Jovenal (r) andPresident Erick Musomi (Rotaract USIU) atUSIU awards night.Rotary means “what goesaround comes around”, “do goodto receive good”. - Ismael Ayyoub, January 2013 -
  22. 22. Advertiser’s Announcement Calendar of eventsWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 43At Global Africa, we believe thatwe are all WORLD CITIZENS. Ascorporate bodies and individuals,we owe a huge responsibility to ourENVIRONMENT and COMMUNITIES.Our goal is to ensure that yourcompany, organization or groupis aligned to a CSR strategy thatis CREATIVE, full of IMPACT andSUSTAINABLE.CSR is a vital strategy for anycompany to survive the currentmarket environment as CSR is nolonger a ‘nice to do’ but has nowbecome ‘a need to do’. Companieswith a high CSR standard are ableto demonstrate responsibility toall their stakeholders; consumers,investors, employees, suppliers andthe general public.At Global Africa our priority will beto carefully study your core valuesand develop CSR programs that arein line with your company’s strategicvision. Our aim is to encouragedevelopment and sustainabilityin the community of all the CSRprograms undertaken. The expenseand time required to sustain anin house CSR department will nolonger be a concern as you leaveit to Global Africa to manage andorganize every aspect of your CSRprograms.MISSIONTo be CREATIVE, full of IMPACTand SUSTAINABLE in all projectsundertaken.VISIONAt Global Africa we are driven bythe hope for a better Africa andwe will help your organization takethe steps to get there!Contacts:Phone: 0721597852; 020 210 0998,Twitter @TheGlobalAfricaFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TheGlobalAfricaConsulting?fref=tsEmail: mw@globalafricaconsulting.comGlobal AfricaConsulting:For A BetterAfrica...RCNCCALENDAROF EVENTS24th- 27thApril 2013: 25th Rotaract Conference and Assembly | Diani, South Coast30thApril 2013: Club Meeting, Laico Regency, 6.00 p.m.11thMay 2013: Sanitary Towels Distribution, Embu Urban Primary School and Jomo Kenyatta Home for the Physically Disabled14thMay 2013: Club Meeting, Laico Regency, 6.00 p.m.25thMay 2013: Sanitary Towels distribution, Brydges Centre Children’s Home, Isinya28thMay 2013: Club Meeting, Laico Regency, 6.00 p.m.8thJune 2013: Sanitary Towels Distribution, Hot Springs Girls Secondary School, Maai Mahiu11thJune 2013: Club Meeting, Laico Regency, 6.00 p.m.22ndJune 2013: Sanitary Towels Distribution, Altawoon Education Centre25thJune 2013: Hand Over and official installation of the 36th Board of Directors, Laico Regency, 6.00 p.m.6th- 7thJuly 2013: Installation Party, Osotua Camp, Kikuyu Escarpment10thAugust 2013 Alumni Dinner & 36th Anniversary Celebrations and Awards Night
  23. 23. 44 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Pictorial PictorialWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 45aei jf g hbcda. VP LucyWanjau arrives at Karaoke Made in AfricaatTamasha Restaurant.b. President nominee Lucy Mwangi at the LamuCultural Festival.c. RCNC sister club USIU members with awards at thecampus awards night.d. JuliaThitai’s Afrifab Models at Arts Bonanza.e. President Irinah, Caroline, Martha and guestscholar Grace Mwaura with the London 2012paralympics torch.f. President Irinah with Kenya Country Chair SarahMaingi and Rotaract Club of Kampala the COREmember Arthur at RYLA Masaka.g. Misori Primary School girls with their year supplyof sanitary towels.h. Hon. Peter Kenneth receives certificate ofappreciation from PDDirector and PresidentNominee Lucy Mwangi.i. Members at Karaoke andDance made n Africa.j. GuestTrevor Mutogoriaand friends at the ArtsBonanza.“Rotary is a place - bringing great changes through small things.....” - Shrewstha Purushottam, September 2011 -
