Padikarkal issue 1


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The First Edition of PADIKARKAL - Climbing Towards Sigaram.

Brought to you by 'SIGARAM' Annual District Rotaract Conference

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Padikarkal issue 1

  1. 1. SIGARAM – Expectations, The Lead Up & Much MoreIt’s that time when the entire Rotaract Community looks forward to the most anticipated event of aNew Year. After 6 months of ‘Celebrating Differences’ like never before, Rotaract clubs in RI district3230 gears up for the Annual District Conference ‘SIGARAM’Over the years, the Conference has been one of the flagship events of the district, where many note-worthy personalities have addressed the Rotaractors. The Conference has also been a perfect platformfor Rotaractors from different clubs, backgrounds and ages to meet and discuss various issues regardingthe Rotaract Movement.‘SIGARAM’ strives to ‘Reach Within To Embrace Humanity by Celebrating Differences’ which happensto be the themes of Rotary International District 3230 and Rotaract District 3230. Leading up to‘SIGARAM’, a lot of exciting events and programs have been planned by the organizers that will focus on‘Infotainment’ of the best quality.So as Rotaractors, let us start the countdown and get ready to experience ‘SIGARAM’. A Two day eventwhich will help you to develop as a Rotaractor, the SIGARAM’ conference will also be an ideal platformto showcase your talents.Suggestions for the name of this year’s Conference were opened out to the Rotaractors on Facebookbut it was our DRR Rtr. PP Manikandan and Rtr. Soundarya who came out with the suggestion –SIGARAM. There could have never been a better choice of name as Sigaram, synonymous with‘Reaching for Greater Heights’.For more information on SIGARAM follow the Group – for the Conference have opened!
  2. 2. District Rotaract Representative Message Dearest Friends in Rotaract, I have been observing the Conference team for the past few months and I can proudly say that they have been working their hearts out to make ‘SIGARAM’ a huge success. The next few weeks will be very interesting when we inch closer towards the event and I am looking forward to participation from all the Rotaract clubs. I would also like to highlight the significance of the ‘Icon Of Rotaract’ award, which is handed to eminent contributors toRotaract movement who have given their heart and soul to the moment. I’m glad to announce that therecipients of this award will be honoured in the issues of PADIKARKAL.At the beginning of the year, quoting ‘Rome was not built in one day’, I had pointed out that theresponsibility of every Rotaractor is to understand his or her role in working towards the success of thismovement. Today, after 6 months of Rotaraction, we have delivered some great projects both in the Districtand Club levels. ‘SIGARAM’ is the next big event organized by the district and I would like to take thisopportunity to wish the Conference Chairman Rtr. David and Conference Secretary Rtr. Prabhoo all thesuccess.Yours In Rotaract,Rtr. PP ManikandanDistrict Rotaract RepresentativeR.I. Dist. 3230Conference Chairmans MessageWarm Rotaract Greetings to you!! Giving out a message as chairman of "SIGARAM" Annual District Conference is a huge privilege and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Conference team. I hope to justify the faith bestowed upon me by the District and I dream of a delivering a conference that will be treasured in everyones memory for years to come. I urge all the Rotaractors to support "SIGARAM" and what it stands for, spreading the message among the members of your club.I also sincerely hope that these six issues of PADIKARKAL will help you in understanding the importance andmagnitude of the Annual District Rotaract ConferenceBest Regards,Rtr. PP Dayid RaynellConference Chairman,"SIGARAM" Annual District Conference
  3. 3. District Rotaract Secretary Message Ever since the event was announced and the committee was chosen, the "SIGARAM" Annual District Conference has been one of the most awaited events in the district. I personally look forward to this year’s Conference as it promises so much in terms of the events planned and the sheer level of confidence the organizers have in each other. I also look forward to the editions of PADIKARAL that will follow this edition. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the editorial board for delivering this excellent newsletter on time.Wishing You all a wonderful Rotaract YearBest Wishes,Rtr. PP Sasi Kumar R.District Rotaract SecretaryConference Secretary’s Message It has been a great journey so far as the Secretary of the "SIGARAM" Annual District Conference. A great deal of work has gone into the success of delivering this newsletter- PADIKARKAL, in its first edition. I would like to thank the Editorial Board who worked tirelessly in bringing out this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter and getting firsthand experience of this year’sConference ‘SIGARAM’. I look forward to your participation in making this event a grand success.Yours in Rotaract,Rtr. Prabhoo N.M.Conference Secretary,‘SIGARAM’ Annual District ConferenceEditorial Board Chairman’s Message I consider this as a huge honor, being the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the conference ‘SIGARAM’ in only my second year of being a part of the Rotaract movement. I thank all the heads of SIGARAM who have instilled faith in me. This special edition newsletter will be a lead up to main magazine to be published during SIGARAM. PADIKARKAL here stands for climbing towards our ‘SIGARAM’ and in these issues we will be taking you on a journey through the past Conference and theachievements of distinguished Rotaractors and RotariansThis inaugral edition of PADIKARKAL would not have been possible without the combined efforts of the entireteam from the editorial board. Rtr. Vipin and Rtr. Melvin deserve special mention for their contributionstowards this edition.Rtr. Neelesh V.B.Chairman – Editorial Board‘SIGARAM’ Annual District Conference
  4. 4. Recognition Of Recipients – ICON Of Rotaract Award The ICON Of Rotaract Award is a prestigious award given to very popular and prolific contributors who continue to support the Rotaract movement, encouraging the youngsters and taking the movement forward. As mentioned earlier in these editions of PADIKARKAL we will take you on flash back mode to the first recipient of this award – Rtn. PP Seshadri Subramanian, fondly called ‘Chechu’ among the Rotaractors. With a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Rtn Seshadri underwent tool and die making and design training. He later went on to study at Idaho State University for a year under the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship. He now has a work experience of 43 years. He also considers his major achievement in life to have participated/conducted 300+ RYLA’s. He was the President of Rotary Club of Ambattur during the Centenary Rotary Year 2004-05. He continued to be an active Rotarian for 18 years and now he leaves no stone unturned in helping his club whenever they need his service. His hobbies include collecting stamps and coins and he also finds a place at the Limca book of records for his prestigious stamp collection. We decided to interview him and share his messages with all of you as part of this special edition.You continue remaining very active in Rotaract. What do you expect from this year’s conference –What attracts you again and again to the ‘SIGARAM’?movement, Sir? Chechu: I hope this year there is more focus on spreadingChechu: The main motive of the Rotaract the information on Rotaractor, on what it takes to be amovement is to develop an individual. Today I Rotaractor and the good feeling that comes with it. I wisham in this position and am able to address all of the entire team all the success in carrying out this only because of my experience during myyears at Rotaract. Where do you see the Rotaract Movement at RI Dist.3230 in the future?What does being ‘ICON of Rotaract’ mean toyou? Chechu: It is currently at its peak. I wish it keeps moving forward. Never come downChechu: Film stars dream about the Oscar,sports persons dream about the Khel Ratna. For Do you have a message for the Rotaractors you’d like topeople like me, the ICON of Rotaract is a huge share?dream, a dream I will cherish forever. It gives me Chechu: Be a Rotaractor for the rest of your life.that feeling of being a role model to a lot of theyoungsters.