  24. 24. 46 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Report ReportWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 47LONDON PARALYMPICS TORCHCOMES TO RCNC WITH AMAZINGGRACE FOR 600 AMAZING GIRLSIt was in appreciation of theKenya Paralympics team thatthe club saw fit to share withmembers and guests therare opportunity it had beenafforded by Action Network for theDisabled (ANDY, Kenya) to have theLondon 2012 Paralympics torchat the club meeting. With Kenya’sfirst sex therapist in the house asthe guest speaker and the firstphoto with the London Paralympicstorch as the price for raising thehighest amount, a one month onlinefundraising campaign was set up onfacebook. Members were asked toform teams of 5 or more and raisefunds towards our main CommunityService Project ‘A Girl A K A Year’ toenable us support 1500 girls we hadadopted from various schools acrossthe country to be beneficiaries of ayear’s supply of sanitary towels tokeep them in school all year withoutinterruption during their menses.The campaign managed to raiseKshs. 309,000.00 with the winningteam led by member Martha Nzisapledging to raise Kshs. 100,000.00and has raised 99,520.00 to date.So far, 362 girls from Misori PrimarySchool, Mfangano Island (115 girls);Altawoon Education Centre (50girls); Hot Springs Girls, Maai Mahiu(55 girls), Olerai Conservancy (2girls), Jomo Kenyatta FoundationScholars (140 girls) have receivedtheir year’s supply of sanitarytowels. The remaining distributionswill take place in the coming fewweeks before close of the year andwill take us several journeys to JomoKenyatta Home for the PhysicallyDisabled and Urban Primary Schoolin Embu; Brydges Centre Children’sNO TEAM NAME AMOUNT1. PKMartha, Shelagh & Friends 99,520.002. 2011/12 RCNC Board of Directors 43,650.003. Kanyoni 31,600.004. Huma Kaseu 25,000.005. Charles Mwakio 19,000.006. Amazing Grace 13,000.007. Norman Kuria 11,000.008. Dixions (Dickson Njuguna) 10,000.009. Alvin Kimani 10,000.00Home; back to Hot Springs GirlsSecondary School and AltawoonEducation Centre. Having to dropoff 900 girls from the program dueto lack of sufficient funds was notan easy decision for us as we didnot want to see any of our girls leftbehind. The amazing grace frommembers towards the over 600girls was appreciated by Love’sHangovers, USA through Ms. EmilyWasonga who pledged to holda fundraising dinner to raise thedeficit to cover the 900 girls!In its second year, the sanitarytowels project will run for eightyears so as to ensure that the girlsadopted are able to attend schooluninterrupted the entire period theyare in school from the time theirmenses commence to the time theyfinish their secondary education10. Vickie Winkler 10,000.0011. Marylyn Musyimi 6,000.0012. Lucy Mwangi 6,000.0013. Fela Linda Namde 6,000.0014. Maggie Mugo 4,500.0015. Nguna Kiilu 3,800.0016. Fredrick Ouko 3,500.0017. Jerry T. Akalu 3,000.0018. Otieno Nyadimo 3,000.0019. Sarah Gichimu 1,500.00TOTAL 310,070.00Moments - RCNCHAPPY FACES OF RCNC
  25. 25. 48 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Report ReportWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 49KENYA HIGHSCHOOLINTERACT CLUBCAREERS ANDLEADERSHIPDAY:The Interactor’sReviewThe day dawned, bright andpromising. We, the InteractClub of The Kenya HighSchool, did the necessarypreparations owing to thecareer fair and the visitors expectedin the school that day. This did notentail much as we simply placed ourushers in position and set up variouscareer booths.Fortunately the expected schoolswere punctual and arrived early, aclear indication that they were asexcited for the event as we were.Those in attendance included UpperHill School, Nairobi School andHospital Hill School. Moreover, theCareer Fair was graced by respectedand experienced experts in vastfields as well as Rotaract and Rotarymembers.As the Career Fair began, eachschool suggested a member to actas the day’s MCs, with our veryown Yvonne being among them.Various speakers gave us adviceand information on differentcareer fields. Among them, wasCarol Njihia, a respectable civilservant. She encouraged us toshun the notion that pay is akey factor in job consideration.Godfrey Ipalei touched the heartsof many because of his uncannyability to work in the ICT sectordespite his physical challenge whichBy Yvonne Wambuamany would assume would deterhim from pursuing his dreams.Joe Mwangi on the other handemphasized on the importance ofnot degrading ourselves as Kenyansand Africans as a whole. He citeda good example, “Shame on youKenyans for importing toothpicksyet you are capable of making themyourselves.” The afternoon sessionwas quite interesting as we got thechance to visit the career boothsand interacted one on one withexperts in the fields of medicine,architecture, interior design amongmany others.The auspicious occasion came toa close with a vote of thanks fromselected representatives amongthem Rtn. Vickie Winkler, Rtrs.Lucy Mwangi and Irinah Wandera,and the Kenya High School’s veryown Interactors Ruth Kihoro andVivian Kiniga. Before departure,various awards were presented tothe career consultants, Kenya HighSchool Interact officials and theschools in attendance.The career fair was a breath takingexperience that helped us learn a lotespecially from the speakers on ourfuture careers. We, the Kenya HighSchool, are greatful to the organizersof the event, The Rotaract Clubof Nairobi Central, for having ourinterests at heart. <<THEINTERACTCAREERSAND LEADERSHIPDAY2013 REPORTBy Lucy MwangiIt was in efforts to developleadership skills and professionalism,with promotion of high ethicalstandards and integrity amongbudding professionals, that theInteract Club of Kenya High School,under the mentorship of theRotaract Club of Nairobi Centralorganised the Interact Careers andLeadership Day - 2013 for studentsin secondary schools in and aroundNairobi. The Interact Careers andLeadership Day – 2013 was held onSaturday, February 9th, 2013 at theKenya High School grounds.The Objectives were:To assist students gain moreinformation regarding possibletertiary education options as wellas possible career choices availableboth locally and internationally.To assist to develop leadershipskills and personal integrity; whileemphasising the value of individualresponsibility and hard work.To bring together students andprofessionals in different fields forone-on-one interaction, enablingnetworking and ideas exchange.Attendance4 secondary were schools present:Shame on you Kenyans forimporting toothpicks yet youare capable of making themyourselves.Nairobi School (15), Hospital HillSecondary School (20), Upper HillSecondary School (15) and theKenya High School (67) totalling to117 students; together with therespective accompanying teachers.Guests• 19 Rotaractors from RotaractClubs of Nairobi Central,Muthaiga, University of Nairobiand Milimani,• 3 Rotarians from Rotary Club ofNairobi,• 6 Friends of Rotaract.The day began with the KenyanNational Anthem led by a studentfrom Nairobi School, and a welcomenote made on behalf of the Principalof Kenya High School. The MCsfor the day were Yvonne Wambua(Kenya High School), Tim Kut (UpperHill Secondary) and Roy Kagema(Nairobi School).The event was divided in twosessions, an open forum wherespeakers from various career fieldsshared their professional know-howwith all students present; and abreak out “clinic” session where thestudents got a chance to learn morefrom all the professionals presentthrough one-on-one interaction withthem. Careers represented were: • Architecture • Medicine • Law • Civil Service • Insurance • Design • Marketing and Communication • Finance • Human resources • Quantity Surveying • Information Technology • Environment • Public Relations, Media and AdvertisingIn addition there were also twomotivational talk sessions. Duringthe one-on-one sessions, thestudents were able to get contactsform persons who were in theprofessions that were on interest tothem. The students also presentedsongs and poems prepared forthe audience. Through the day’sactivities the students;• Had better knowledge andunderstanding of tertiary andcareer options through the talksand one-on-one interactionswith the guests.• Learnt and enhanced various lifeskills pertaining leadership andprofessionalism, including nevergiving up, personal integrity,hard work and individualresponsibility.• Some students as well as otherguests formed helpful networkswith each other.The day ended on a high notewith presentation of certificatesof participation to the visiting
  26. 26. 50 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Report ReportWAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013 | 51schools, certificates of service andappreciation items to the outgoingInteract Club of Kenya High SchoolBoard of 2012- 13, appreciationitems were also presented to theguest speakers, the MCs and theteachers accompanying the studentsfrom the four schools.The Kenya High School principalMrs. Saina, the teacher on dutyMrs. Onimbo, the patron of theInteract Club of Kenya High SchoolMrs. Holi and the Rotary Club ofNairobi’s New Generation DirectorRtn. Vickie Winkler were alsopresented with appreciation items.Each participating school was alsopresented with reading materialsand literature donated by BirdLifeInternational and Ecotourism Kenyafor their libraries.The Interact Club of Kenya HighSchool was also presented witha copy of the 2nd quarter issueWakati – a quarterly magazine bythe Rotaract Club of Nairobi Centralthat featured articles written by twoInteract Club of Kenya High Schoolmembers. Singing of the KenyanNational Anthem marked the end ofthe event at 5.00p.m. <<Rotary Club of Nairobi and theRotaract Club of Nairobi Centralmade the event possible throughtheir financial support; and throughco-ordination by members of theInteract Club of Kenya High School,their patron Mrs. Holi and theKenya High School administration,the event was a success.FINANCIALREPORT9 MONTHS FINANCE REPORT FOR THE PERIOD1STJULY – 31STMARCH 20139 MONTHS FINANCE AGAK REPORT FOR THE PERIOD1ST JULY – 31ST MARCH 2013RECEIPTS Kshs. 845,606.00 Club Administration Kshs. 167,678.00 Events (Quiz Night, Karaoke, Alumni Dinner, Installation) Kshs. 335,750.00 Donations for Ad Hoc Service Projects Kshs. 86,278.00 Revenues from sales Kshs. 255,900.00LESS EXPENSE Kshs. 929,433.00 Club Administration Kshs. 152,275.00 Events Kshs. 380,036.00 Ad Hoc Service Projects Kshs. 90,872.00 Sales Items Production Kshs. 306,250.00BALANCE C/F Kshs. (83,827.00)A GIRL A K A YEAR SANITARY TOWELS PROJECT Receipts Kshs. 310,070.00LESS EXPENSE Kshs. 162,900.00 JKF Distribution- 140 girls Kshs. 63,000.00 Hot Springs Girls Distribution - 55 girls Kshs. 24,750.00 Altawoon Education Centre - 50 girls Kshs. 22,500.00 Olerai Community Distribution - 2 girls Kshs. 900.00 Misori Primary School – 115 girls Kshs. 51,750.00BALANCE Kshs. 147,170.00Moments - RCNC“Theme is guide for all Rotarians.” - Snehal, February 2010 -
  27. 27. 52 | WAKATI MAGAZINE / 2013Vote of thanksDONORSANDSPONSORSRCNC remains indebted to ourmembers, donors, sponsors,partners and service providers whohave been part and parcel of our2012/13 journey both in cash and inkind...Rotary Club of NairobiRotary Club of ChemainusPremchandabhai FoundationRtn. Vickie WinklerRtn. Jackline MainaPDG Yusuf KodwallaPDG Mohamed AbdallaRtn. Ann VanlauweRtn. Jessica KazinaRtn. Paula LancoKevin MungaiAlvin KimaniCarol EtyangMaggie MugoEric MungaiNickson MwendaWinnie MalenyaIrinah WanderaCaroline NjokiGeoffrey GakamiTerry MungaiSimon KisseNorman KuriaNoreen MutoroNaomi WarigiaLucy MwangiLucy WanjauNick NjeruStanley KihongeCarlvin AbondoAbraham WachenjePurity WahinyaWangari Mwaniki- graphic design | printing | Photography -THE HANDOVERDate: Tuesday, 25th June 2013Venue: Laico Regency NairobiTime: 5:30pm to 8:00pm“Congratulations to thenew team of officials atRCNC.”With “Journey through 2012/13 RY at RCNC.” Mini-Exhibition
  28. 28. a project of....as we seek to understand and share our own cultures, those of other lands and foster goodwill,greater understanding and promote international peace.Share with us your cultural experiences (including travels, attending and participating in culturalevents) through art, essays, poems, music, photographs, video clips and get a chance to bepublished in a 360 page book of cultures!Organize an event and share with us.Join our facebook community,Tribe 360,https://www.facebook.com/groups/20109653688/permalink/10151171347083689/#!/pages/Tribe-360/248173238626671?fref=tsAnd follow us on our blog, http://tribe360.wordpress.com/Entries should be submitted through email, tribe360.rcnc@gmail.comJoin our community and travelwith us to over 360 culturaldestinations across the globe